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Online Rummy

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On this page, you will find detailed information on the popular card game of rummy. Alongside, as you read through, you will get a good sense of why SuperLenny India is just the right choice of an online casino for you to play your hand of rummy. So, read on!

About Rummy

Rummy is an extremely popular card game, said to have originated from the Mexican card game of Conquian – which itself is considered to have come from the Chinese game known as Khanhoo, Rummy finds a special place in India, with its own localized version known as Indian Rummy.

In India, it is often referred to as Paplu. Essentially, Indianised Rummy does not differ much from Rummy in general; here too, the focus is to create sets of 13 cards which comply with the general rules of Rummy.

While reasonably popular throughout the year, Rummy in India especially comes to the fore during weddings, the festival of Diwali, New Year, or any such special occasion where friends and family gather.

Online Rummy at Indian Casinos

What is Indian Online Rummy?

Online Rummy is pretty much the same as regular Rummy barring the obvious fact that the former is played on a virtual interface. Otherwise, the rules remain the same.

A big advantage with Online Rummy – especially in an era of “social distancing”, is that players in multiple locations at a distance from one another, can easily get together and play the game the same way they would when physically together.

Additionally, casinos offering Indian Rummy invariably bring in additional elements to the game such that it becomes even more fun to play!

SuperLenny India is a true testimony to all these advantages that come with playing rummy on an online interface.

Basic Rules of the Game/How to Play

The primary objective of rummy is fairly straightforward – arranging your cards in acceptable sequences and sets. You do this by constantly changing your hand, either by drawing from the deck of cards in front of you or picking up from the cards that other players have discarded.

Typically, you start off with 2 decks of cards including 2 jokers. This is especially true when there are a fairly large number of players, say 6 or more; in case there are just 2 players, then one deck should suffice.

Remember that in the game of rummy, the suit of cards really matters. So, for example, if you have 3 or more cards in the same sequence but belonging to different suits (say diamonds and spades, to cite an instance), they will not count towards a winning hand.

At the same time, the exact same valued card belonging to different suits will actually contribute towards a winning hand. To illustrate, if you have 3 Queens (obviously belonging to different suits), they will still form a valid winning hand.

To sum up, there are basically 2 kinds of acceptable sets:

Different Types of Rummy

Indian rummy which as we mentioned earlier is often referred to as Paplu, is like regular rummy with only the slightest of variations.

By and large, Indian rummy is said to have derived from Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. So, in a sense, you can say that Indian rummy is an amalgamation of these 2 rummies that originated in the United States.

Yes, within India, there are numerous variants of Indian rummy. Getting into greater detail about these would be beyond the scope of this page, especially since such variance is localized in nature – frequently, families and communities have come together to form their own versions of Indian rummy.

How do I choose the best Rummy Casino?

Well, several factors combine to form an idyllic Indian online casino. Some of these factors are personal in nature – what appeals to you (or matters to you) may not do so to other prospective players. An appropriate example would be the design, or the colour combination used on the interface of casinos – for a lot of players, that may not be a relevant factor at all.

Alongside, there are clearly some important aspects which all players should consider while judging a casino to be “best”:

These are all factors on which there should be no compromise; ones that SuperLenny India completely abides by.

How popular is Rummy in India?

Rummy is immensely popular in India. While this is especially true for Northern India, the game has quickly caught on across various parts of the country.

The onset of online rummy has incrementally expedited the game’s popularity in the country.

Occasions like weddings or the festival of Diwali especially witness a spurt in the extent or fervour with which rummy is played in India.

Further, when it comes to retaining the popularity of rummy in India, colonial legacy relics such as the numerous clubs dotting the landscape of major cities and towns in the country, have played a huge part.

Also, it would not be wrong to say that rummy is particularly popular among an older demographic in the country. At the same time, online platforms for playing rummy have enthused excitement for the game in the younger generation as well.