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EvoPlay - Read the game provider review- JohnSlots.com

Evoplay is a relatively niche software provider, despite the company coming into fruition in 2003. This may be because it’s only of recent times that Evoplay have hit the pinnacles needed to be considered amongst some of the bigger producers of online gambling games. Recent growth is reflected through business mergers as well as expanding their portfolio of products and games. That said, It has only been in the last few years that they’ve popped up in the field as a serious contender, which is great to see because their games have always had great quality and production values.

The company is based in Curacao and is licensed from the same jurisdiction. Internationally speaking, Evoplay is a global producer that concentrates on plenty beyond slots.

Today they have offices in Malta, Ukraine, and Germany. You can find their software and games in online casinos that have bolstered their business to offer as wide a range of games as possible. With continued growth, EvoPlay are certain to be ever more present in the industry.

EvoPlay Games

Aside from from a few white label advetisement integration services to other companies, this firm has its own fantastic titles. EvoPlay games 2020 are available on loads of gambling sites. Although the company does not have an overly extensive collection of games, those that have beenproduced are thought highly of in the industry. Their attention to detail when creating these games is second to none. 

Ones to keep an eye out for especially:

⭐ Sinbad

A hero of the Arabian Nights, Sinbad! This slot has Asian symbols on the reels. Sinbad is categorised as a three-dimensional slot game that gives players an engaging gaming experience and great chances of winning. We especially love the theme this game offers. 

⭐ Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks is played on five reels, three rows, and nine bet ways. The theme explored in Battle Tanks is war, which makes for a bit of a sombre setting. The game is centred around the misery caused by war, and how the slot symbols aid said misery. The game has wild and scatters symbols that help a player improve their chances of winning. 


⭐ Dungeon, Immortal Evil

Despite elements of an RPG, this game stays true to its slots based origins. All wins and losses are RNG based and no skill or knowledge can help. It all comes down to the luck of the spin. Every spin is a new journey through different levels. You’ll come across a number of enemies and mystery loot on your adventure. However, its the additional rounds of bonus game-play that really kick this slot into another gear.

Why online casinos choose EvoPlay

Multiple gaming sites use EvoPlay – Casino Software on the wide web. Virtual gaming sites that use software from this firm have been reviewed to be top-tier with desirable qualities that most online gamblers are looking for. Some of the merits of playing in an EvoPlay casino include:


Player protection is paramount to any online casino. Casinos that use EvoPlay software are among those that use SSL encryption technology which blocks unauthorised parties from gaining access to player information.


With HTML 5 technology, their software is mobile compatible.  Moving from desktop to more portable devices such as tablets and smartphones has been experienced in recent years. Mobile applications are also taking over in-browser versions of casinos.


This aspect of an online gaming site is determined by independent audit firms that inspect casino games. EvoPlay casinos have been reviewed to meet fair play standarrds


Bonuses are a must of any gaming site. EvoPlay casinos come highly rated regarding promotions. Players have access to a variety of rewards including an insurance bonus in some of the online gaming destinations powered by EvoPlay.

Is EvoPlay a Gambler Focused Software Provider?

EvoPlay ensures that the player is always a priority. With that in mind, numerous bonuses and promotions come alongside these slots – all geared to ensure the player has a good time. The games have all been carefully designed, leaving nothing but the highest quality assurance from EvoPlay.

Players can also reap the rewards given, in promotional form, from other popular online casinos that partner with Evoplay. These include cash rewards, jackpot rewards and more. The games are also gambler-orientated in the fact that they can be played across different platforms, ensuring that no one is pigeonholed into a single platform type on which to play.

Lenny's Last Word

What’s not to love about EvoPlay? A company with a lavish history that is continually evolved its software offering to the point that they are now – Up there with some of the industry big-hitters through consistently driving their product forward. At SuperLenny we thoroughly look forward to what EvoPlay have up their sleeves next.