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eSports betting

The prospect of eSports betting is gaining massive popularity around the globe, thanks to the availability of convenient online betting platforms. With the growth in this billion-dollar industry, people are getting much more betting options.

Best eSports Betting Sites India

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ESports Betting at Online Casinos India

Betting on eSports

You don’t have to rely betting upon a game that you don’t understand properly. For instance, poker is one of those uber-popular betting games that most people love to play. However, it is quite natural that not everyone understands the rules of the game, as a result of which, many users often feel left out of the crowd.

But with the availability of other betting options, you don’t have to risk your money in a game that you don’t understand. Do you love FIFA? Well, you can bet on it. The sky is the limit when it comes to eSports betting.

One of the biggest advantages of betting on a game that you understand well is that you can judge the outcome way easier than it would have been in case you are betting on a game that you have less knowledge about. At SuperLenny, we offer you a diverse range of betting instruments related to eSports, so that you can bet in the simplest manner and rake in super-profits at the end of the day.

The diversity in the betting instruments available on your favourite platform requires you to understand and adopt distinct strategies for each of these games. The reason is that each of the eSports alternatives is different from the other, with unique playing rules.

Biggest eSports teams and the total prize money earned by each team:

Team eSports Total Prize Money
Team LiquidDota
Evil GeniusesDota2X$20,751,172
Team OGDota2$17,563,028
NewbeeDota 2$12,820,195
League Of Legends
Virtus.proDota 2
Wings Gaming Dota 2
Vici Gaming Dota 2$9,391,057
SK Telecom T1Dota 2
League of Legends

Different eSports options that you can start betting on right away:

GameAudienceMajor Tournaments
League of Legends3.9 MillionLOL Worlds
DOTA22 MillionThe International
CS:GO1.2 MillionIEM Katowice Major
FIFA 202 MillionFIFA eWorld Cup 2019, EA, eMLS All-Star Challenge 2019 FIFA

League of Legends Betting

League of Legends or LOL first came into the scene in 200, and since then, it has emerged as one of the most popular games amongst video gaming enthusiasts. Unsurprisingly, the game quickly became one of the most loved with betting enthusiasts.

Get Started with LOL Betting

LOL has successfully achieved the reputation as a hot favourite in both the eSports and betting industries. The odds in LOL are similar to other sports or eSports and are decided based on the current form of the teams playing for games or leagues. Hence, you should conduct a thorough research about the teams before you set out on your LOL betting journey. Simple, go online, read blogs, follow the team’s home page, and watch as many live streams as possible, to improve your odds of winning.

It is important to know that the most commonly placed bet in LOL is the ‘money line’ where bets are placed on teams most likely to win. Normally, a LOL game is based on a best-of-three event. There have been instances, where even after losing the first round, a team has eventually won the game after winning the remaining two rounds consistently. This is where research and intuition come into play.

Top LOL Events in 2019

Who are the best LOL teams?

Here are some of the teams that you can check out – FunPlus Phoenix, SKT Telecom, Invictus Gaming, G2 Sports and more. When it comes to LOL betting, you may have your favourite team/s, but you should not bet on any of them without extensive research and understanding how the game can play-out.

DotA 2 Betting

Defence of the Ancients 2 or DotA was released in 2013. In just a few years, the game now represents the face of eSports. Numerous major events are organised globally, and players, followers and bettors all look forward to the game with equal enthusiasm.

Getting started with DOTA 2 Betting

DotA 2, as you know, is a real-time, team-based, strategy game. A total of 10 players, with five on each side, participate in one match. These teams are then given control of two different bases, each of which releases ‘creeps’ that are responsible for attacking the players and towers.

The first thing you need to do is understand the rules of the games and the popular players’ strategies before placing a bet, especially if you are a first timer. However, with practice and prolonged exposure to the game, your betting decisions are going to improve. For that, you must start watching the live stream gaming events and follow the eSport online to keep updated.

DOTA 2 Tournaments

Top DotA 2 Teams

Several global DotA 2 teams compete regularly. But, it is Team Secret that is the most popular as it remained on the coveted the top spot for the longest span. The other gaming teams you must follow are Vici Gaming, LDG, Evil Geniuses, Virtus Prom, and OG.

Counter-Strike Betting

Counter-Strike is probably one of the oldest and most popular eSports events to have ever entered the betting universe. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO, is one of the most popular multiplayer, first-person shooter games. It was first released in 2014, and ever since, it continues to be a favourite with video game enthusiasts. The players don on the roles of terrorists and teams battle with each other to perform an act of terror.

Get Started with Counter-Strike Betting

CS:GO offers different betting options – this is possible because of the many levels and obstacle that players must overcome to meet their goal.  Each of the available maps within the game demands a unique set of skills. It’s a team game and not based on individual performances, and hence knowledge of the different teams competing in an event is important before placing a bet!

CS:GO Tournaments

Who are the top CS:GO teams?

Since the game was introduced in 2000 and has many variations, naming one team is difficult. But, the team to rule the game is FaZe Clan, followed by Astralis, G2 Sports and Danish North.

FIFA Betting

Soccer or football is the most popular game in the world. Though the Indian team has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup, the popularity of the game in India is mindboggling. It should come as no surprise that FIFA betting has many enthusiasts in the country. Not only spectators, but betting enthusiasts also follow the game to bet on their favourite teams and players.

Getting Started with FIFA eSports Betting

eSports is similar to FIFA qualifiers; teams have to play against each other to qualify for the tournaments. Most odds cannot be framed beforehand, but betting enthusiasts are ready to bet who will lift the trophy from the first play-offs. Odds of the game keep changing as players and team’s performances oscillate from good to bad. Following each game of the tournament is necessary to make the right bet!

Among the various betting options, outright winner, head-to-head betting, e-tournament leading scorers, etc. are some of the popular betting options.  The prospect of FIFA eSports betting is like the betting options available in the major real-life football events.

Major eSports FIFA  Tournaments

Top FIFA Teams

The top FIFA teams you should follow are AS Roma, Complexity Gaming, Blue United eFC, Ellevens, FazeClan and more. You need to control the need to bet impulsively and place bets after getting information from the right sources.

The growing popularity of eSports in the World

If you have been following the eSports industry, you would probably have noticed that eSports has evolved into a major global sport.

Every year, new events are conducted that overtake the previous years’ biggest tournaments. The prize money is doubling every year, and the budget for these tournaments is exponentially growing.

According to Newzoo prediction, the total number of people following the game occasionally or enthusiastically will rise to 507 million in 2021 while the total revenue will rise to $1.6 billion. An article in entrepreneur.com states that in India alone, the eSports industry is estimated to about $818 million. Sponsorships and stiff competition mark the tournaments and games which are worth billions of dollars. The solid fan base that the different games enjoy gives the industry ample opportunities, and eSports betting is one of them.

How does eSports Betting Work?

eSports betting is like regular sports betting – you bet on the likely outcome of a game, scores or individual achievements of a player. The only difference is that here you are betting on sports played online, via online gaming and betting platforms. You need to create an account on the gaming platform to place bets. The account can be linked to your bank account or you can make payments with a debit or credit card. Your wins are credited directly to your registered account.

Different types of eSports bets

You would probably agree that eSports is a relatively newer member of the betting family. But, you must understand the basic types of bets available in the eSports market.

Depending on the type of eSport that you choose to bet on, the specialist bets could vary. For instance, the bets involved in DotA 2 are different from the ones available in FIFA, Counter-Strike or League of Legends. Just to give you a fair idea, some of the specialist bets offered by Counter-Strike are: first to 10 kills, the team to get the first kill, best of a specific number of rounds and total maps won. On the other hand, FIFA is about strikes, goals and fouls.

Do not participate in any eSports for betting purposes until you have acquired the knowledge for the game. Additionally, if you are betting for the first time, start with small bets and work your way up to higher betting amounts.

Choosing the Perfect Betting Platform

Thankfully, there are multiple online betting platforms to help you indulge your love and enthusiasm for betting on eSports. You need a platform that offers security for your details, and an easy-to-use interface. SuperLenny is one of the leading betting platforms globally, offering you the opportunity to participate in some of the best eSports betting odds.

eSports Betting Tips

One of the first rules of eSport betting is already explained above – do not start betting until you have become familiar with the game. Here are some other tips for you:

It is very easy to say know the team, research the performance and so on. But the real question is, how do you judge each eSports team. As mentioned above, you keep track of losses, wins and near-misses. Create a chart and fill the stats on your own, or follow blogs and channels dedicated to minutely study and comment on each play-off and players’ actions. It will help you understand the game and anticipate the moves of players and captains. The more you watch and learn, the better you will get at predicting the outcome, which in turn, will help you place a bet with a higher chance of winning.

Mistakes are bound to occur. The quicker you learn from your mistakes, the higher are the chances of your long-term success.

Lenny’s Last Word on eSports

eSports enthusiasts are as emotional about their teams and play-offs as fans of the regular sports. The industry, which is poised to grow exponentially, both in India and abroad, now offers spectators to invest a bit of themselves in the match with betting options!



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