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What are the poker bots?

According to scientific studies, in the near future, AI will become the main trend in European and international gambling and will provide new business opportunities. PwC has calculated that by 2030 the investment of artificial intelligence in global GDP will be $15.7 

A poker bot is a program that was specially designed to provide complex schemes and algorithms thanks to which artificial intelligence (AI) can play with live gamblers in virtual poker rooms. Usually, they are created by IT experts who specialise in creating software and gambling because, without the knowledge of poker mathematics and probability theory, it is impossible to create this software.

Poker bot logic


Modern machines are particularly smart. Poker bots have a set of various functions and features based on the principles of player protection, which the users easily understand.

On the other hand, such programs can be used for fraud. The following things can identify this: 

Foreign players can request information from the operator to play poker without bots. Meanwhile, in foreign practice, there are rooms in which the game is played without chatbots; only real players can be present there.

If we are talking about fraud and the operators who wish to protect their business, it should be said that nowadays, a poker room without bots is a common occurrence. Operators carefully conduct several checks and have many different methods to quickly identify and instantly block these bots. Moreover, about 95% of such programs show weak game skills and are easily recognised even by inexperienced gamblers.

Features of the poker bots

Some bots are quite weak; however, some of them are able to make a strong opposition for a beginner. On the other hand, as mentioned above, such programs can also be used by players with fraudulent intentions.

If the win rate of the program is low, the bot will still win something due to the rakeback. The robot does not get tired and can play 24/7, receiving income from rakeback.

Chatbots also automatically send newsletters, contact customers, and play poker. In order to automate functional platforms, such applications are integrated into various platforms and instant messengers.

Artificial intelligence, namely chatbots, enables gambling business founders to personalise services, study user preferences, analyse their needs and provide targeted offers. The technology allows you to retain regular customers and attract a new target audience.

AI also contributes to the effective detection of fraud attempts, as it can monitor the activity of gamblers better than a real person. These processes are economical and efficient because the computer performs actions with high accuracy and without interruption.

Nevertheless, bots can be an effective tool for gambling projects, and increase turnover, communicate with customers, automate lists and offers mailing, and analyse attendance.

Interesting facts:

  1. The first poker bot was designed back in the 1980s and was called Orac.
  2. The Polaris bot was created after years of research by scientists and IT specialists at the University of Alabama. The software only works for limit hold’em and only in head-to-head games.
  3. In 2017, scientists from three universities created the DeepStack poker bot, which managed to beat 33 poker experts.

Operating principle


The Poker bot operation principle is based on the following:

Information gathering. The range of data required includes cards of the player, opponents’ bet size, stack size, button, etc. To gather information, the following methods are being used; reading screenshots with the translation of graphics into machine text, reading the log, intercepting signals sent to the poker room server, and accessing network traffic.

Decision making. The bot accesses the situation judging it by certain parameters.

Simulate player actions. The program simulates mouse movements and keystrokes. The first bots clicked on the buttons at the same speed and at the same point on the screen, and on this basis, they were easily detected. Nowadays, such programs have become smarter and perfectly disguise themselves as real users.

The main engine (artificial intelligence) is the brain of the bot. It makes conclusions based on the information it receives, just like a real person. An additional engine allows the program to interact with the poker room players.

Modern bots can play just like humans, sometimes even better. Such programs can work together with any operating system. It does not control the computer as a whole but functions as regular software.

There are several types of bots:

– Rule-based

The most straightforward option. It operates only according to the strictly set rules. For example, a certain combination raises a bet, and when chances are low, it gives up. The bot takes into account the conditions for a particular step. The problem is that it is impossible to foresee all the rules. The bot creates a simplified algorithm, and this becomes its weak point. Such a program cannot beat a good poker player.


It is based on theory and plays according to the optimal strategy. It is chosen in such a way that the results would be positive over a long time distance. However, it is not that simple, and the bot is prone to making mistakes.

– Operational

An advanced version of a poker bot with complex algorithms. Unlike those described above, it is able to adapt to the tactics of opponents. Such a program has various strategies at its disposal, and depending on the situation; the most profitable one is selected. Poker bot owners rely on the program’s ability to disguise itself. Sometimes two computers are used. First for a poker client and the second one to launch remote access for the bot. But sooner or later, the deceit is revealed. 

Cyber poker bot – development of professional abilities

Poker bots from different developers regularly participate in the annual competition called Computer Poker Competition. Such a competition was held July 11-17, 2009, at the International Conference on AI (IJCAI) in Pasadena, California. The competitions were held in the following disciplines: heads-up limit hold ’em, heads-up no-limit hold ’em, limit hold’em for three participants. The event is not intended to deceive poker rooms and gamblers but aims to improve global poker skills.

What are the chances of finding a working poker bot?

In theory, it is possible. You will stumble upon a program that can bring benefit at one of the medium stakes. Due to the fact that, as of today, there has been gathered quite a lot of knowledge about the “correct” poker game, it can be assumed that such a bot could be successful.

Assuming that software developers will be able to teach artificial intelligence how to use the statistics available on opponents, have several strategy options and take into account the individual characteristics of the other players, this task seems even more realistic.

The only problem is that a group of amateur scientists cannot develop such software. Developing and testing a poker bot is extremely time-consuming and complicated, and only a serious institution and professional specialists can handle it.

And here’s the thing – all these people’s efforts to develop such software are not just for you to engage in petty swindling, deceiving the casino. Do you agree?


Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

Gemma Heathcote – Editor @ Superlenny

Gemma is the Editor of SuperLenny.com, where her main responsibility outside of editing and writing content is overseeing everything published online. She’s also ensures the day to day operations of SuperLenny are kept running smoothly, including keeping Josh and Matt in check!