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Andar Bahar

As one of India’s most beloved card games, it is only logical that Andar Bahar has developed a rather sizeable presence in online casinos as well. Read all about how to play, where to play and most importantly, how to do both safely.

Andar Bahar is a very simple but highly entertaining card game. It has straightforward gameplay. In fact, it’s one of the most favourable games to start with if you are a beginner at online gambling.

In this post, we’ll explain how to play Andar Bahar, the rules of the game, the process of betting and winning, and everything else you need to know about this fast-paced, fun casino game.

What is Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is a card game that originated in South India, also known as Maang Patta or Katti. The English translation of the game’s name becomes Inside (Andar) and Outside (Bahar), which corresponds to its gameplay, as you’ll shortly understand. The game involves one player and one dealer, so you’ll be playing against the dealer and not against other players.

The gameplay mainly involves a first card being dealt by the dealer and the player predicting and betting on whether the same card will land on the Andar or Bahar side the next time. Now let’s get a more detailed view of how this game is played.

How to Play Andar Bahar in India?

The game begins with the dealer shuffling a deck of 52 cards and then dealing the first card on the board’s center. This card now becomes the Joker for the rest of the game. On both sides of the Joker, there are two sections named Andar and Bahar. The player now has to bet on which side the next Joker will land on. While betting, there will be maximum and minimum limits, which are set independently by each casino.

Once a player places his bet on any one side, the dealer begins placing the cards alternately on the Andar and Bahar sides. If the Joker, i.e., the first card to be dealt, is from a black suit, then the dealer starts dealing cards from the Andar side. And if it’s from a red suit, then the cards are dealt from the Bahar side.

The dealer will keep on placing the cards on each side one by one until the next Joker card appears. If it landed on the same side that the player bet on, the player will win and get their payout. And if it landed on the opposite side, the player loses his bet.

As you can see, the game is quite simple to play and involves a 50/50 chance of luck for the player to win or lose. New players will love the fact that they don’t have to work on difficult tactics or strategies and just leave it all in the hands of sheer luck. Even experienced players will enjoy this game just as much as there is still the thrill of winning the bet as every card is unravelled one by one.

What Is The Payout If Your Bet Wins In Andar Bahar?

While casinos are free to set their own pay-out rates, there is a standard rule that most of them follow when it comes to winnings. The rule is that when you win the bet – if the Joker landed on the same side where the first card was dealt, you get 90% of your bet as winnings. If it lands on the opposite side of where the first card was dealt, you win a 100% pay-out.

We’ll make it clear with some examples:

Case 1: The Joker is of Black Suit

If the Joker is a card of black suit, the dealing will start from the Andar side. Let’s say you bet ₹200 on the Andar side and also won the round. Since the Joker landed on the same side as where the dealing started, your payout will be 90%, which means you get ₹380.

Again, if you bet with on the Bahar side and win the round, it means the Joker landed on the opposite side from where the dealing started. In that case, the payout is 100%, so you get ₹400.

Case 2: The Joker is of Red Suit

This case follows the same rules as the previous example, with the only difference being that the dealing starts from the Bahar side if the Joker is of the red suit. If you bet ₹200 on the Bahar side and win, your payout is 90% (₹380), and if you bet the same amount on the Andar side and win, the payout is 100%(₹400).

Extra Betting Options on Andar Bahar In India

We often see different gaming operators and casinos in India add their own rules or terms to modify the gameplay of existing card games slightly. It creates more variation, and the purpose is to enhance further the thrill and excitement of gambling on such games.

So, you might find something similar to Andar Bahar in different online casinos. They might offer some extra betting options to make the game more enjoyable, and such bets are often referred to as side bets.

Some of the common side bets in Andar Bahar are predicting which card will be the Joker or maybe just the suit of the Joker. Another example is predicting whether the Joker will be more or less than a certain number. These are not the only possibilities, and casinos can develop their own ideas for side bets. It certainly improves the gameplay and also offers more winning opportunities to players.

Different Versions of Andar Bahar – Live vs. Online Casino

You can play Andar Bahar in both live and online casinos. The game and its rules will stay the same in both cases, but there will be some differences in the overall playing experience. In live Andar Bahar, you will be playing with an actual human dealer and connected to them through online streaming. It gives the same experience as playing in an actual land-based casino.

When playing Andar Bahar in an online casino, the dealer will be an AI, and the distribution of cards will be controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). It is perfect for those who don’t want interaction with other people and would rather enjoy playing alone. In many online casinos, you will also be able to play a demo version of Andar Bahar, completely free.

You will be granted some virtual currency in the digital version, so you don’t have to spend real money right away. It’s a great way to try your hand at the game and get used to the rules and mechanics if you’re a beginner. However, demo versions are not available in Live Andar Bahar where a dealer is a real person. This goes for all live casino games.

How Popular is Andar Bahar in India?

There is no doubt that Andar Bahar is extremely popular in India, as this is where it originated in the first place. Many people become familiar with this game at a young age as it’s often played casually among friends and families during some festivals. Even in casinos, Andar Bahar attracts a lot of players because of its simple gameplay. There’s a fair chance for everyone to win and no complicated strategies or analysis involved, which is one of the major reasons for this game’s popularity.

Most online casinos in India also have Andar Bahar on their games list. So, whether you are a beginner who wants to get started with this game or an experienced player, you can easily access the excitement of playing Andar Bahar in online casinos from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar and Katti are different names for the same game. Even though most casinos use the name Andar Bahar, you may find it listed as Katti in some casinos.

Yes, you can play Andar Bahar without wagering real money in online casinos where they offer a demo version of the game.

Andar Bahar is a pure luck game, so there are no tips and strategies that will help you win more often in this game.

As per the country regulations, Indian operators are not permitted to launch online casinos. But these regulations do not apply to foreign operators. As long as a foreign-based casino is operating legally in India, you can safely play Andar Bahar on their site without any worries.