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Best programmes for roulette

Luck isn’t the only factor that gamblers rely on when they want to win at roulette. The first strategies appeared almost simultaneously with the game, and its appearance on the Internet gave users new opportunities to increase their chances of winning.

What roulette programmes are there?


Players are continuously looking for new ways to win at roulette. One way to win is to use special utilities that calculate the chances of winning. Most of this software is created by people with extensive experience in playing and using strategies. Such applications use an accessible work algorithm and can provide the user with real results. The main purpose of the software is to help the player determine which bets are more likely to pan out.

The result of each game must be considered when calculating the number that will drop in the next spin.

Most of the mechanisms used in chance analysis work according to this principle. Both mathematical strategies and software methods used in the programmes allow you to beat online casinos. Applications take over the actions that players performed manually when using the systems.

Roulette analysers use the history of last spins. This is a powerful game statistics tool that allows you to calculate the probability of hitting on a roulette wheel. If the user hasn’t played for a long time or is still a beginner, then spin bases can be used for analysis. Such an archive contains data on the results of the latest spins for European, American, French, as well as other types of games.

There are several types of software tools designed to calculate the roulette winning chances. These are emulators, calculators, convenient utilities for strategies, as well as software with several different functions. No algorithm allows you to beat the casino, but the software can help you learn the main principle of the game.

Analysers are also used by players to check whether casinos are honest or not. This is done by betting on equal outcomes. If the site is built on principles of fair play, then after several thousand spins the number of successful bets should be approximately the same.

The user should download the file from a trusted source and install the software on their computer to work with the application. Before the first launch, you should carefully study the instructions from the developers and apply the necessary settings. Many calculation programs are free, while paid ones usually have a trial version.

Programmes for chance calculation

Payoff calculators are based on the principle of game statistics analysis. They use the last spins results history. Based on the data, a prediction is automatically generated. The more information is collected, the more accurate the prediction of future game events becomes. The odds analyser can be connected directly to the game, or you can enter data manually. There are no restrictions connected with the use of such software. Some online calculators are officially recommended by the manufacturers themselves.


Any roulette in an online casino is called an emulator. Software algorithms create an image of how the wheel works, while the result is determined by a random number generator. In addition to official online casino games, this category includes emulators that calculate winnings. The application makes spins at a high speed. This allows you to test strategies and conveniently analyse game statistics in the long term.

You can start working with the application after setting up the basic settings:

The emulator produces the required number of spins and statistics with balance history, description of game events, and popular numbers.

There are roulette simulators that work with certain types of calculation, such as dozens, odds bets, and selected sequences. Some of the programmes are designed to test certain strategies, for example, Martingale or Kimo Lee. Emulators, on the other hand, work with a random number generator.

Programmes for victories

Winning software can also have other functions. Some applications allow you to create marks on top of the playing field, software for working with certain types of bets: red or black, dozens, and others. Some versions are designed specifically for certain types of games.

There are enough offers on the Internet offering paid programmes that provide a guaranteed result. The file supposedly modifies the roulette algorithm in an online casino and helps the user to win big. In a best-case scenario, the player will simply spend money, and in a worst-case scenario, the programme will install malware on the computer, providing additional problems.

Before downloading the program, you should analyse the following information:

You can find such applications in special sections of sites with free software for player.

List of free roulette software


Players test the winning software by themselves and describe it in their reviews. Based on them, a list has been created that includes the best roulette programs for calculating odds. This is safe software with commonly accessible system requirements.

Is it possible to beat the casino using programmes?

It’s important to understand that there are no perfect programmes for winning roulette and beating the casino.

All legal software is only designed to help the user stay in the black, and in any case, you will have to draw conclusions and choose suitable strategies on your own.

There are three useful features of such software:

They offer tangible help to the user, which increases the chances of winning. The main ways to win at roulette that really work are the correct use of the bankroll, the choice of a reliable site, and the version with the lowest advantage for the casino.

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

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