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Best Indian Lottery Sites

Many lotto sites allow Indian players to buy lottery tickets online. To make the selection process easy for you, we’ve curated the list of best lotto sites in India.

Top Rated Indian Casinos

Do you dream to become a crorepati overnight? Well, it’s only possible if you land with a lottery, and we are not kidding. Many national and international lotteries have changed the lives of innumerable people. Maybe you are next!

When it comes to the legality of the lottery in India, there is lots of confusion. As per the Lottery Regulations Act 1998, certain states of India have declared lottery as legal. In states like Kerala and Goa, even the state government organizes different lotteries throughout the year. On the other hand, there are some Indian states where it is illegal to hold or participate in offline lotteries.

However, there is no such law that prohibits online lottery in India. Hence, all Indians can play the online lottery, irrespective of their state of residence. Indian players can also participate in international lotteries through digital means.

If you also wish to earn a fortune, then you can try your luck in an online lottery. You can open an account with any leading online casino or lotto site and buy lottery tickets online.

The Best Places for Online Lottery

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What Is A Lottery?

The lottery is a kind of gambling that purely depends on luck. It is one of the most popular forms of gambling as it allows bettors to win big by investing only a small amount. The gamblers just need to buy lotto tickets to secure their entry in the lottery draw and choose numbers.

Lotteries are generally organized by governments or organizations that are licensed for the same. When participants buy lottery tickets, half of the fund collected is used in distributing prizes to the winners, while the rest half is given in charities for better health, education and other services. So even if you lose, you can get the satisfaction that you’ve contributed for good.

Benefits Of Online Lottery In India

Since offline lottery is not legal in all of India, it is better to participate in online lotto and gamble with peace of mind. Some benefits that you can leverage by playing lotteries from top lotto sites are:

How Does Online Lotto Work?

To participate in a lottery, you have to buy lottery tickets that cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands. Once all the tickets are sold, the lottery is drawn on the scheduled date and winners are announced.

In the case of online lottery, some lotto sites act as agents or mediators and buy lottery tickets on behalf of the users. In this case, the winners get paid by the lottery organizers directly. On the other hand, some lotto bookmakers allow you to bet on the outcome of the lottery. In this case, the bookmaker will pay if you win the prize money.

When people buy lottery tickets, they need to choose a set of numbers on which they wish to bet. Depending on different types of lottery, you get a chance to wager on a different set of numbers. For instance: some lotteries draw 5 number balls out of 35, some draw 6 numbers out of a total of 49, while some draw 7 numbers out of 49. Accordingly, users wager on 5, 6, or 7 numbers based on the format of the lottery.

On the day of the draw, the person who correctly predicted all the numbers wins the jackpot while other winners (who got some numbers correct) receive cash prizes based on their correct predictions.

What Is A Bonus Draw?

There are some lotteries that allow users to participate in bonus draws and win some extra cash. For instance: a lottery in the format of 7 out 49 may allow users to pick two more numbers as a bonus. In this case, a total of 9 balls will be drawn and if players gets the two bonus balls right, they’ll receive the bonus amount. This should not be confused with an online casino bonus.

Top Online Lotteries For Indian Players

There are different national and international lottery that users can play online. Some of the most rewarding and popular lottos are:


It is the highest-paying American lottery that is accessible for all global players. In the lotto, players have to pick their 5 lucky numbers between 1 and 69 and 1 powerball number between 1 and 12. The winners can win any amount between $40 million to $1.58 billion.

Mega Millions

It is also a US-based lotto wherein players have to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 70 along with choosing a gold ball between 1 and 25. The winners with matching draw numbers can win anywhere upwards of $40 million.

Euro Millions

Euro Millions is a European based lotto wherein players have to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 star numbers between 1 and 12. Though it offers less prize money than US lotteries, it rewards more people. The jackpot amount ranges from €17 million to €190 million.

Euro Jackpot

It is another European jackpot that is known for huge rewards. In this case, players select 5 numbers between 1 and 50 along with picking 2 more numbers between 1 and 12. The winners can claim a jackpot amount ranging from €10 million to €90 million.

How To Choose The Best Lotto Sites In India?

There are several lotto sites that are available for Indian gamblers. All of them claim to be the best in the industry, which often confuses the people in choosing the right site to kick start their betting. In general, you should look for the following factors to select the best lotto site in India: