Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a dice game popularly played in India and few other parts of the world. Having gained widespread popularity as a local game, it has now found its way to online casinos operating in India.

As an Indian player, you can play Jhandi Munda in different online casinos and try your luck at winning. If you don’t know how to get started, the game’s rules, and the betting process, we will explain all of that in this post.

What Is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a gambling dice game that is believed to be first played in Arunachal Pradesh, India, sometime during the 18th century. In its early days, it was commonly played in the streets where local people would bet their money on the game. In fact, you can find it being played in the streets as a form of local gambling even today. The game even made its way to the neighbouring country of Nepal, where it became just as popular by the name of Langur Burja.

A slight variation of this game is also popular in Bermuda, Channel Islands, and among the UK’s Royal Navy sailors, where it goes by the name of Crown and Anchor. Jhandi Munda is requires 6 dices where each dice has 6 symbols printed on its faces. These symbols are Spade, Club, Diamond, Heart, Flag, and Face. In the foreign version Crown and Anchors, they use 3 dice instead of 6, and they two symbols – Flag and Face – are replaced by symbols of a Crown and Anchor, hence the name Crown and Anchors.

How To Play Jhandi Munda In India?

Whether you play this game on online casinos or the streets, the rules are the same, and it’s incredibly simple to play. Here’s how to play Jhandi Munda in India:

  • The game involves a board containing the 6 symbols and 6 dice with the same symbols on their different faces. Your first move is to place a wager on one or more of the symbols as per your choice. To wager on any symbol, you need to put your money on top of the same symbol on the board. The maximum and minimum amount that you can bet will be decided by the casinos themselves and may vary.
  • The operator will take the dices, shuffle them up and then roll them. If the symbols you bet on appear face up on one or more dices, you will win some money. The usual payout rate is the same as your bet amount for every face the symbol appears on.
  • For example, if you bet ₹100 on spades and it appears on one out of the 6 dices, you get back your bet amount along with another ₹100, totaling ₹200. Similarly, if spades were to appear on 2 of the dices, you would win back your bet plus twice the bet amount, which would be ₹300. If it appeared on 3 or 4 of the dices, you would win ₹400 or ₹500 respectively, and so on.
  • This rule applies the same way, even if you bet on multiple symbols. Let’s say you bet ₹100 each on the club and flag, and then after rolling the dice, club landed on 2 dices while flag didn’t land on any dice. So you will win ₹300 for wagering on club, but the ₹100 that you bet on the flag will be lost.
  • You can place bets on all 6 symbols at a time, but it may not always be possible as casinos can impose their own rules, limiting you to bet on only a certain number of symbols at once.

As you can see, Jhandi Munda is truly a simple and straightforward game. You place a bet, the operator rolls the dice, and you win if the symbol you bet on appears on the dice. It’s a game of luck by all means, and no strategy or calculation can increase your chance of winning.

Of course, in online casinos, you might find a list of how many times each symbol has appeared so far in the game. And using this info, you could try and guess which symbols would have better probabilities. Even then, it may help you to refrain from making wildly random guesses, but it won’t help you to make any correct predictions at all.

While it may be a game of luck, there’s no denying that Jhandi Munda is very fun to play. You will certainly feel some thrill and exhilaration every time the face of the dices after revealed, with the hope that at least one of them has the symbol you bet on.

Different Variations Of Jhandi Munda In India

As we mentioned, there is another version of Jhandi Munda called Crown and Anchor. But even this version follows the same rules of the games, and the only difference is that two symbols are changed, and they use 3 dice, as we had mentioned earlier. Other than that, everything else stays the same.

There are no other Jhandi Munda variations, but when playing in an online casino, you can choose between the online and live casino versions. In online Jhandi Munda, the game will be operated by an AI, but if you play in a live casino, the operator will be a real human. So, you can interact with them and experience the game just as you would in the real world.

Choosing the Best Online Casino for Playing Jhandi Munda

You can find Jhandi Munda in most online casinos in India. However, some of these casinos might use the name Crown and Anchor instead of Jhandi Munda. Now out of all these options, it’s entirely your decision which online casino you want to register and play at. But we will list down some important factors that you should consider when deciding.

  • Check the bonus offers of all casinos to find the best one.
  • While checking the bonus offers, also find out the wagering requirements and go for one where the requirements are comparatively low.
  • Take a look at their payment methods to know which one has the most convenient methods.
  • Go through their list of casino games other than Jhandi Munda to know which one has the most diverse collection.
  • Try contacting the customer support representatives even before you create your account, preferably through live chat, to find out how responsive and co-operative their customer service is.

How Popular is Jhandi Munda in India?

Since its origins, Jhandi Munda has been extremely popular on India’s streets and even in Nepal. It is played a lot during festive seasons as a type of street gambling, where pedestrians, locals, and passers-by lay down a few bucks to bet on the game. In Nepal, it is most popular during the Durga Puja season and can be seen being played in many localities. Now owing to online casinos and their inclusion of this game, Jhandi Munda has only grown more in popularity. Those who enjoyed playing it on the streets or with friends can now play it in a more official environment, and that too right from the comfort of their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jhandi Munda

  • Can I play Jhandi Munda for free online?

Some casinos offer demo versions of games, so players can feel the game without spending real money. You can also play Jhandi Munda for free by playing its demo version if it’s available.

  • How can I boost my chances of winning at Jhandi Munda?

To win at Jhandi Munda, there’s just one condition – the symbol that you bet on must appear on one or more of the 6 dices. The more dices that the symbol appears on, the higher your winnings are going to be.

  • Are there any tips or strategies to win more at Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a game that is completely based on luck. Your chances of winning depend on whether your guess is right or wrong, and there are no tips or strategies that can help you make a correct guess.

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