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Easter themed slots

Easter is considered the main Christian holiday when they celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the minds of most people, faith in God and gambling don’t mix well, so casino software developers usually avoid religious topics in their products. But Easter is such a popular event, to some extent even beyond the spiritual life, that some companies couldn’t resist releasing games dedicated to this bright day.

Online casino video slots about Easter


We’ve prepared a review of several such models. We don’t urge you to necessarily test them though. If even the mention of the word Easter in the context of gambling makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t read any further.

On the other hand, in the models mentioned below, this holiday appears as a secular holiday, the main attributes of which are painted eggs, Easter cakes, and, of course, a rabbit from Western traditions. You won’t find the slightest hint of church and religion in these games.

Let’s repeat, only a few software manufacturers have created video slots and models of other genres dedicated to this topic. After sifting through outdated and frankly low-quality models, we chose several slot machines and one scratch card. Below you will find a brief description of them. Detailed reviews of the games are available at the links.

Easter Cash Basket

An excellent Easter slot machine Easter Cash Basket was released by Pariplay. This is a five-reel slot with different types of pictures, numerous combinations, pleasant colours, pleasant music, an intuitive interface, and various customizable options.

The highlight of the Easter Cash Basket video slot is the bonus round triggered by three special symbols. Easter baskets appear on an additional screen. You can choose four items out of eight. Behind them, there are various coefficients. To calculate the final pay-out, they are multiplied by the total bet.

Easter Surprise

This is the oldest game mentioned in the review. Easter Surprise appeared in casinos operating on the Playtech platform several years ago but it’s still quite popular among customers. It attracts them with a nice design, a variety of options, impressive pay-out ratios, and a pleasant atmosphere.

It features special symbols, a themed bonus game, a doubling round, and others. There are quite a lot of combinations, and the winnings on them are very large (up to x10,000). The model was translated to Russian and has both downloadable and flash versions.

Many games based on the software of this brand offer an instant Easter Surprise Scratch lottery. It’s a virtual version of real scratch cards where you erase the protective coating to find out if you won a prize.

The difference between the online version and its offline prototype is the ability to choose the denomination of tickets and start the autoplay mode. For a lottery card to pan out, you must gather three identical symbols lined up in one line.

The rules are very simple, so you can figure them out without any problems in just a couple of launches. In many casinos, the game is available with a full translation into Russian.

Easter Eggs

Now let’s talk about the game developed by the Play’N GO company, whose specialists can create truly original and colourful models. They’ve presented another spectacular novelty with an interesting set of features, including very profitable special symbols, free spins with increased payouts and other benefits, a video slot-themed bonus round, and a classic risk game.

The advantages of the Easter Eggs model are:

You can easily find a casino where you can test a video slot for free without registration.

Easter Feast

GamesOS (CTXM) also participated and released an interesting new product called Easter Feast. We liked this model due to its original design with impressive graphics and animation effects, a comfortable and functional control panel, an accessible rule list in the paytable, and, of course, an excellent set of gameplay options.

The video slot is attractive due to the presence of two bonus rounds at once. In one of them, you fight with coloured eggs. In the other one, you search for a rabbit in a magician’s hat. The game also features several special pictures with enhanced features that will make the process even more fun.

The base pay-outs are not very high, but there are many combinations. We’re sure that many people will like Easter Feast. 

Lucky Easter

Without exaggeration, a delightful game was presented by Red Tiger for Easter. Everything about the Lucky Easter video slot is perfect: design, characters, animation screensavers, and general functionality. But the main advantage is, of course, a set of gaming features that you should definitely familiarize yourself with.

Numerous combinations, thematic bonuses, free spins, unique prize options, bonus pay-outs; the list of Lucky Easter gameplay possibilities is long. Having launched a slot machine for free or for money, you surely won’t be bored for a second.

Gifts of Ostara


The Gifts of Ostara slot machine is also associated with Easter, but still differs in focus from other models mentioned in the review. The main character became the ancient German goddess Ostara. Her admirers have been painting eggs since ancient times, and also use hares in the celebration. Researchers consider their rites to be the forerunners of modern Easter traditions.

The video slot “Gifts of Ostara” was released by a young company, Iron Dog Studio, whose gambling games are presented on the 1×2 Gaming platform. It has an interesting system of numerous bonuses connected with coloured eggs. You can get cash prizes, extra multipliers, free spins, respins, and other rewards.

Surely, these aren’t all the cool slot machines about Easter that are offered in modern casinos. In the future, there will most likely be new models on this topic. If you’ve ever tested high-quality video slots about this holiday that weren’t mentioned in the list above, tell us about them in the comments.

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

Gemma Heathcote – Editor @ Superlenny

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