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New slot sites UK

On this New Casinos page, SuperLenny will cover all you need to know about new slot sites UK, new casino processes, the different aspects, challenges and advantages that these new casinos face, and what exciting features they can offer to prospective players.

New Online Casinos 2021

New Spotlight Casinos 2022

  1. Skol Casino– Coming in March 2022, Skol Casino promises a 5-tier welcome bonus, a great selection of over 2000 games and more. Stay tuned.
  2. Spades Planet– Spades Planet is new to the scene with a three-part welcome bonus and other benefits. Check out our review.
  3. Flume Casino– Flume Casino promises a good game selection, free spins and other highlights which make it worth checking out.

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Why Choose A New Casino?

New casinos are usually opened by casino experts who have benefited from years of industry knowledge. This means that they can tailor make a casino that best fits player needs and values.

Here, are some of the main advantages of choosing a new casino site:

Welcome Bonuses

Out of all the different casino bonuses welcome bonuses are the most lucrative for players. Mainly because the casino or sportsbook is trying to compete with all of the other sites. Without offering an attractive welcome bonus, players will look elsewhere. Lenny’s top tip: Look for no- deposit or no deposit free spins bonuses.

Latest technology

If you’re looking for innovative technology, look no further than a new casino website or app. As a way to stand out in the market, many new betting sites offer players the latest technology, whether that’s faster load time or 1 click sign-ups. Tech-savvy players will be in their element.

Responsible practices

Player safety has been a hot topic in the casino and sports betting. New sites have an advantage here as they can customise their sites to promote responsible gambling practices from the start.

Payment Options

New sites can be more selective and find the most popular payment methods to offer players. Older sites tend to offer a wider choice but this often includes obscure and even outdated methods.

More Live-Action

The betting industry has really opened up the world of live-action for players. In sports, this comes in the form of live betting and live-streaming of events. In the casino, “Vegas” style action is brought to players via live casino games.  New sites are well aware of this trend and many offer live-action sports and casino as a standard.

Disadvantages of choosing a new online casino

Before you hit that sign up button, let’s take a look at some of the cons to choosing a new casino site.

Brand awareness serves to tell customers what a product/service does and for whom. But, anyone in marketing will tell you, that building brand awareness takes time. New casinos or betting sites take time to establish a reputation, meaning that players are taking a small leap of faith. Inexperienced players may find more comfort in choosing a more well-known brand.

New casino sites are often packed with the latest technology to make improve user experience. Whilst this a good thing, this can cause issues on the website leading to a less than awesome experience for players.

Training good customer care teams take time which some new casino sites don’t consider. Any new casino support team will have teething issues, as they try and implement best practices and procedures. Whereas established sites will already have this in the bag.

How does SuperLenny choose new casinos to recommend?

Sometimes Lenny hears about new slot sites UK in the pipeline. Maybe it’s a sister site to an already popular gaming platform, or maybe it’s a release from a gaming provider seeking to branch out. The SuperLenny team also like to check in on forums and chats in case we missed anything.

Similar to the new casinos that are already released, SuperLenny takes a look at all the proposed features to determine which of these sites are worthy of your interest. See our online casino reviews for some of the upcoming casinos you can check out.

What Players Should Look Out For

Unfortunately, not all new casinos operate above board. From shady practices, withholding player’s money or worse some sites are downright dodgy. One of Lenny’s aims is to educate players on what red flags to look out for when betting online.

Licensing – Think of a casino licence the same way as your driving license. When you have a license you can legally drive (in this case operate a betting site). Being a licensed casino means that the site has agreed to uphold a set of terms and conditions set by the licensing authority.  Top Tip: Look for sites licensed by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission, MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and Alderney.

Terms & Conditions – Before registering or making a deposit always read the terms & conditions. Although it isn’t the most interesting of reading it will save you from being burned in the future. Top Tip: Good online casinos will have clear terms & conditions if you do not understand anything either contact customer support or find a site with simpler terms.

Banking Methods – Looking at the banking methods a casino site has is a good gauge of how trustworthy they are. Always look for payment methods you are familiar with and avoid cryptocurrencies and e-wallets unless you are aware of how they work and how to safeguard yourself from fraud.

Testing Certificates – Companies like eCogra and iTechlabs test online casino games for fairness. Honest casino sites will be more than happy to display theses certificates as a mark of confidence in their games. Dishonest casino sites will either have no testing certificates or fake ones. Top Tip: If you are unsure if a test certificate displayed by a casino is the real deal contact the testing company for validation.

Age Verification – Age verification exist to prevent underage gambling. If a site is operating responsibly, they will ask you to verify your age before allowing access to betting services.

Which New Casinos Should I Avoid?

The best advice SuperLenny can give to players is to avoid unlicensed casinos or any casino that does not advocate responsible gambling. One way to avoid all the hassle is to read our casino reviews before signing up to any site or bonus. That way you can be assured that the casino you are considering playing at meets SuperLenny’s standards for players.

Lenny’s Thoughts on new casinos

New casinos if they do it right, can be very successful for both those behind the site and for players visiting it. A combination of design setup, an emphasis on security and a great collection of games are what both casino operators and players should be looking at when developing or choosing a new casino site.

Where to find out more information about new slot sites UK?

To ensure that SuperLenny only recommending the best sites, we strive to keep up-to-date with all the latest casino news and, therefore, update our recommendations. If you still have more questions head on over to our FAQ page where Lenny has answered the most searched questions.

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