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PayNearMe began in 2009 intending to aid purchases and payments just the same way credit cards and debit cards did theirs. It had a simple idea that individuals would come to a local store to carry out cash transactions. Nowadays, it is a successful and popular payment method that is also used in online casinos.

Paynearme India LogoInitially, when online gambling came to India, there was a lot of confusion or tension that came along concerning the processing of payments for these online casinos. Nevertheless, quite a good number of payment options sprung up to the occasion. Among such payment option was the PayNearMe payment option. It became a springboard through which player could fund their online websites.

Lots of individuals are not aware that PayNearMe was previously known as Kwedit. They were simply a website that offered the services of credit and cash debit card purchases online. There were three options available for the people. These were to either pay for goods later or make payments at a seven-eleven store or by credit card transactions.

Not long, the Kwedit ceased operation and later renamed PayNearMe. They now provide the opportunity for individuals who do not have a bank account to carry out online cash transactions. PayNearMe makes use of the most sophisticated, latest, secured, and reliable technology to handle the challenges associated with online transactions. They believe that transactions should be timely, easy, and reliable.

PayNearMe launched about ten years ago to process cash payments using retail stores like 7-Eleven. Interestingly they have now grown into significant cooperation handling several millions of dollars. PayNearMe is simple, fast, and secured; that is why it has become one of the best payment options in India.

PayNearMe has a website that makes it convenient for players to manage their cards. However, the card can be registered from a lender or company on the web. Tracking a cash transaction can be easily carried out. The website has suggestions that an individual might want to make a transaction with.

This payment method is ideal for depositing into an online casino account. Why stress over a payment option? PayNearMe has got you covered any time any day with top-notch services.

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Best Casinos to Play at with PayNearMe

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100% up to ₹30000
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  • 24/7 Support
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  • No deposit bonus


4 x 100% Match Bonus Up To €1600

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  • Player's Choice


PayNearMe is a safe, secure, and quick way to make online money transactions. This payment option can be used for depositing funds into an online casino account. It is best to use when you don’t want to make use of your credit card. Also, it could be used to withdraw funds from an online casino account.

It would only take a couple of minutes for making deposits at an online casino; follow the following steps to make use of PayNearMe as a payment option:

  • On the online casino, go to the deposit option. You would come across a couple of payment options provided for you to select from. Kindly select PayNearMe, which sometimes, depending on the casino, is found under the ‘Cash at 7-Eleven’.
  • Proceed to confirm your account information and print out your barcode or preferably request for it to be sent to your mail. Whatever means possible, and you should get the barcode and then proceed to a 7-Eleven convenience store close to you. Usually, the minimum amount that most casinos accept as a deposit is 10 Indian rupees, and they also have a maximum.
  • If you opt for the mobile option, follow the instruction from your mobile phone.
  • Show your cashier the barcode at the 7-Eleve store. Either as the printed slip or the image on your phone. Then hand over the cash to the cashier for deposit. You are to give the money meant for deposit.

If you are in India and you need to deposit into your online casino account, these steps would gladly come through for you. Also, the barcode is reusable. It is not a one-time barcode. For withdrawing funds, the PayNearMe doesn’t subscribe to withdrawals. On a lighter note, since it can be used to withdraw cash, then it would be impossible for someone to steal your funds. So, if a player’s card gets lost or stolen, he or she needs not to get worried because nobody can take money away from the account.

What are the benefits of using PayNearMe?

Online payment options are changing the landscape of how people carry out money transactions. They have brought about so many good benefits to casino players. There are few or no negative reviews of these online payment methods because of their delivery.

When a player makes a cash transaction with PayNearMe, he/she pays fewer charges for that transaction, and such transactions are also secure. It is also possible to switch on the notification that allows the player to know about when to make the next payment. Interestingly, with a PayNearMe account, you can make some payment automatic. For instance, depositing money monthly into your online casino account can be made automatically.

When you use PayNearMe, you are sure to experience transparency, innovation, and reliability. Also, this payment method can be accessed for 24 hours every day, and you can keep up with your online casino games.

How can I set up an account with Paynearme

Setting up an account with PayNearMe is relatively easy. It is one of the simplest available payment options available. There are simple procedures to follow that would create the account in a couple of minutes. Follow these steps to set up an account with PayNearMe:

  • You need a google developer account to sign up or, better still, sign in to the Play Console. This would enable you to create your payments profile.
  • The second thing to do is to click on the setting after you might have a sign in.
  • From settings select account details
  • Select a merchant account
  • When the merchant account has been selected, this will redirect you to the Play Console to set up your payment profile.
  • The enter the name you want on your profile.
  • Fill in other information that is requested, such as contact name, location, address, telephone number, and others.
  • Then click on submit this would complete the whole process.
  • Your account is ready to be used.


Several advantages are known concerning the use of PayNearMe at an online casino. One of the most distinguished advantages is that it is a significant aid for players who cannot make use of the traditional way of payment. If you don’t have a credit card or a bank account, the PayNearMe stands as a means of making cash transactions. Also, If you do not enjoy put out your banking details online because of identity theft, this payment method comes in handy. You can easily avoid sharing such information.

Once the payment transaction has been completed, the merchants would be alerted in real-time. This payment method is also available and straightforward. There are so many 7-Eleven stores around India that you hardly need to stress about the location of one of the stores.

Again, once your deposit has been confirmed, you can immediately start betting with your account.

In summary, the advantages of using a PayNearMe at an online casino can be summarized four words; simplicity, speed, safety, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions about PayNearMe

Are there fees for using PayNearMe at online casinos?

Using any payment method at an online casino requires some extra charges. It is usual for these charges to be there. However, some charges are ridiculously high, and that is why people opt for payment options with lowers charges such as PayNearMe. The PayNearMe assign charges, but these are relatively low compared to other online casino payment options.

Is PayNearMe safe to use?

PayNearMe is one of the safest means of making an online transaction at an online casino. The security associated with it is one of the reasons it has stood the test of time. Interestingly, the card is not connected to your bank.  Sometimes if a player loses the card, he doesn’t have to be worried because no one can use it for internet identity theft.

How do I deposit using PayNearMe?

Making a financial deposit using PayNearMe is relatively easy. There are simple steps to follow. These are:

  • First, log into your online casino account
  • Check for cashier tab and pick tap on deposit
  • There is a PayNearMe logo that would be displayed. If this is what you wish to pay a deposit with, click on it.
  • Select the amount your intent to make a deposit
  • If you have a bonus code, you could enter it if it is applicable.
  • Then select ‘generate pay code’ or payslip
  • You would be redirected to the PayNearMe site where you would receive your Pay Code. On the other hand, you can choose to receive it via a mail
  • Then proceed to the 7-eleven store where you would present the pay code
  • Then give the amount to the cashier that your intent to deposit.
  • The cashier accepts the money also issuing you a receipt

Then the money is made available in your account as soon as possible, almost immediately

Can I withdraw using PayNearMe?

No, PayNearMe only supports depositing funds into an account.