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Top casino industry news you may have missed

The casino industry is changing rapidly. New games are being developed every day and new establishments are opening regularly. With the recently introduced 2G rule, players can once again enjoy more freedom – the masks are dropping, as is the minimum distance.
If you don’t want to bow to 2G, you have the option of trying your luck online at a real money casino. In the following article, we have summarised the most important information so that you are fully informed about online gambling news.

New casino news for Germany: 2G required in most slot machines in Germany


In Germany, the 2G rule is already in force in many federal states. This means that people who want to visit restaurants, casinos or gambling machines must either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be cured.

For the 2G operators ,regulation means an indescribable extra effort. For example, staff must be hired to check vaccination certificates.  Due to the checks already carried out, most of the guests had to be skipped. Companies are now struggling to survive as many customers simply stay away. Those who control the 2G rules in their slot machines are allowing visitors to their slot machines to once again move around without a mask and without keeping a minimum distance. This casino news from Germany is likely to follow us long into the future.

There is no end in sight to any measures.  Last winter, many shops that had close contact with customers had to close, only essential stores were open. Many casino owners are again wary of this scenario as many regular players have moved to online casinos in the past year.

At the moment, the situation with online casinos couldn’t be better. As I said, many regular players from local gambling establishments have switched to the online version, and during the quarantine many new customers tried to pass the time by online gambling. Online casinos have taken advantage of this opportunity and made lucrative offers available, such as a welcome bonus or a loyalty program. But this is only one of the advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos. In the virtual world, there is no dress code and no entry fee. The online casino also has a large selection of games that you can use anywhere and anytime.

Big casino news – WestSpiel opens fifth casino in Monheim

WestSpiel, the company bought by the Gauselmann Group, has announced that it will open a new casino in North Rhine-Westphalia, more specifically in Monheim am Rhein. Dieter Kuhlmann, head of gaming operations at the Gauselmann Group, said that in the process of bidding for the casino concession they were already actively pursuing possible additional casino locations and at the same time conducting a comprehensive analysis of the potential and the location.

Monheim was chosen for its strategic location, as Monheim am Rhein is located between the North Rhine-Westphalia metropolitan areas of Cologne and Düsseldorf. Gauselmann fulfills the statutory mandate for sewerage. Places that many people can get to are required. Monheim is ideal for this, as the city forms the crossroads of all transport routes between major metropolises. Visitors can reach the casino within a 30-minute drive.

By the end of 2022, gamblers are expected to accept a new gambling establishment. The construction and opening plans sound indescribable. However, the building is not a completely new building, but the location will be integrated into the already operating Merkur arcade, which has existed since 2010. The cost of this project is around €22.5 million. In addition to modern slot machines, the range includes roulette, blackjack and, of course, poker.

Latest gambling news: the opening of a new casino in Braunschweig


On 17 December 2021 a new casino from Niedersachsen GmbH opened in Braunschweig, despite the new 2G rules. In Braunschweig and in other casinos in Lower Saxony it’s compulsory to wear an FFP-2 mask indoors. In addition, these casinos have a 2G+ rule with recommended revaccinations and daily coronavirus tests. The gaming establishment was opened exactly at 18:00, and a wide selection of games awaits the gambling visitor. These include slot machines, poker, blackjack and, of course, roulette. Regular players receive a discounted annual ticket for €75, otherwise an entry fee of €3 is charged. This is what Karen Krueger, a spokeswoman for the new casino, said a few days earlier. The opening ceremony didn’t take place due to an increase in infections, as announced in the online casino news.
The casino operators wanted a central location in Brunswick, but that wish was not fulfilled because they couldn’t reach an agreement with the landlord. It took some time before a suitable replacement was found, so the new site is located in the north of the city, in close proximity to the football stadium and the motorway. For the players, the location is particularly convenient, and the number of available parking spaces is enormous.

Important casino news for Switzerland: Swiss Casinos will open a new casino in Winterthur

Swiss Casino Holding AG is planning to open a new casino in Winterthur. The location chosen is to be in the Lockstadt district of Winterthur, in the landmark Rapid Hall. The aim is to create more than 120 new jobs.
Construction started on 24 November 2021 and was attended by well-known figures such as Marc Baumann (CEO of Swiss Casino), Michael Küntzle (mayor of Winterthur) and Marc Pointe (CEO of Ina Invest).
The opening of the gaming establishment was planned for 2025, which, on its 2600 square meters, was supposed to become a casino unlike anything that had ever existed in Switzerland. The Group expects the Federal Council to issue the license in October 2023. Many visitors to slot machines, of course, are happy about this casino news.
However, according to a Casino News press release, the old venue in Schaffhausen will be closed. The reason for the closure is a loss of around CHF 11 million. All 70 employees will get another job either at the new casino or at the group.
In conclusion, the gambling industry is undergoing major changes, not only in land-based casinos, but also in the online gambling industry. Online casino news can change on a daily basis. With the new 2G rule, masks are no longer compulsory indoors, but it is an additional expense. In addition, you can try your luck in the virtual world from the comfort of your own home, and players can also take advantage of good offers from the respective providers. Of course, every player is pleased to hear such gambling news.

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