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Zimpler Casinos

UK Casinos available with Zimpler

Best Zimpler Casinos in the UK

How easy is Zimpler to use online?

Like other third-party payment services, Zimpler makes financial transactions more secure, allowing players to safely move money to their gambling account. You can play as you wish and all you need is a mobile phone number to use it. However, at present, there is no mobile-ready app for iOS or Android users. As you will see below, it is very easy to set up using Zimpler as a casino payment method.

How to sign up at an online casino using Zimpler?

The truth is that nothing could be easier than setting up an account with Zimpler and it only takes a couple of minutes to do so:

Depositing and Withdrawing using Zimpler at an Online Casino

How to make a deposit using Zimpler

Playing using Zimpler at an online casino requires you to deposit cash into your account and that can be achieved in a few simple steps:

How to make a withdrawal using Zimpler

Unfortunately, withdrawing using Zimpler at an online casino is not always possible. However, some UK online casinos enable you to withdraw your winnings and this is how you do it:

Is Zimpler a widely used casino payment method?

Zimpler is a fabulous payment method and it is increasingly coming into use at online casinos in the UK. Services are limited at the moment to four countries — Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK. However, in Finland and Sweden, there are over 100,000 active Zimpler users and there are plans to expand and enter mainstream Europe. It is expected that playing using Zimpler at an online casino will become more popular in the future.

Where to find casinos that accept Zimpler?

Zimpler, as a casino banking method, has become gradually more accepted over time and it is convenient compared to other e-wallets. Currently, over 200 online casinos accept Zimpler and for many players, it is the best choice. The onus is on the player to check which online casinos accept Zimpler and to read the necessary terms and conditions.

Pros and Cons of banking with Zimpler

Advantages of banking with ZimplerDisadvantages of banking with Zimpler
👍 Safe and fast mobile phone payments. In terms of speed, Zimpler is at the top of its game when it comes to mobile payment providers.👎 Not widely accepted. Zimpler is only available to players in four countries.
👍 Depositing using Zimpler can take a matter of seconds.👎 No app.
👍 Unfortunately, withdrawing using Zimpler at an online casino is not always possible. However, some UK online casinos enable you to.👎 SMS messaging service not reliable.
👍 Gambling anonymously.

Zimpler FAQs for UK Players

Using Zimpler at an online casino means players are often shielded from any scams. Zimpler is also protected from hacking using the latest encryption measures and regular audits are carried out by the company to check on its security status.

No, it is free to use. Zimpler will transfer your casino deposits immediately and that does not involve extra charges. However, you should read the casino terms and conditions thoroughly as some may have unexpected fees. You can use a variety of cards, such as Visa, Mastercard or Maestro or you can go directly through your local bank account to make deposits.

Yes, the deposit system is completely safe to use. The payment methods do not expose any of your personal details, and as long as the operator you have chosen is licensed and secure, you can confidently deposit through Zimpler. Also, Zimpler sends an SMS message every time a deposit is made. If you receive a message and you haven’t made a deposit, then you will immediately know that something is wrong and you can take action.

Zimpler is always happy to help if you encounter any problems when using it at an online casino. You can access customer support through a variety of methods — the company is available on Facebook messenger for a quick chat or you can email through Zimpler’s contact form.