Lenny has been around the gambling scene for a long time but still understands that playing at an online casino might be an overwhelming experience. Especially for new players who might be left with a tonne of questions. SuperLenny is here to help you out by answering the most frequently asked questions.

SuperLenny FAQs

📌 What is the legal age to gamble in the UK?

The legal age for gambling in the UK is eighteen years old. Persons under the age of eighteen can, however, purchase lottery tickets and scratchcards.

📌 What makes a good online casino?

Good online casinos will offer high levels of security through their licencing, have a wide range of games from top providers and offer lucrative bonuses and promotions.

📌 How do I sign up at an online casino?

To sign up to an online casino you will need to input your name, date of birth, address and email address in order to prove you live within the casino’s jurisdiction and are of an age to play.

📌 Do I need to provide ID when playing at a casino online?

Yes, you will need ID particularly when it comes to cashing out any wins that you may have scored during your time playing.

📌 How do I send copies of my ID to online casinos?

 Scan the required ID and upload a copy of it for your reference, then send it to the casino you wish to register at through live chat or email.

📌 How long does verification take at an online casino?

The length of time it takes to verify your ID will vary between casinos. UK Players can expect this to take up to 72 hours.

📌 How much can I win at online casinos?

With some maximum wins for jackpout slots and casino games  in the millions, players can win a lot at online casinos, but different casinos will have various withdrawal amount limits at any one time.

📌 Can I use more than one payment method at a casino?

Yes.It is perfectly acceptable to use multiple UK payment methods at online casinos  – just select them in the payment section.

To find out which are are accepted at the casino you can check in their sign up process or by asking customer support. Don’t forget SuperLenny has listed available payment options at casinos in our reviews.

📌 Can I refuse casino bonuses?

 Yes, it’s absolutely possible to refuse a casino bonus and simply play with your own money. 

📌 How do I refuse casino bonuses?

In some cases, refusing a bonus is easy as it is an opt-in option – simply choose not to click the opt-in when signing up. In other cases, the bonus is applied automatically. In these instances simply get in contact with the support staff to make your request known.

📌 Are online casinos rigged?

No. Reputable casinos like the ones listed on SuperLenny are not rigged. Online casinos in the UK are required to hold a licence from the governing body in the jurisdiction they reside in (UKGC). This means they undergo stringent third party auditing by companies such as iTechlabs to ensure that all gaming is fair and unbiased.

📌 What currencies can I use to play at online casinos?

 Depending on the casino and country you are playing in there are a wide range of different currency options. In general, UK players should expect to play in £GBP.

📌 Can I use my casino account when I’m not in the UK?

This will depend on the casino and the licencing it is under. Players going abroad for holidays or extended trips should check with the casino and take a look at local laws to make sure online betting is allowed. 

📌 What casino games can I play for free?

Virtual tables games: If you’re looking to play classic table games like blackjack or roulette then you’re in luck. Just head on over to the “classic” or “table game” section” to play these games for free. However, it’s not possible to play a live dealer game  for free due to the nature of the game play.

Slots: In the UK free to play slot games have recently been banned and are no longer available. Progressive jackpots are also not available in free play mode.

📌 Do I have to download software to play at online casinos?

No, most casinos are now instant-play.

📌 How do I contact a casino's customer support ?

In the UK, the most common options to contact customer support at an online casino are via live chat, email or telephone. Players will usually find that live chat is the quickest way to reach a customer service representative. Whereas, sending an email, can take a few days.

To find the customer support options available at a casino, check for a ‘support’ or ‘contact’ button. Or else check for a live chat icon on the casino’s home page.

📌 Can I keep my winnings?

Yes, you can. Though this will depend on whether these winnings have been gained via a bonus and whether any wagering requirements have been met.

In this case, in order to withdraw your money, simply head over to the casino’s banking section and follow the withdrawal process.

📌 Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings in the UK?

No, UK winnings from betting are exempt from being taxed. Meaning that anything you win for placing a bet on football to playing online roulette is yours to keep. 

📌 Are lottery winnings taxed in the UK?

In the UK, lottery winnings are tax exempt. This covers whether you win by playing the lottery online or in person.

However, any income earned from lottery winnings is taxable.(The same goes for scratchcards)

📌 Do I have to pay VAT at online casinos?

No, VAT is not placed on online casinos or online betting sites. This means that players will not pay VAT when betting online.

📌 What is the house edge?

The house edge is the term used to explain the mathematical advantage that a casino has over the player.

It is related to the expression ” The house always wins”. This phrase is used to describe how casinos always profit from players regardless of wins or losses.

📌 Should I tip live casino dealers?

You can if you want but it is not necessary. Unlike croupiers at a land based casino like the Hippodrome in London, live dealers do not expect tips from players. This is because they are not physically near the players and therefore, players cannot easily tip them. If you can, however, speak to the live casino dealer and ask how you can go about tipping them.


📌 Is online gambling expensive?

Playing at an online casino for real money can become very expensive if you are not careful with your bankroll. If you choose to gamble online regularly, SuperLenny recommends making a budget and sticking to it. This way you can stay in control of your spending and enjoy gambling online responsibly.

📌 Should I use a betting system?

 Using a betting system really only works on certain casino games, and even then it’s no guarantee. If using a betting system helps you keep an eye on your bankroll, then go right ahead. 

📌 Is it illegal to gamble online in the UK?

No, it’s legal to gamble both on and offline in the UK (at a highstreet bookie). Players wishing to play at an online casino or place a sports bet, should not worry that they are doing anything illegal.

📌 Is there a limit on how many casinos players can sign-up at?

Players can sign-up at numerous online casinos, provided they accept the rules laid out by each one. What usually makes players look for a new online casino is : casino bonuses, sign-up offers, more games variety, or they are unhappy with customer support at their current casino.

📌 How can I stop gambling online?

In the UK, there are numerous programmes in place to help players quit gambling. Some of these organisations include : Begambleaware and Gamcare

📞 Gamcare : 0808 8020 133


If you are concerned about your online gambling habits contact the casinos customer support, and look at the options available to you.

📌 Can I take a break from gambling?

Yes, if you feel like it’s all getting a bit much, then you can, and should, take a break. It’s very easy to do – simply stop signing in to the online casino, or put a self-exclusion in place to completely prevent you playing at the casino.

📌 What is a cooling-off period?

A cooling-off period is a time that a casino account is closed, thus preventing the player from accessing the casino. If you are looking to take a break from online gambling speak to the online casino to set up a time-out or break.

📌 What limits can I set on my casino account?

Players are able to set a number of different limits on their casino accounts. Some of the most common limits include:

Loss limits – Limits on the amount of money a player can lose online

Session limit – Puts a limit on the amount of time that can be spent gambling at a betting site

Deposit limits – Sets a limit on the amount of money you can deposit

Time outs – Allows a player to “freeze” their account for 24 hours, a week, or longer so they can take a break. During this time a player cannot access their online casino account.

📌 How can I gamble online in the UK safely?

Choose a safe, secure and reputable casino like the ones recommended by SuperLenny, and be mindful of your bankroll and how much time you spend online. By staying in control players can enjoying online gambling safely.

📌 Can professional football players gamble?

Yes, but they are not allowed to place bets on any football sporting events on which they might have some influence. Players caught breaking the rules can be fined or disqualified from their respective sports and clubs.

📌 Can I check how much money I spend on a casino site?

Yes, you can by either checking with the online casino you are registered with via customer support. Another way to check is by going to begambleaware  who provides a free to use bet calculator for players.

📌 How popular is online gambling in the UK?

In the UK is estimated that around 32% of people over the age of 18 gamble. This includes anything from playing the lottery to placing a bet on Cheltenham.

Online gambling – In 2018, there were over 36 million player accounts registered by online casinos licensed by the UKGC (who regulate online gambling in the UK). Out of these 36 million accounts nearly 7 million of them were deemed “active”, meaning they had been used to place a bet.

📌 How many bookies are there in the UK?

Throughout the UK’s high street’s, there is over 8,000 bookie or bookmaker premises. These are mainly opperated by Paddy Power, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Gala Coral, Betfred, and others.