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Squeeze play in poker

Squeezing is an advanced poker technique used preflop. It is used both in tournaments and in cash games. Squeeze can be quite effective if you approach poker strategy sensibly and carefully.

What is a squeeze in poker? It is a re-raise, which is carried out after one or more participants have called the previous bet. Here’s a vivid example: a player in early position raises a previous bet and gets a call from the player in late position, and then the big blind re-raises.

With small stacks, the squeeze is all-in. If the stacks are large, the situation is slightly different, and the size of the re-raise is according. The player’s actions will depend on the specific situation. The outcome’s success has nothing to do with the cards that the player gets from the croupier. Please note that the effectiveness of this technique is noticeable with relatively short stacks. 

Squeeze play in poker: what it is and how to use it successfully


To play successfully and productively, players must follow several rules:

To effectively squeeze play in poker, it is important to recognise whether opponents have the opportunity to call the participant’s bet from later positions or move it all in without having a strong hand. Therefore, you need to remember one more rule: it is beneficial to use squeeze in the later stages and not at the beginning of the game.

Another important role is played by the participant’s reputation who joined the table. In the case of aggressive play online, if the opponent has repeatedly placed a 3x bet before, a squeeze in this situation is unlikely to work for the player’s hands. This is because competitors are more likely to pass and fold and thus leave the table.

The higher the raise, the more fold equity the squeeze will have. It is thoughtless to create additional promising calling opportunities for opponents. A small raise will be successful only if a squeeze is made with a strong hand. This will make it possible to attract participants to the bank with weak sets of cards. And when the participant has a small stack, an appropriate bet size for the technique will be all in. 

Once you know what a squeeze is in poker, you can successfully apply the trick if there is a loose raiser, a loose caller and one strong re-raise. The technique should be used wisely and not too often to keep the trust of the opponents. 

How to make successful squeezes?

To play a successful and productive game, it is important for the participants to:

You also need to know and understand the other players for a successful squeeze play. It is important to identify if there is a fish among the opponents at the table, that is, if there is an opportunity for participants from later positions to call your contribution or move it all in without having a really high combination. Therefore, once again, you should learn the rule: squeeze is beneficial only in the later stages, not in the beginning.

It is vital to focus on what sets the preflop raiser demonstrates and what is their fold on 3-bet. If the player is tight, or if they rarely go for 3-bets, the technique’s efficiency is reduced.

The size of the squeeze


Now that you know the ideal moment to use the squeeze technique in poker, you need to figure out your bet’s size. Usually, the size of the squeeze in poker is defined as follows: a loose player’s raise x4. You can play bigger, but this amount should be considered the minimum for playing a squeeze in Texas poker.

Beginner players and those who are only starting to learn the rules of using a squeeze play in online poker should study a few more important tips on this topic. They will help you minimise the risk of losing and learn how to use the technique as efficiently and safely as possible.

  1. The player should have a reputation of being tight enough for the opponents to react to a re-raise by folding and not by doubting and calling the bet.
  2. The position of the opponents who have already entered the pot will be a big advantage in a squeeze play. Squeezing in the blind, for example, will put the player out of position in the next betting round, which is an ill-conceived and dangerous decision.
  3. The stack size in a squeeze should be large enough to threaten players who have already entered the pot.
  4. A squeeze play should be very rare in online poker. Try to follow this rule so as not to spoil the image at the table.

In general, for a squeeze play, it is enough to have a loose raiser at the table, one opponent who’s calling bets and a large re-raise with a big stack.

This technique can be very useful to you, but remember to use it wisely. Do not go overboard with the frequency of squeezes, otherwise, the entire reputation you have carefully built at the table will simply collapse. Any professional player should be able to implement this technique, and the best thing about it is that your cards will not play any role.

Squeeze play may well be useful in the final stage of the tournament. You can get those vital chips that will bring you victory with it. In addition, you will already have enough information about your opponents to avoid bluffing in vain by this moment. You can also check out the tips on playing professional poker. 

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

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