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Genesis Gaming & Beyond

About Genesis Gaming 

With over 200 games, Genesis dominates the online iGaming space with a slightly less ‘mainstream’ approach to iGamng. Since its founding over 10 years ago just outside of gaming capital Las Vegas, it has successfully secured some solid partnerships which have continually blossomed over the past decade.

While Genesis may not hail the longevity as some of it’s more industry dominant competitors its safe to say that this doesn’t show in their every day operations and impressive ability to hold their own amongst a pretty competitive industry.

Since 2008 the company has expanded globally and now has a total of six offices worldwide, including a strong presence in the Asian emerging market, with offices in Manila and Hong Kong.

Genesis strategic direction has been clear in recent years, with a partnership program set up to ensure presence in casinos world wide. It’s working and we expect Genesis to continue expanding at a rapid rate in the future.


Genesis has a large selection of Slot Games, and they’re not hard to find. With such an expansive portfolio, their slot games feature in many mainstream online casinos, such as betway, videoslots, guts and dunder.

While Genesis joins a long list of other software developers that have similar partnership programs you’ll spot their games easily as they’re all hosted on an identifiable platform which becomes quite familiar as you experience more of their titles.

The Rad+ EcoSystem

• Increase Player Loyalty

The Rad+ bonus engine keeps players engaged by giving additional rewards.

• In-Game Features

Players have more chances to win by using their in game currency to exchange for features while playing

• Level Up Player Loyalty

With the Rad+ Level Up journey, players will receive milestone bonuses and new level statuses.

• Mobile Optimisation

Our Radi8 games are optimized for a graphically rich and tactile mobile gaming experience.

? Genesis Games

All of Genesis products have been developed on a powerful backend platform (IntelliGen) which ensures a seamless player experience and a stable and secure integration for the customer, aside from the technical capabilities (and jargon) we had a great time getting to grips with their games.

Here’s a summary of our top 3 and what you can come to expect from Genesis Gaming.

⭐ Galaxy Stars

You play the role as commander in chief of a spacecraft in charge of finding Earth 2.0 as your jet shuttles through a wormhole in deep space. You’re in for a bumpy ride while collecting nexus wins from the black hole as it sucks you further into its grasp, while this may sound unpleasant it actually wins you 3x, 5x, or 8x through a 3,4 or 5 of a kind reel landing.

With more features than you can shake a stick at, keep an eye out for the Galaxy Spin. This earns you 10 free spins where wild symbols evolve into Blazing Wilds. Blazing Wilds are Wilds that stick on the row but make its way left after each spin!

As with any creative title we’d definitely recommend playing a couple of demo rounds and familiarising yourself with some of the game’s features before diving in.

Good luck, Commander.

⭐ Tiki Towers!

We love this game! A powerful 5 reel, 3 row casino slot with 30 pay lines which progressively expands upto 8 rows with 80 paylines.

With outstanding graphics and an engaging theme centred around Tiki, the first man created (based on Maori mythology) With his creative powers, Tiki created creatures of the sea and beautifully carved stones and as time passed was carved into towers to mark the boundaries of sacred sites as part of cultural preservation efforts.

In this online slot, you’ll find symbols of land and sea creatures, each given an array of accessories such as amber squares, emerald hearts, sapphire spades and amethyst clubs. When Tiki Towers appears on teels 2,3 and 4 the reels expand, giving you a chance of winning big prizes.

We love the creativity in this game, the graphics are pleasing on the eye.

⭐ Year of the Rat

In Chinese culture the year of the Rat symbolizes luck, prosperity and wealth. Exactly what you need when you play this game

Year of the Rat is a 3×5, 50 lines online casino slot game with a progressive multiplier free spin bonus. 3, 4, or 5. Your traditionally slot Scatter symbols will trigger a huge 12, 15, or 20 free spins respectively.

Double Wilds are represented as firecrackers that land and explode on the reels, which double your wild win payouts giving you In the free spin bonus, the multiplier starts at 2x for any win and will increase every time a Double Wild lands on the reels. Keep a special eye out for Red Envelopes, Gold Coins, and Oranges are the high paying symbols in this game.

Genesis Bonuses

Genesis  games hold a plethora of exciting in-game features. This includes scatters, free spins and impressive multipliers. With so many games and casinos using their software, they offer almost anything you can think of. However, despite offering lucrative bonuses, this is the one area where their games are lacking. Having said that, given how strong the games are, and the high chances of a payout, this is a reward in itself so you won’t miss those progressives.


One of the fastest growing software providers in the industry, we’ve enjoyed watching Genesis games establish itself amongst some of the bigger hitters in the industry. We really like the direction in which Genesis is heading and with innovative implementations such as their Rad+ technology it’s no wonder their client and player base is expanding as rapidly as it is. Hats off to you Genesis, keep it up.