Sometimes the world of online casinos and sports betting can be confusing and full of strange terminology. Fear not, the SuperLenny team are here to straighten it all out. If you have questions, we have answers!

Can I place a bet online in India?

With the increased Internet technological innovation, placing a bet online in India is absolutely possible. Gambling just needs a bit of diligence, and you start by creating an online account on your favourite betting site. There are several online betting sites that are suitable for Indians including Betway, 10CRIC, Bet365, and LeoVegas Sport among others.

Having created an account, select the match you would like to bet on from a variety of options available. Apart from selecting just the winner or loser, there are more options one can choose from. Betting sites vary in regards to their operations and interface, but the sport betting steps remains the same.

Where can I bet using Rupees?

Betting online using the local Indian currency offers a unique experience. It gives an impression like an industry-leading global bookmaker is located in India. Although not all bookmakers accept Indian Rupees, there is a wide array of betting sites that do so, including Betway, 10CRIC, and LeoVegas Sport.

By transacting in betting sites using Indian rupees, you save on currency conversion fees. You will also have to use payment methods that accept Indian rupees transactions such as Indian MasterCards and Visas, as well as Skrill and Neteller. You also need to consider the betting sites that give the best coupons, rewards and offers in rupees.

How do I make a deposit?

Different deposit methods have different requirements such as minimum deposit and fees. While there are several methods of deposit that do not charge a fee, players ought to check everything they should know before deciding on a method of deposit. A majority of sites offer Credit/Debit card option along with common e-wallets for making deposits.

There are a variety of payment methods available for making a deposit on a betting site. They include online wallets like Skrill and Neteller, Mastercard/Visa, and some betting sites also accept Bitcoins. Since consultants and freelancers in India also use e-wallets, they can help to circumvent the regulations imposed on gambling sites.

Are bonuses a scam?

The short answer is no, but the more pertinent question should be, is the site offering the bonus a scam? If an offer or bonus is structured correctly and has clear terms and conditions, then it shouldn’t be a scam. The problem is, generally, the site who doesn’t live up to their commitment or provides vague terms so as to scam punters. To make sure you don’t become a victim of a rotten casino or sportsbook, you should stick with reputable, licensed and regulated brands. A licensed and regulated online betting site has to abide by strict rules, and in the event that you have an issue, there is a path of recourse that can be taken. The other important thing when it comes to bonuses is that you “play by the rules”.  All too often, customers don’t stick to the t&c’s and when the site doesn’t honour the offer, then the customer claims that the sportsbook/casino is a scam.

Why do betting sites offer bonuses to their customers?

The simple answer is to make money! But, you’re probably wondering how they can make money if they are giving it away. The concept is no different from a store having a sale and offering a discount. This marketing tactic has been used for generations to get you into the store and spending money. The same holds true for a sportsbook; they can only make money if you are betting, and while they may actually be losing some of their profits at times due to bonuses, experience has shown them that, on average, customers spend much more in the long run, which means the sportsbook makes more in the long term.

Can I claim a welcome bonus more than once?

No! A welcome bonus is for new customers only and if you check the terms of the sportsbook, you will more than likely find a clause that makes this very clear. Now don’t try to be clever and think you will simply sign up with a new email address. All online betting operators have fraud detection systems, plus when you have to verify your account, you will have to send them personal identification documents.

Is it possible to withdraw my bonus immediately after signing up or after my first win?

Unfortunately, no! You will have to meet the required rollover requirements. Bear in mind, the sportsbook is in business to make money and so to protect themselves, they have to put limitations in place, or they will be handing out free money and end up going out of business.

I didn’t receive my bonus, now what?

Don’t stress and certainly don’t go ranting online how you got scammed. Sometimes there are technical issues, maybe you live in a jurisdiction that doesn’t permit bonuses or there could be hundreds of reasons. Simply contact the bookmaker’s support and ask. More than likely, your problem will be resolved in no time.

Sports Betting Bonus Codes

With most gambling sites, in order to activate or redeem a bonus, you will need to enter a bonus code during the deposit process. Most sites will have an option within the “Banking / Cashier” page where you can redeem a bonus code. Bonus codes are often provided in emails from the sportsbook or may be advertised on their site or a banner. Many sites, in order to make the process more seamless for new customers, may not require you to enter a code with your first deposit and it may automatically be credited to your account. If in doubt, contact the support and ask them before depositing; almost all sites today have a live chat option.

When is it not a good idea to claim sports betting bonuses?

Once again, there is no simple answer and it depends on the sportsbook, the type of offer and even the jurisdiction, as this affects what is permitted. Probably, the best rule of thumb is to first read the terms and to understand them. When you know what the requirements are, you can then make an educated decision as to whether to claim the sports betting bonus or to walk away. Remember: the bigger the bonus, usually, the bigger the requirements.