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Lotteries in online casinos

Online casino lotteries are rarely the primary method of attracting and encouraging customers. Rather, these are additional promotions designed to add variety to the game process. However, exciting drawings with very valuable prizes are not uncommon.

How do lotteries in online casinos work?


The essence of lotteries is simple and clear:

Participants receive tickets for some action, and then money or other gifts are drawn for these tickets.

Online casino operators that run lotteries on their sites often conduct them in a similar way. Read on for the details.

What are online casino lotteries? 

Of course, there is not and cannot be a single classification of lotteries in online casinos because the rules for events like this are not regulated, and each operator is free to set their own rules.

Lotteries can be divided by their availability for customers:

  1. For everyone – such events are designed for absolutely all players who registered. When the user signs in to their account, they can take certain steps required to participate in the prize draw.
  2. For VIPs – these lotteries are only for those who have the highest degree of the loyalty program. To become a member, you must obtain the status first. 
  3. Private – these events are held for the elite. Terms and conditions are usually not published even on the official website. They are described in personal messages sent to high rollers.

If there is a need, the lotteries can be divided according to other parameters

But again, such classifications are only relative.

How do I get a lottery ticket?

Usually, tickets are issued to customers who have done the following things:

Often lottery tickets can be purchased. In this case, different options are possible:

At online casinos, lottery tickets are issued automatically. You have to contact customer support only if there is some issue or an error.

How are the winners determined?

The winners are determined randomly (if, of course, the organisers are honest with the participants). Most of the time, there is more than one winner. The winner, who is in the first place, gets the main gift. Further, the value of the prizes decreases. Often, incentive rewards are received by players who are in the second or even third ten of the leaderboard.

The results are usually announced on the official website or the organisation’s page. Winners usually receive notifications on the player’s account or the email address provided during registration.

The details of obtaining a prize should be checked with the administration. Of course, they depend on the type of gift. For example, money can be received directly onto a personal account in the casino, but with a car, for example, you will have to do things differently. Most of the time, you can take cash equivalents instead of valuable prizes.

Why are lotteries held in the casino?

Usually, prize draws are arranged for all customers who follow the rules and conditions of the draw. For example, if tickets are issued for deposits, everyone who pays the required amount will receive them.

Sometimes residents of some countries are not allowed to participate in the lottery. This may be due to the very high activity of bonus hunters in those regions.

It has already been mentioned above that some online casinos host VIP lotteries for holders of the highest statuses of their loyalty programs. Of course, such events are not for everyone.

How to choose the best online casino lottery?

When getting acquainted with a new event, think about all aspects. Do not just take the operator’s information on an advertising banner; find out more outside of that.

The lottery description on the casino’s page may also not be enough, so check out the rules of the bonus program. They are usually written in a separate section.

Also, it pays to check out the Terms and Conditions again. The terms of participation can also be described in the user agreement, which is the most important document in an online casino.

So, what should you pay attention to?

Ticket issuing rules

Firstly, find out how the tickets are issued and what you need to do to get them. Find out about any additional costs. This will help you figure out if this event is actually promising or not. Many events are beneficial only for the gambling operator.

IS it worth it to register, pay the deposits and play in a casino just for the sake of the lottery?

Prize money 

Perhaps this is the most important point. If you are not attracted to the winner rewards, you do not need to participate in the lottery at all.

Of course, if tickets are automatically credited to you for deposits that you have already made, the possible prizes can be a nice bonus. However, it is not worth trying to increase the probability of winning on purpose in this case.

Duration of the event 

Find out how long the event is going to last. Most draws have a short duration, but promotions with large prizes can stretch over several months.

Are you prepared to wait?

The number and composition of participants 

The more applicants, the less chance of winning is. If there are thousands of people competing for the prize fund, your chances are honestly low.

And if among them there are many high rollers, who have the most significant portion of the tickets, most likely they will be the ones who get the main prizes.

Additional terms 

Don’t forget to read all the rules. Sometimes the essential points are not advertised and are even relegated to the background. It is better to know these details from the beginning.

Online casino prize draws can be really beneficial for regular customers. If you are constantly making deposits and actually playing for money, you cannot but love the opportunity to win a valuable prize along the way.

On the other hand, if you are intentionally depositing funds to enter the lottery, think about your actions. Don’t you think this is a sign of emerging gambling addiction? Gambling should be, first of all, entertainment.

Lotteries in online casinos


Let’s start with the fact that such events are designed mainly for regular customers. Users who play frequently and play big will always have the highest number of tickets. Beginners will not be able to compete with them in this aspect.

However, online casino lotteries should be taken into account if you are interested in the institution in general. Why not claim a prize if you’re going to play casino games  anyway?

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

Gemma Heathcote – Editor @ Superlenny

Gemma is the Editor of SuperLenny.com, where her main responsibility outside of editing and writing content is overseeing everything published online. She’s also ensures the day to day operations of SuperLenny are kept running smoothly, including keeping Josh and Matt in check!