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Skrill Casinos

Best Skrill Casinos 2021

Best Skrill Casinos

About Skrill

Established in 2001 and originally named Moneybookers, Skrill, which is an e-wallet, has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past few years. It is a very popular payment method in online Indian casinos and it is widely regarded as one of the top e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals. Although it has made its way into online casinos in India, Skrill is also used by businesses to make transactions.

Currently, Skrill has over 50 currency accounts with the rupee (INR) included in that list. It is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This guide serves to provide an overview of how players can use Skrill at an online casino as well as drawing upon the various advantages associated with the payment method.

How to use Skrill at an online casino

Skrill is accepted by most online casinos in India. To use Skrill at an online casino, players need to select a Skrill casino they wish to play at and register an account. Opening an account is straightforward. Players will need to follow the signposts on the website and make sure that the casino they have chosen enables them to verify themselves. This is so that their account will be fully functional and so that they will be eligible to make withdrawals

How to open an account with Skrill:

Skrill works with most major banks in India that accept credit cards. However, some banks that issue debit cards don’t allow Skrill as a payment method. The number of Skrill-based casinos will increase in the near future, and with that, so will the number of users.

What are the benefits of using Skrill at an online casino?

How can I set up an account with Skrill?

  1. Head over to the official Skrill website and choose the option ‘Open a free account’. 
  2. Fill this in and provide correct details as these will be later used for verification.
  3. Fill in your biodata, which will include your first name, last name and date of birth.
  4. Hit the ‘Next’ button to continue on to the next page.
  5. Select your country of residence and your preferred currency. Indian residents, of course, will select INR as their preferred currency. 
  6. Insert your phone number and tick the box to confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions that have been stipulated.
  7.  Verify your address and email ID so as to make sure that your account is fully functional and eligible for making withdrawals.

Skrill will then send over a verification link to your personal email, and once you have clicked the link provided, you will be free to use your Skrill account as normal.

Deposits and Withdrawals using Skrill at an Online Casino

Advantages of using Skrill at an online casino

Further Assistance

If you were to require more information or help from an expert, we recommend you visit the Skrill site and contact the customer support agents.