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Chicken Mini Game

Graphics 4/5
Sound 4/5
Bonus Rounds 3/5
Entertainment 4/5
Supplier Upgaming
Launch Date 2022
Volatility Medium
Return to Player 99
Free spins No
Number Of Reels 4
Winning Lines 25
Bonus Rounds No

Chicken Mini Game is a very popular casino mini game released by UpGaming. The goal is to correctly guess where the chickens are among the 25 dish domes in the game’s playing grid. After getting one right, you can keep guessing where more chickens are, but be wary of the bones: hit one and it’s game over. Stay with us and see what makes Chicken a simple yet rewarding game.

5 Casinos Where to Play Chicken Game

There are several online casinos where you can try out your luck with the Chicken mini game. We picked five reputable casinos that feature incredible bonuses with fair requirements and many other perks, such as top-tier customer support and fast payouts. Take a look at our recommendations below.

What We Like About This Online Game

Our favourite thing about this game is how you can select your level of risk by picking the number of bones in the grid – from one to 24! This makes Chicken mini game a highly versatile game, whether you’re a risk-lover or a cautious player. We also enjoy the huge betting interval, ranging from £0.10 to £1,000, further adding to this game’s versatility.

Where to Play Chicken For Real 

Mini games such as Chicken Mini Game are slowly becoming popular among casino lovers since they’re easy to get started and have very fast gameplay. But before playing for real, it’s important to choose a reputable casino with great bonuses, fair requirements and fast payment methods. Luckily, you can find Chicken at some of the best online casinos. Please take a look at our list below and make your pick.

Chicken Theme

Chicken is a very simple yet entertaining game. In the playing grid, you’ll find 25 metal cloches containing a roast chicken or a bone. As you know by now, your goal is to find the chickens and grab those delicious rewards.

About the theme, there isn’t much to say. While the chicken, bone and cloche graphics are high-quality and colourful, we wouldn’t consider them a selling point. The game is made to look and feel as simple as possible. UpGaming doesn’t want to distract players from the potentially huge prizes they can get.

Sound & Soundtrack

Chicken doesn’t have any sounds, and that’s what makes it such an exciting game. The lack of sound results in an intense atmosphere when you’re trying to pick the right cloche. UpGaming wants you to be as focused as possible when making your choice. In our opinion, adding sound would decrease the heart-pounding atmosphere of risking it all.

Bonus Features

This mini game doesn’t have any bonus features per se. However, it includes a few quirks and features to improve your gameplay experience: multipliers, cash out and fair play. Read through them below and see how they can work out in your favour:


Cash Out

Fair Play

Pros and Cons

Chicken’s simplicity works well in its favour. The game is proof that you don’t need next-generation graphics or a thrilling soundtrack to develop a great game. Here’s what we love and what we don’t like about this game:


  • Users can cash out at any point
  • Wide range of bets – £0.10 to £1,000
  • Simple design and mechanics
  • Allows the users to choose the level of risk
  • Great RTP rate


  • Not the most exciting gameplay
  • Doesn't have free play

Tricks of Chicken Mini Game

As we previously mentioned, you can bet between £0.10 and £1,000 on Chicken mini game, making it a very versatile game, whether you’re a casino beginner or a high roller. To win, all you have to do is pick the correct metal cloche, revealing a chicken underneath.

One important thing to consider before playing this game is how much are you willing to risk. This can be changed in the “Bones” section, allowing you to pick from one to 24 bones, the latter being the riskiest. However, this risk will pay off, as you’ll win 24.75x your stake if you pick the chicken among the 25 options.

We also recommend setting a budget and sticking to it while playing Chicken mini game. Try not to exceed it, and don’t chase losses. If you feel you’re on a bad streak, then it’s best to quit the game and call it a day.

RTP of Chicken Mini Game

According to UpGaming, the RTP for Chicken mini game starts at 97%, which is over the industry average for similar games. An RTP rate of 97% means players will have an average return of £97 for every £100 placed in bets. Keep in mind the RTP rate varies according to the number of bones selected. 

Should You Play Chicken Mini Game

If you’re not looking for fancy graphics but still want an enjoyable experience with a fair RTP, Chicken mini game is the mini game for you. In our opinion, this game has a lot going for it, including good payouts, simple game mechanics and high versatility. The fact that you can pick your level of risk makes this an exciting game for risk-lovers and cautious players alike. There’s also a huge betting interval, which is great if you’re playing on a budget or wish to fulfil your high roller fantasies. If you’re looking for a fuss-free casino game, why not give Chicken a try?

Software Provider

UpGaming is a new game provider founded in 2014. The team’s goal is to offer high-quality games with exciting features adaptable to any casino. To achieve this, they provide casinos with reliable software beneficial to gambling operators and end consumers alike. Its portfolio includes sportsbook and esports software, live casino titles, slots and mini games. The provider is independently audited by third-party organisations such as iTech Labs and complies with ISO certifications. 

How to Play

How to Play Chicken Mini Game for Real Money

Looking to give Chicken mini game a try with real money? Here’s what you need to do to get started:

How to Play Chicken Mini Game for Free

Unfortunately, you can’t play the Chicken mini game for free, as no demo play version is available. You will need to deposit at an online casino to enjoy this title. In some cases, casinos may offer generous promotions that give out bonus funds that allow you to play several games, such as Chicken.

Final Thoughts

Chicken mini game gave us a new view on simple casino mini games. The game proves that good games don’t need fancy graphics or extensive mechanics. Simplicity is often the key to success, and it usually pays off. Chicken mini game offers a great RTP rate, simple mechanics and a wide range of bets. On the flip side, it’s not the most exciting game out there, and it can get boring after a while. It’s also not available in demo play mode, which means you have to deposit to play it. 

Overall, we recommend depositing your favourite online casino and giving it a go. You won’t be disappointed! 


Now that you’ve learned the ropes on Chicken mini game, it’s time to play for real money. Just pick a casino from our list, and you’re good to go. Check out the most commonly asked questions below if you’d like to learn more about this game:

Yes, UpGaming is a reputable and licensed game provider. Third-party testing organisations extensively review their games to ensure fairness. Therefore, you can expect a fair game when playing Chicken at a licensed online casino.

No, UpGaming guarantees that none of its games are rigged by being licensed and thoroughly tested. Independent auditors have tested the game to ensure maximum fairness, especially when you enjoy it at a reputable casino.

Chicken doesn’t have any special features as you would expect with other casino games. However, it still has some quirks, such as cash out and multipliers that change depending on the chosen amount of bones.

Yes, as mobile integration is one of UpGaming’s goals. All games are compatible with mobile devices, no matter if you’re playing them through a casino app or mobile website.

Since it’s a simple game, there are no device restrictions to play it. However, your device needs to be compatible with your chosen online casino.

Not necessarily  as all UpGaming’s titles can be played directly through your favourite casino app or mobile website, with no download necessary.

You can win up to 2,500x your stake playing Chicken if you choose the chicken 24 times in a row.

There’s no way to guarantee a victory at Chicken since it’s a game of chance. However, you may increase your odds by choosing the least amount of bones in the playing grid. Keep in mind that your multipliers for each consecutive win will be lower.

Absolutely. By offering a wide range of bets, from £0.10 to £1,000, Chicken is a game for anyone, whether you’re a new player or a seasoned enthusiast.

According to the provider, Chicken has an RTP of 97%, which is over the return percentage of other casino mini games. Keep in mind the RTP changes according to the number of bones picked.

No, while you get a special prize for picking all the chickens in this game, there’s no jackpot up for grabs.

No, like the regular jackpot, you won’t be able to win a progressive jackpot playing Chicken.

Although rare, some casinos allow players to use welcome bonuses and other promotions in mini games. We recommend contacting the customer service team of your favourite casino to check if you can use a bonus on Chicken.

No, there is no free spins bonus in Chicken. You may use other casino bonuses, if eligible, though.

The volatility of Chicken can vary according to the number of bones picked. The game will have very low volatility if you pick the lowest amount. On the other hand, if you pick the maximum number of bones, expect extreme volatility.

Chicken has an RTP rate starting at 97% that can vary according to the number of bones picked.

Users can change their current bet by clicking the plus and minus buttons next to the “Place Bet” box.

If Chicken malfunctions, you should reload the game right away. If reloading doesn’t fix the issue, we recommend contacting customer support. Remember that wins or losses due to software errors will be void.

UpGaming is known for its sportsbook and casino software. The provider also makes entertaining slots, live games and other casino titles. It’s also licensed by several gambling commissions and tested by independent auditors.

Different players will enjoy casinos with different games, bonuses and other details. We recommend you look at our casino list if you’re looking for a safe place filled with exciting opportunities.