Bet365 Korea (Bet365kor)

Bet365 Korea (in Hangul: 른 링크), also known in South Korea as Bet365kor, is a online casino and sportsbook. To access Bet365 Korea from a South Korean IP-address, you need to go via an alternative link to a mirror site. Check out our list of working alternative links to mirror sites for Bet365 Korea, or just click here to get redirected to a working alternative link for a Korean Bet365 mirror site.

Bet365 Korea (in Hangul: 른 링크), also known in South Korea as Bet365kor,  is an excellent online casino and sportsbook for Koreans. Koreans looking to gamble online, can do so safely at Bet365 Korea. Bet365 is among the world’s leading online gambling websites available to Koreans. By using our alternative link for Bet365 Korea, you can immediately get access to Bet365 in South Korea.

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Bet365 Korea (Bet365Kor)

Bet365 Korea is not available to Korean users with the ordinary URL. To access Bet365 in Korea, you need to go via a mirror site. A mirror site is a website set up by Bet365 to comply with the South Korean law on gambling. Because marketing to South Korean citizens is a criminal offence, the ordinary website is not available to users in South Korea. However, visiting Bet365 in Korea is not illegal, and it is therefore no issue with allowing Koreans access to Bet365 via alternative links.

Bet365 alternative links (Bet365로 들어가는 다)

Bet365 can be accessed via a number of alternative links. All alternative links to Bet365 Korea provided by us, are safe and trustworthy. By using our alternative links, you will immediately be sent to Bet365 Korea, where you can either open an account or log in to your existing Bet365 account in Korean. Bet365 mirror sites is the only way to visit Bet365 in South Korea without a VPN.

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How to access Bet365 in South Korea

  1. To access Bet365 in South Korea, you need to first find an alternative link to a Bet365 Korea mirror site. is one of the leading sources for working links to Bet365 Korean mirror sites. Check the aforementioned list of alternative links to Bet365 Korea.
  2. When you have the working link to a Bet365 Korean mirror site, simply click on it, and you will be automatically redirected to the official site of Bet365 in Korean language. On Bet365 Korea, you can freely open accounts, log in to your existing account, make deposits, set bets, gamble, and withdraw money.
  3. On Bet365 Korea, you can gamble in Korean Won, and make both deposits and withdrawals to South Korea. Bet365 Korea is a safe and sound choice for Koreans looking to bet or gamble online.

Can I use Bet365 in Korea?

Yes, you can use Bet365 in Korea. To use Bet365 in Korea, you need to visit Bet365 with an alternative link. The alternative link will direct you to Bet365 Korea, and avoid the firewall. All our alternative links to Bet365 are fully working, and rest be assured; using mirror sites to access Bet365 in Korea is completely common and the only way to visit Bet365 without a VPN.

The benefit of visiting Bet365 via a mirror site or an alternative link, versus using a VPN, is parly usability and partly safety. With a VPN, you are sharing your user credentials over the VPN connection. If the VPN is compromised, they might be able to steal your user credentials. If other people are abusing Bet365 with the same VPN, your account may also be temporarily suspended. Visiting Bet365 via a mirror site requires nothing else than visiting any other website, provided you have a working link.

Is Bet365 legal in Korea?

Under Chapter 23 of the Criminal Act of South Korea, gambling for monetary or property gain is illegal. However Bet365 is not breaking Korean law, and it is not illegal to open an account with Bet365 nor visiting Bet365 Korea. Korean players should however be aware that playing at an online casino or online sportsbook in South Korea may be illegal.

There are however small chances of getting caught as a player. The South Korean authorities are mainly concerned with those marketing online casinos and online sportsbooks, as well as those operating said services.

So while Bet365 in South Korea is legal, betting on Bet365 Korea might have legal consequences.

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