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New slot machines with rock music

When spinning the reels of such video slot machines, players find many pleasant surprises. Some models include entire tracks play excerpts, while others play songs only as a bonus.

Slot machines dedicated to music can be divided into several categories. The first category is dedicated to a specific musical genre, such as rock or rock and roll. They have themed wild symbols and other details. Bonus rounds reveal the behind the scenes of music: here you can find various musical instruments, records, and more.

There are slot machine types entirely dedicated to specific musicians. By launching such slots, you can see the faces of the singers themselves or group members, as well as other distinctive details. The spins use five reels. The main symbol of the game is either the performer himself or the logo of the game; with it, you can get free spins or other nice bonuses. Such devices are almost always equipped with many bonus features.

Musical symbols on the pay line have been collected since the middle of the last decade when a machine with a similar theme was released. The first musical model was “Jazz and Blues”. Collecting combinations on it was so universally loved that the developers decided to continue developments in this topic.

Themed slots with music


The article includes models from famous developers released in recent years. This is not a ranking list, so the games are listed in random order.

Ozzy Osbourne

Let’s start with the game that many readers will undoubtedly recognize as the best on this list. This machine is the Ozzy Osbourne video slot from NetEnt. It’s obvious who it’s dedicated to. After all, the famous “Prince of Darkness” has long since acquired legendary status.

The Ozzy Osbourne slot machine was announced long before the release, and Ozzy fans were eagerly waiting for the release of the model. Now we know that the slot machine has surpassed any wildest expectations.

Let’s just list the main gameplay features:

If you haven’t yet tested at least the free Ozzy Osbourne slot, it’s time to do it.


Testament is adored by many heavy metal fans. It has been performing for several decades and doesn’t seem to wind down anytime soon. Apparently, Play’n GO also has employees who are not indifferent to the work of this band. The famous studio has released the Testament slot machine dedicated to the legendary rock band.

At first glance, this is a traditional video slot machine with five reels, fifteen icons on the field, and 243 ways to form combinations without active lines. In fact, this is a very unusual game that surprises players with the original features of the bonus rounds.

The Testament slot machine features three types of free spins with prize options. Among them is the expansion of the columns vertically. The higher the reels get, the more potential combinations arise. There can be up to 2400 combinations.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba isn’t one of the most famous hard rock bands, but they do have a lot of fans around the world. We don’t know what prompted Play’n GO to dedicate a video slot to the band, but the game turned out to be really interesting, with an original pay-out system and different types of icons.

The Black Mamba slot machine surprises the player with an impressive selection of prize features. All members of the group launch themed bonuses from time to time. They trigger wilds, remove cheap symbols, transform pictures, and so on.

The bonus game Concert is also available in the Black Mamba slot. The most desirable option for users is free spins with a growing additional multiplier and other attractive features.


This is another Play’n GO release aimed at heavy music fans. It’s dedicated to the work of the rock band named Demon, which is considered one of the brightest representatives of the new wave of British heavy metal. The Demon video slot was released at the end of 2019.

The interface is quite traditional: five reels, three rows of symbols on the field, and thirty active lines for combinations. There are two Wild symbols in the game. They drop only in certain columns, replace other symbols, and also trigger free spins if they appear at the same time as the scatter.

Free spins in the Demon slot machine have two levels. The first one has additional coefficients, and the second one opens the “Portal to Hell”, where the multipliers continue to increase.


The Sabaton has been playing heavy metal for over twenty years. They achieved popularity far beyond their country of origin, Sweden. Play’n GO (again!) has developed a spectacular and exciting Sabaton slot machine.

The basic rules aren’t unconventional at all. There are five reels, ten lines, three rows of icons on the screen, wild, scatter: you’ve seen this hundreds or even thousands of times. The interesting part starts when the bonus features are triggered.

There are several prize options, and they can be triggered during any spin. Synchronized reels, stacked wilds, mega symbols and many more can be encountered in this slot machine. The most tempting option is free spins with active bonuses.

House of Doom


Doom metal is a specific music genre, but it has quite a few fans all around the world. The House of Doom slot machine was also produced by Play’n GO. While working on it, the developers drew inspiration from several musical groups.

The video slot is gloomy and sinister, as a game of this style should. It offers several special symbols and bonus rounds. Free spins with advanced features and prize pay-outs are notable features of this slot machine.


Play’n GO dedicated this model to the Canadian thrash metal band with the same name. The band is loved far beyond the borders of their country of origin, so, unsurprisingly, Annihilator was awarded a separate video slot.

The Annihilator slot machine has several varieties of symbols, exciting free spins with advanced features and a themed bonus game in which users compete for impressive cash rewards.

You must’ve noticed that the list contains several Play’n GO video slots. The famous developers took rock music seriously and came up with a series of themed games. Admittedly, they did a good job. Do you agree?

Do you listen to rock music? Do you like rock-themed slot machines? Do you often play slots designed for music lovers? Which models have impressed you the most? Have you ever won big cash prizes on them?

At the end of the review, we’d like to remind you once again that in previous years, many manufacturers released gambling games about performers and groups from different music genres.

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

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