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How to become a professional roulette player?

Every year new players join the ranks of gambling fans. And it is not surprising – the illusory world of luck attracts them with its mystery and eccentricity. Why not try your fate and hit the jackpot, especially since many players believe that it is possible to develop a certain strategy that brings only instant wins? The popular game of roulette is no exception to the rule.

What kind of strategy can there be when we are talking about determining exactly which cell a ball will land on? Here everything is decided by the banal force of attraction and the speed of rotation of the wheel. Roulette is, of course, one of the games in which it is difficult to predict something, the logical calculations do not work here. However, if there are people who firmly believe in the system and cold calculation and who do not recognise luck, there will always be someone who can develop a certain strategy that leads to a win.

Is it worth using any strategies when playing roulette?


Let’s try to figure out whether any technique can be effective, its main principle of operation, and the players’ chances of success? The systems that are recognised as the most successful today are various options for bet sizes that look at the previous games and take their results as a reference point. They involve betting on a wide selection of variations rather than on a single number such as odd/even or a colour. Yes, sometimes you can win this way, but only at the very beginning of the game. The longer the process lasts, the more the player can see that systems and a change in the bet size have practically no effect on the game’s outcome.
Martingale is rightfully recognised as the most common strategy among roulette lovers. It requires doubling the size of the bet each time you lose. If you win, you must lower the bet to the original value. That is, the rates should increase in the following sequence: one-two-four and so on. When the player wins, they need to return to the original one dollar bet.
The downside of this system is that a player can get overly excited and spend all their funds without noticing it but never actually get to a win. Using Martingale, the player is more likely to win at the beginning. Suppose they win at all, of course. Their reward will be equal to the minimum bet amount. After that, by doubling the size of the bet with each loss, it is more likely that the player will exhaust the limits of the casino rather than win again. Bottom line: the money is lost, the mood cannot get any worse, and the technique studied in advance did not work. So, then, is such a game worth the candles or not?
However, this strategy is not the only one of its kind. There are many similar systems: D’Alembert, Labouchere, Paroli and others. But, despite interesting and original names, there is not much use from these systems. Just like the Martingale, they are all effective only in the short run. You can, of course, find information on them on the Internet, spend a lot of money, thoroughly study the algorithm of actions and make sure with your own experience. But why? All of them have long been tested by more than one thousand enterprising losers and are of little use for playing roulette. The result of their use is one – losing!
Despite this, many individuals still seek to acquire these miracle systems in the hope of hitting a big jackpot while throwing hundreds of dollars away. Well, advertising drives sales, as you know! While there is demand, there will be supply. Only the winners from this are not the players themselves but the owners of the casino. They benefit from fake systems and strategies like this and naive players who sincerely believe in miracles. And the more such believers, the more income the gambling establishment receives!
Of course, casino experts have long studied all systems and strategies. The introduction of new methods for playing roulette is closely monitored until they show themselves in all their glory. And if any of them were more or less effective, they would be banned in all casinos. But please, buy, study and lose if you so wish. The range of systems and strategies today is very large, and casinos still continue to win. This statement cannot be argued with. Roulette will continue its eternal run, and the ball will fall into arbitrary cells.

Simple calculations of casino profit, or how much can you earn on gambling

simple-calculations-of-casino-profit-or-how-much can-you-earn-on-gambling

If you try to calculate how much time each player spends in the casino and how much money they leave there, you can get a rough idea of ​​the scale of the profit of a gambling establishment. The average game of chance fan, as a rule, drops by the casino from time to time to indulge in their favourite pastime – roulette or poker or some other kind of casino game. Accordingly, they spend a lot of time testing this or that strategy and expecting a miracle. In figures, this is more than three hundred hours a month.

As practice shows, during this time, the player manages to make about 15,000 spins on European roulette. If we take $25 for the average bet, including ups and downs, then the total is $375,000! Yes, somehow, the player does not notice it since they did not lose the entire amount immediately but emptied their wallet gradually. The profit of a gambling establishment in percentage terms will be 2.7. 

Based on what was said above, we can draw a rather disappointing conclusion: beating the casino is an impossible task. Even facts and figures show that the more time players spend at the gambling table, the higher their stakes and the more profits casino owners receive. However, the devil is not so black as he is painted. And there are cases when players have got incredibly lucky and won indecent amounts of money.

At the same time, the losses of the casino can be very high; the institution may even be on the verge of bankruptcy. Roulette is called the wheel of Fortune for a reason, even if the fortune is very capricious and unpredictable. However, casino owners are not young children. Seeing that someone got lucky, they will immediately take measures to stop this. A player at the peak of success may be offered, for example, to move to another table.

A favourite technique of casino managers is setting a betting limit. If all the measures taken do not help, a person may simply be refused to continue the game without explanation. Each case, of course, is unique since there is little chance of winning, and no one is able to predict who and when will get a handful of luck.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to play roulette professionally and calculate your winnings, now you can confidently shake your head. It is impossible! Playing on the wheel of Fortune defies any laws of higher mathematics and logic. Only Her Majesty Luck rules here. It is her who decides who will be the winner. Any systems and strategies are ineffective and serve only the profit of the casino itself.

They are nothing more than another fake illusion because everything depends only on the whim of the force of gravity and the speed of rotation of the wheel of Fortune. By buying such strategies, the player only wastes money and reduces their chances of winning. You need to play roulette only for fun and with pleasure, savouring every fleeting moment when a ball is spinning, and then Luck will definitely be on the side of the player! And this strategy has proven to be effective!

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

Gemma Heathcote – Editor @ Superlenny

Gemma is the Editor of SuperLenny.com, where her main responsibility outside of editing and writing content is overseeing everything published online. She’s also ensures the day to day operations of SuperLenny are kept running smoothly, including keeping Josh and Matt in check!