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Zig Zag strategy and Up the steps strategy

Zig Zag strategy for slots


This is a relatively simple technique that anyone can master. Its essence comes down to finding the “suitable” devices in the casino. According to the strategy developers, the probability of winning on these machines is a lot higher.

The origin of the name Zig Zag is a mystery. Perhaps it’s because the player needs to zigzag around the slot room in search of a suitable machine. It can also mean talking about zigzag-like patterns of symbols on the screen.

It should be noted that the system was initially developed for classic three-reel slot machines, but later it was adapted for five reels models.

So, how do you play slot machines using the Zig Zag system?

The goal of the slot hall client, according to this method, is to find the so-called “hot” slots.

These are the devices, the screens of which show as many identical pictures as possible. In addition, they should also be arranged in specific patterns, which is supposed to mean that the machine will make a large payout.

The patterns are these:

Interestingly, many adherents of the Zig Zag strategy have their own “secret” patterns, which they don’t want to share with other users.

How to play slots using the Zig Zag system?

The game process with this system does not require any sequential actions. You need to wander around the hall, looking at the screens of the available slots.

When you find the suitable machine on the screen of which these are symbols lined up in accordance with the desired pattern, you can place your bet. Based on your bankroll and ambitions, you can decide on the bet amount yourself.

It is your choice whether to combine the Zig Zag strategy with any other.

This system is not very convenient for online casinos. You would have to constantly switch different machines on, which is tedious.

Pros and cos of the Zig Zag strategy

By and large, the ZigZag strategy has only one advantage. This is an exceptionally straightforward technique. Just memorise the patterns of symbols and then look for them on the slot machine’s screens.

Talking about the disadvantages of the system – there’s also only one. It does not work. There is no proof that any pattern of symbols indicates the probability of winning or losing. This is nothing other than speculation of the strategy creators, not backed up by any stats or actual practice tests.

But, at the same time, using this system will not have a negative impact on the final result. So feel free to test it if you want. Suddenly, the fortune, which in this case is a random number generator, might be favourable to you.

But please – do not pay for slots strategies! These are usually sold by scammers who want to cash in on innocent simpletons.

A while ago, the system was actively sold on various websites of foreign casinos. Some well-known gambling experts even tested it but concluded that it does not work.

Conclusions about the Zig Zag betting system

Once again, let us remind you that no betting system will help you change the theoretical advantage when playing video slots. You will not be able to interrupt or change the work of the RNG, and the chances that you will be able to uncover the principles of its operation are extremely low.

Finally, let us remind you that to achieve maximum results, you need to choose slot machines with the maximum return level and suitable volatility. And be sensible when determining the bet size.
The best strategy for playing slots is choosing slot machines with the highest payout percentage and the maximum bet if you know that you count on winning the jackpot or extremely high odds. But not everyone can afford to play like this, and not in all cases this approach makes sense.

Many slots fans use all sorts of betting systems to play, which do not give any advantage but help to systematise the process, or at least make it more exciting. The strategies that are used on slot machines are rarely complicated because the casino visitor is very limited in his choices in this field. The “Up the stairs” system, which will be discussed in this article, is also straightforward.

Description of the “Up the stairs” strategy

This strategy is prevalent among those who want a winning streak on video slots.
Let us just warn you that we don’t buy into the idea. We know for sure that the work of the random number generator is unpredictable, and each spin is its own independent round. It has no connection to previous or subsequent ones.

But, if you disagree with us, the Up the Stairs strategy should be attractive to you. But it can be tested by any player, regardless of his views on how the slot machines work.

How to use the “Up the stairs” betting system?

The recommendations of the creators of this methodology are as follows.
You should always start with a low bet, which will be your minimum threshold.
This doesn’t mean you have to bet the lowest amount allowed by the casino rules. You just need to decide what is your personal minimum amount. If your first spin loses, keep the bet the same, but the size must be doubled if it wins.

So, what you do is this:

if you win, you double the bet,
if you lose, you reduce it by half.

According to this principle, you can raise the bet to the maximum or maximum limit you can afford. If you do manage to have a winning streak, you will become a winner of a decent amount of money.

Concluding the “Up the steps” strategy


The essential advantage of the system is that you place larger bets using the money you won. When we talk about a win, after which you need to increase the bet, the amount of money that is twice the bet size is meant. If you bet one dollar, and the payout was one and a half dollars (including the bet), you should not bet two dollars in the next spin.

It is also easy to see that this strategy resembles some of the progressive systems that are actively used in roulette.

Finally, we’ll repeat what was said before:

Neither this nor any other strategy can really help you win on slots.
Therefore, one should not blindly trust them or entirely rely on them. And the “Up the Steps” system is just a way to bet, not a method to overcome the house edge.

Gemma Heathcote
Gemma Heathcote.

Gemma Heathcote – Editor @ Superlenny

Gemma is the Editor of SuperLenny.com, where her main responsibility outside of editing and writing content is overseeing everything published online. She’s also ensures the day to day operations of SuperLenny are kept running smoothly, including keeping Josh and Matt in check!