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Neosurf Casinos

Neosurf India LogoNeosurf is an excellent payment option. It is simple payment methods that allow a player to easily and. Quickly top up his or her gaming account using a secured prepaid voucher. With this payment method, there is no need to visit the four walls of a bank. From the comfort of your home, with good internet and smartphone, you can top up your India online casino account.

To make use of a Neosurf voucher is very convenient. Mostly, online casino players prefer to make use of Neosurf because it does not require any personal information or tedious registration. There is no connection between the Neosurf voucher and your bank account.

A Neosurf voucher can be obtained from any retail outlet. There are thousands of retail outlets in India where these vouchers can be purchased. You can locate a preferred outlet online. In this review, we would take a look at the relevance of the Neosurf in the casino industry. Also, how it has helped further aided money transaction, how it works, and whether it is a great option for the online casino industry.

Best Indian Casinos with Neosurf

  1. 4/5 Spin Casino up to 100,000 INR bonus package
    • Sportsbook
    • Live Casino
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    Bonus Casino Review
  2. 4/5 Bao Casino $300 bonus and 100 bonus spins
    • Classic slots
    • Accepts Indian Players
    • Easy registration
    • Live Casino
    • Fast payouts
    Bonus Casino Review
  3. 4.6/5 JackpotCity Casino 4 x 100% Match Bonus Up To €1600
    • 24/7 Support
    • Live Casino
    • Player's Choice
    Bonus Casino Review


To make use of Neosurf at an online casino, that casino must have it as a payment option. It would be impossible for you to use Neosurf as a payment option when the casino supports it. With Neosurf, you can either make a deposit or initiate withdrawals. To make an online deposit to your online account, first, you would need to purchase a voucher. This voucher is purchased with cash, and it is a ten-digit code. These codes give you access to spend what’s on balance on the voucher.

When this is done, go to the selected casino website. Proceed to the payment page, and start your transaction. From the variety of payment options, select Neosurf as your pick. Select the amount (India Rupees)  you wish to deposit into your online casino account.

Enter the 10-digit code provided on the voucher to make the deposit. Usually, you are expected to deposit the full value of the voucher. Confirm payment by clicking on entering. The payment would be processed immediately. Now you are ready to commence your gambling activities.

It gets a little bit complicated for withdrawals. This service does not allow support withdrawals. If you need to withdraw your winnings, you might need to opt for a bank transfer. However, it would be required that you provide a support staff having the necessary information that would facilitate the transaction.

Once this is approved, the payment would be made to your account. Considering the bank and country, it would take between 1 to 5 business days to have your money. Interestingly, you would need to be verified before a withdrawal request can be granted.


When it boils down to online payments, Neosurf has done marvelously well and has gained relevance in almost every country. The benefits of this payment option are notable and will add immeasurably to your online gaming experience. Here we would look at some of the most important benefits that can be received from using Neosurf.

Neosurf is quick, efficient, and reliable as a payment option. Casino players can make instant deposits to their online casino account at an instant. There is no waiting for a couple of business days before the transaction happens, and technically there are no service charges. The cost of the service is very minimal or negligible. The number of banking options that can beat this is on a low.

Another benefit is how accessible Neosurf is. A voucher can easily be gotten at a retail store, supermarket, gas station. You can also use this payment method for a variety of different things. This payment method comes with an incredible security feature; users have no fear of their data being out in the open.


Setting up an account with Neosurf takes only just a couple of minutes. You can easily set this up from the comfort of your home while watching the games or hanging out with family. First, you’ll need good internet and a mobile device or desktop for this process. Then head over to their site to open an account.

Before you commence, there is certain information that is required that you would have sorted out. For instance, full name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, valid ID card, and password would be requested. When all this information is ready, then you can proceed to set up that account.

Visit the Neosurf website, then click on sign up. There would be boxes requesting this information mentioned above. Fill them correctly and proceed to the next step. Do the same for this page and click on send. This would complete the process of setting up a website.

With this, your account has been set up and can now be funded.


When you use Neosurf as a payment option, there are lots of benefits you would experience. These advantages are what make every online casino player buy the idea of this payment option. For individuals without a credit card or bank account or people who want to quickly makes a money transaction, the Neosurf payment option comes in handy.

First, transactions are 128-bits encrypted. That is indeed a high level of security. Neosurf is a faster, easier, and cheaper payment option compared to carrying out a wire transfer like western union. The deposits are made instantaneously on your casino account using Neosurf. Customers who make use of Neosurf have the opportunity of qualifying for some bonuses. Also, for the user experience, they enjoy not being charged extra fees and also the secured means of transaction. For Neosurf they take security seriously and make use of the best encryption software for this.

Another advantage is that Neosurf money transactions are anonymous. The amount to be deposited and the ten-digit numbers are the only essential information. The voucher doesn’t expire, and it could be kept for a very long time. However, there is a fee that would be charged if you want to keep and not make use of the voucher for a very long time. Alternatively, Neosurf could reimburse you if you have no plan of making use of the voucher.

Compared to other forms of payment at an online casino, Neosurf is one of the best. The top-notch service it provides is extremely recommendable. That is why lots of casino players in India make use of it. Also, an online casino player can bring his spending habit in check.


Neosurf is an incredible payment option that has come to stay. The ease and convenience it brings are amazing. At the same time, it has its share of shortcomings, the fact that it cannot be used to imitate withdrawals at an online casino. Other than that, it meets every requirement as a payment option for an online casino.

The benefits and advantages are immeasurable. For your online casino payment, stick with Neosurf to enjoy better money transactions and bonuses.