Play and get rewarded at PlayOJO

Play and get rewarded at PlayOJO

If you’re looking for an online casino that rewards players for the sake of playing, (who isn’t?) then look no further. PlayOJO is well known amongst casino enthusiasts for it’s huge promotions but OJO’s specials are really something else. The OJO specials are split into three categories; OJO Plus, the OJO Wheel and Club OJO. Before we delve into more detail about each one, players should know that the OJO specials are completely independent of other promotions run by PlayOJO, which means that everything you’re about to learn about is over and above your standard bonuses and promotions which the casino runs throughout the year.

OJO Plus


Did someone say free money? Before you go checking outside to see who’s making it rain, sit back down, take a deep breath and brace yourselves for this epic feature. There really is nothing to it. Any game you play, any time of day, PlayOJO will reward you with real money, which is yours to keep, simply for playing at the online casino. The OJO icon will move around OJO’s face when there is money to collect and to claim it, all you need to do is to click the page turner beneath OJO’s face. The best part about OJO plus is that there are no restrictions, no limits on the money you can win, therefore, no catch. Keep in mind that the more OJO icons a game has, the more money will be rewarded.

The OJO Wheel


The OJO wheel is another element of the loyalty program that the online casino is offering to its players. The OJO wheel is activated when a special level is reached or can be triggered completely at random, but one thing’s for sure; no one’s leaving empty handed. Well, unless the wheel lands on the skull, then you’ll leave empty handed. There are three types of OJO wheels and one of them is guaranteed to reward players with something, so there’s no need to fret over the possibility of leaving with nothing. The three OJO wheel are:

Wheely Easy – Guaranteed to reward players with something, be it free spins or otherwise.

The Wheel Deal – Bigger prizes, but the skull can see you walk away with nothing

Are You For Wheel – Bigger prizes, bigger risks. This is for those players with the ‘go big or go home’ philosophy.

Club OJO


From the moment you sign up to PlayOJO and start playing casino games, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the loyalty program, quickly rising through the levels and gaining perks as you go along. The best thing about Club OJO is that you can get picked to be one of the OJO A-listers, where you’ll benefit from even more perks and benefits. You can rest assured that there’s no way of dropping levels, even if you take a break from playing for a little while.

Author: Josh Slaiter
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