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Comps in online casinos

All popular online casinos use reward systems for regular players. They’re designed to keep customers in the virtual walls of the establishments. Usually, they’re called loyalty programs, although they can also have a different name.

Operators assign statuses to clients, award them all kinds of privileges, give bonuses and gifts, charge-free spins, invite them to participate in interesting events, and so on.

An important component of loyalty programs are the so-called comps.

What are comps?


In the context of an online casino, comps (or comp points, complimentary points) are points awarded to players for various actions or as a gift.

Important: This article is about comp points in online casinos. In real gambling clubs, comps can mean a variety of additional services and gifts available to customers.

How do loyalty programmes work?

This branch of the online casino bonus programme allows the company to stand out from their competition by implementing unique functions widely used by gambling operators. They organise themed original events, give unusual gifts, and so on.

Let’s compare loyalty programs by key criteria, which will help you understand both main aspects and minor nuances.

Levels and statuses of clients

Online casinos usually assign levels to players according to their activity. Most often, users earn points for bets and deposits. Certain statuses are awarded depending on their number.

Level systems can be very different. Each site is free to implement them at its own discretion, which provides opportunities for creativity.

If an online casino is dedicated to a certain topic, the loyalty program is almost always connected to it. For example, if a casino looks like a spaceship, the statuses can have the following names: trainee, astronaut, commander, space wolf, and others.

Naturally, each new level gives certain advantages, as described below in the article.

Statuses are not eternal and are not awarded forever. They may be updated monthly or over some other period. If you have moved up a few levels and then stopped playing for money or haven’t made any deposits for half a year, you will most likely fall to the initial stage.

However, it all depends on the bonus policy of the gambling operator, so check the rules on the official website.

Achievement Awards

The transition to a higher level is considered an achievement for the player worthy of rewards. They may be as follows:

Additional comps,

Fee bonuses,

Free spins on slots and so on.

The higher the status, the more valuable gifts await the client.

Privileges for the players

Levelling up equals access to additional benefits. Let’s highlight a few opportunities that are offered in online gambling:

All services within the loyalty program are usually described in detail on the thematic page of the official website of the online casino.

Special facilities for VIPs 

Naturally, VIP players receive the most favourable conditions and personal offers.

  1. They are given large no-deposits and get numerous free spins for high bets.
  2. They get the maximum cashback.
  3. They are invited to private events, including offline parties.
  4. Tournaments with very large prize funds are arranged for them.
  5. They can get gifts for birthdays and holidays.
  6. Personal managers work with them, instantly responding to all requests.
  7. They’re allowed to withdraw large sums of money, and sometimes there are no withdrawal limits for them at all.

What do you get comps for?


Loyalty points can be earned in a variety of ways. The most common methods are listed below but do note that some of them don’t work in all online casinos.

Registration. Some sites give points to newcomers simply for registering an account. Sometimes glasses are offered as one of the options to choose from.

Stakes. This is a traditional method that works almost everywhere. You play for money. For a certain total amount of bets, you are awarded comp points. If your status increases, the number of points for the same bet amounts may increase.

Deposits. This is another popular approach. You deposit money into your gaming account. You receive points for certain deposit amounts.

New Levels. Sometimes rewards are given to players with a higher status in the form of additional points.

Tournaments. Comps can often be won during free online casino tournaments. In events with an entry fee, they can also be included in the prize pool, but usually, real money is awarded for the first places in paid competitions.

Races and quests. Points can also be received by participants in various multi-level events that take place as part of the loyalty program.

Lotteries. If an online casino does lottery draws, it may well give out comps in this way.

Gifts. Extra points can be a gift from the administration, issued in connection with the client’s birthday, some holiday, or even for no reason.

Often, an increased number of points is awarded for bets placed on certain slots participating in promotions.

Important: Often, online casinos give out fewer comp points in games with a high RTP or for bets with a minimal house edge.

For example, comps awarded in video poker, baccarat, craps, and other gambling games can be cut by this parameter. Don’t forget to clarify this part of the rules.

How to use loyalty programme points?

The points received by the player are accumulated on a separate account. You can use them in different ways, which are determined by the online casino rules. Often, there are shops on the online casino site where customers can spend comp points.

The following options can be encountered:

Exchange for money. In this case, points are exchanged for real money. The rate depends on the status of the client. You can order a pay-out immediately after the exchange, if necessary.

Exchange for game credits. This method differs from the previous method in that credits received during the exchange of comp points can only be used for playing.

Exchange for free spins. You can often exchange points for free spins, which can be used on any or certain slots. At the same time, the rules mention different parameters: quantity, rate, and so on.

Redeem for Gifts. Stores can usually buy fancy gadgets and other valuable items with loyalty points.

Other options. Sometimes points can be used to purchase access to events, lottery tickets, the right to participate in tournaments, and so on.

Sometimes rules set a minimum number of points that can be redeemed.

Can you earn with comps?

Many professional players in real casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City claim that they manage to make decent bank on all sorts of privileges that are provided to regular customers of the largest establishments.

Jean Scott is considered the real legend of this direction of the advantageous game. She even published books where she shared her experience.

In online casinos, comps help you earn money more successfully. They can be considered one of the components of a professional game.
However, all gambling operators understand that it’s pointless to thoughtlessly present customers with loyalty program points.

Large online casinos carefully keep books and analyse the received information. Moreover, they introduce restrictions that make it difficult to use comps to earn money.

For example, if you play blackjack or video poker, you’re likely to earn fewer points for bets than slot players. Furthermore, it will be more difficult for you to move to new levels to access new privileges.

Don’t forget to carefully study all the rules of the casino bonus programme published on the official website.

If you regularly play for money in an online casino with a loyalty program, you’ll automatically gain statuses, earn points, receive gifts for achievements, and so on. In this case, all you need to do is enjoy the benefits.

Should you play and raise more often to get more comps? It’s impossible to give a clear answer to this question. All factors and conditions must be considered.

Of course, VIP privileges seem very tempting, but they’re provided for a reason. To get to the highest status in an online casino, you usually need to spend a considerable amount of money.

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