Live Casino Hold’em Rules

Live Casino Hold’em Rules

Live Casino Hold’em is known for having one of the smallest house edges across the casino whilst the skill required makes it one of the more competitive games.

Casino Hold’em is best described as Texas Hold’em with a mix of Blackjack and is played between just you and the dealer. Like all poker games, you start with a compulsory ante, which you put in before you see any cards. This is generally lower, but it’s your choice. Then the first cards are dealt out. You and the dealer get two each whilst three are dealt in the middle. The three in the middle are called a flop.

You then need to see how strong your hand is by seeing what combinations you can make from both the pair of cards in your hand and the three-card flop on the table using standard poker rankings. If you think your hand is strong, then you probably want to call, which keeps you in the game. This requires you to pay another ante, which is double your original one. If you have nothing or do not think you can win, then you fold and the round ends.

If you call, then another two cards are dealt, and there are then five cards on the table. Using the five on the table and the two in your hand, you check to see if you can make a better five-card combination than your opponent. If the dealer cannot make a combination worth more than a pair of fours, you automatically win regardless of your hand. This is what gives Casino Hold’em such a small and fun edge.

Live Casino Hold’em Rules
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