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How to use online casinos

The casino has always been associated with a very special atmosphere of fun, excitement, abundance and adrenaline rush. This is the atmosphere of a completely different life, where there are no everyday problems, the neverending errands and boring routines.

A new chapter in history of the casino


Various associations pop up in people’s heads at the mention of casino – luxurious interiors, friendly croupiers, a pyramid of sparkling drinks and other elements of a beautiful life, just like in Macao – the gaming capital of Asia. The cash cycle there is greater than in Las Vegas. Luxury shops are located near each establishment. It’s carefully thought-through, as soon as someone wins, they can immediately spend it on purchasing the most expensive brands. This is a kind of contemptuous luxury life that anyone can become part of. By the way, most casinos have no clocks inside them. Why would visitors need to keep track of time if they are at the epicentre of exciting events and need to eagerly think over the next move using free spins? 

But the world is changing rapidly. To enjoy the atmosphere of the casino, to try your hand at the games of chance is easier than ever before, you just need to click a few buttons. The era of online casinos has opened a new chapter in history. 

The new era of gambling establishments is, first of all, about comfort and flexibility. You can have your own little casino at hand – literally.

Online casinos for mobile phones are a perfect opportunity for those who have little time, travel all the time and live with a smartphone in their hand. Of course, everything has its pros, cons and some nuances. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile casinos

Different players prefer mobile apps to playing on their laptops for different reasons.

Because each visitor of an online casino has their own preferences, ideas and conditions they want to play on. For some, accessibility is important, others enjoy the opportunity to join a game at any time of the day. Some simply have to share a computer with other family members, and it is often occupied.

Why do the majority of players prefer a mobile casino?

Our world is complex, beautiful and huge. And most importantly, it gives people the opportunity to work remotely and travel. With the mobile version of the casino, you can enjoy your favourite casino game at any time and anywhere in the world.

Another key point which is a massive advantage – your phone is yours only. It is hard to imagine that someone else will be able to use your gadget, access your account and view your gaming information. Thus, if you care about anonymity or don’t want any of your household members to see casino websites in your browser history, the mobile app is the perfect solution for you.

Casinos around the world are trying to lure customers into downloading the mobile version. The managers often offer tempting bonuses for account registration, promising a lot in a short period of time.

If you use the mobile version, you won’t miss out on any of the features. The functionality is the same – the information, points and account history are available there.

Recent game developments also target mobile users, so you can try any new game in the app.

But everything has its downsides. Let’s talk about the cons, then.

So what are the main disadvantages of mobile app games?

Let’s start with the most obvious one: even the screen of the latest iPhone version is noticeably smaller than of any laptop. 

The casino interface is one of the most important tools, you need to see it well and be able to use it quickly.

New things are good. But what about the game classics that may not be available on modern operating systems? Sadly, some gadgets do not support outdated games.

In the case of online casinos, the pros still outweigh the cons, but we still look at both sides.

Before you use casino mobile apps

Online casino managers always give a lot of thought to your comfort. They try to predict all the nuances and be one step ahead. But in order to avoid embarrassing situations, it is better to keep in mind the basic conditions for using the mobile version of the casino.

“Hello, can you hear me?”: make sure you have a good connection. Fast internet speed is a must. In general, this is the main condition for playing. Of course, if you’re somewhere in the countryside and your connection doesn’t work well, it is better to avoid using the casino app until you have good, stable internet.

“Let’s try?” – always make use of the trial version and test how well the app works for you. It might be that your phone is very good but doesn’t support this app.

“Where do I click?” – make sure you ask if the casino has a special version for gadgets. As a rule, the casinos have their own application with a clear and comfortable interface.

Remember that every institution has a support service that can solve any issue their customers have. And if you question which button you need to click to perform a certain action, they will know the answer.

Do I need to create an account again?

The most popular question is, “should I create a new account?” Rest assured that you don’t need to do that. If you have an account with the casino, it is the same for the website and the application.

It is a simple process: open the application, enter your account information, and you can use all the casino features.

If you are only getting acquainted with this casino, you will have to spend an extra 10 minutes filling out a registration form.

How to protect your account?


The mobile casino is all about accessibility. But you should pay attention to the security to avoid it becoming accessible for scammers as well.

Your phone is your property. It is better not to trust strangers with the gadget. Especially if there is a casino application on the phone’s screen, professionals will easily be able to find out your card details. Always protect your phone with a good password or passcode.

Public Wi-Fi can be very helpful in many situations. But when you’re playing casino games, it’s better to use mobile internet or at least a network you know you can trust.

When you open the mobile application of the casino, there will be an offer to auto-fill your personal information. We advise you to enter it manually every time. Yes, it may take a few minutes of your time, but you will be sure that no one will find out your sacred information.

Mobile casinos are no longer something special. They are quick, easily accessible and comfortable.

Choose the format that is the most comfortable for you, and stay in touch with your favourite institution.

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

Gemma Heathcote – Editor @ Superlenny

Gemma is the Editor of SuperLenny.com, where her main responsibility outside of editing and writing content is overseeing everything published online. She’s also ensures the day to day operations of SuperLenny are kept running smoothly, including keeping Josh and Matt in check!