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Review of the Blood Suckers II video slot

NetEnt raises the stakes! Meet the long-awaited game “Blood Suckers II” – the sequel to the legendary first part. Immerse yourself in a dangerous and gloomy, but exciting world of evil spirits.  Generous bonuses are waiting for you as a reward.

NetEnt were apparently well aware of the effect the mystical Blood Suckers video slot would have on an unprepared audience of slot machine enthusiasts. And they were right: the classic vampire theme will never go out of fashion and still makes the blood run cold in the veins. The game clearly hooked a lot of people and got the popularity it deserved.

Of course, interesting design and cool effects alone won’t bring glory. NetEnt has seriously worked on the game mechanics. Surely many who first tried Blood Suckers because of the unusual theme, eventually got sucked into the game precisely because of the thoughtful and engaging gameplay.

And”Blood Suckers II” calls on an army of fans of the first part to please them with even greater bonuses, as well as to introduce a new character. Meet the beautiful Amilia, who is ready to fight for the treasures of her ancestors.

Theme and appearance


A young vampire, Amilia, comes to an old castle in search of hidden treasures that belonged to her ancestors, who were enslaved by vampire hunters years ago. Immortal but young Amilia has been perfecting her skills with a crossbow for many years, and now she is determined to defeat the mighty demon that guards her dream.
The accurate shots from the crossbow allow Amilia to open one of two random features of the game: “Bonus Shot Feature” or “Scatter Shot Feature”.
The old vampire castle is, as you might expect, in a state of disrepair, and the dilapidated walls of the dusty rooms are covered in thick vines. But what is really worth paying attention to is the blood-red roses wrapping around the ancient columns. Their appearance means that a special round of “Blood Rose Free Spins” is waiting for you.
But our main goal is the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game. In this bonus game you have to go to the family treasury filled with boxes and coffins. In them you will find not only gold coins, but also “Scatter” symbols, as well as keys that will open the way to the next levels. But not everything is so simple! Be careful, because in some boxes a demon lies in wait for you. But each test promises its own reward: avoiding a meeting with a demon, you will receive the treasures!

Game process

Blood Suckers II video slot has 3 reels with 3 rows and 25 paylines. This game is a continuation of the successful first part and can please the players with an exciting experience in the gothic atmosphere of a gloomy vampire castle.

An additional entourage is added by the magnificent and fearless vampire Amilia, who skillfully earns game bonuses with her crossbow. Excellent graphics and animation perform not only a decorative function, but also visually display all game processes.  Blood Suckers II is a simple and easy to understand game that is guaranteed to make you watch every spin of the reels with pleasant excitement.

A user-friendly interface will allow you to focus on the game, because all possible functions will not cause unnecessary questions. Use the “Right” or “Left” arrows to select the value of the coin, or change the bet level – the number of coins wagered on all betting lines. If you are confident in your abilities, then you can resort to the “Max Bet” feature! Now click on the big beautiful ruby ​​right in the middle to launch the spins.

Keep a close eye on the Wild symbols. It can appear on each of the reels, both in the main game and during the free spins round. Wild symbols replace all other game symbols except Scatter and Bonus. Thus, the chances of picking one or more combinations at a time are greatly increased.

Bonuses and special features

Of course, our cherished dream is the hidden treasures of Amelia’s ancestors. But being carried away by their search, do not forget about other opportunities to get a worthy reward. “Blood Rose Free Spins” is an exciting bonus round with ten free spins, which is activated after three or more “Scatter” symbols appear on the playing field during the main game. What’s more, you can count on another dozen free spins if three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels again during the bonus round!
Do not forget that two or more “Scatter” symbols on the reels in absolutely any place give a good amount, which is multiplied by the bet level. You can easily find out the size of the possible winnings in the “Paytables” menu.
And that’s not all! Several ‘Scatter’ symbols, as well as all winning combinations during the ‘Blood Rose Free Spins’ bonus round have a multiplier of x3! Not bad, right? It’s worth mentioning that the free spins round is played with the same coin value and bet level that was set during its activation.
Crossbows at the ready! If three or more reels (starting with the leftmost reel) alternately show Bonus symbols, you’re in for a thrilling opportunity to find hidden treasure in the exciting Hidden Treasure Bonus Game.
Your winnings will be doubled if the bonus game was triggered by four Bonus symbols, or even tripled if you were lucky enough to collect all five symbols at once!
So, together with Amilia, you are going to the mysterious treasury. The bonus game consists of five levels, each of which contains five chests and coffins that hide their secrets: gold coins, “Scatter” symbols, keys that open the next level, or – if you’re not lucky – an ominous demon that will not allow you to advance further, completing the bonus game.

Random Features: “Bonus Shot Feature” and “Scatter Shot Feature”

Blood Suckers II has two random features that are activated at random throughout the game: the Scatter Shot Feature and the Bonus Shot Feature.
“The Scatter Shot Feature places two Scatter symbols on the reels at once. If a third Scatter comes up, the ‘Blood Rose Free Spins’ bonus round is launched with ten free spins. In addition, all game symbols from the average win category that appeared on the playing field during the activation of the “Scatter Shot Feature” will be paid with an amount of coins equal to the bet level, multiplied from 10 to 100 times.
“Bonus Shot Feature”, in turn, places one ‘Bonus’ symbol on the first, second or third reel, increasing your chances of a bonus game.

Blood Suckers II on mobile

Blood Suckers II is especially comfortable to play on mobile devices, because of NetEnt’s handy Touch Game technology. Like the first part, the sequel is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.
NetEnt once again proves that it pays close attention to all the wishes of players and regularly pleases not only with first-class games, but also carefully tries to provide maximum comfort to customers.



The theoretical player return in Blood Suckers II is 96.94%, in the main game it is 63.6%, in the Blood Rose Free Spins bonus round it is 13.7%, and in the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game » — 19.7%. The overall win rate is 40.7%, while the maximum win in the base game is €100,000/100,000 coins on a single bet line.
It should be noted that the maximum win in a game round can be higher if it consists of several spins.
Winnings on a bet line are paid out when a sequence appears from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. The coin bet line win is equal to the value shown in the Paytables menu multiplied by the bet level.

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