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Founded on the island of Malta in 2017; their timing is as good as their games as they catapulted into the industry on par with the iGaming boom on the island and since have been incredibly busy singing new deals and pumping out new game content for all to enjoy.


green jade games


Founded on the island of Malta in 2017; their timing is as good as their games as they catapulted into the industry on par with the iGaming boom on the island and since have been incredibly busy singing new deals and pumping out new game content for all to enjoy.

?? Number of Games: 10+
?? Online Casinos: 5+
?? Desktop Platform: Windows, Mac
?? Mobile Platform: iOS/Android
?? Overall Rating: 7/10

Green Jade are a part of the larger group MRG, which was founded in 2007 and launched by and large in 2008 with Mr Green online casino. So rest assured that these guys know what they’re doing, with Green Jade one of MRGs newer ventures in a long list of iGaming successes.

Something that separates Green Jade from its competitors, is that rather than developing software in house, they use third parties, which is something bigger software providers tend to lean towards for a number of reason. This is testament to MRGs ambitious plans for Green Jade as they look to compete with some of the harder hitters in the market.

Why Online Casinos Choose Green Jade Games


? Own Servers
? HTML 5 technology
??‍? Expert Backing
? Control over intellectual property

Green Jade have a unique approach when it comes to iGaming software development, which goes some way towards explaining their short term success. Their games tend to appeal to a much broader audience than your typical slot games.

While Green Jade use third party companies to develop their games, they own 100% of the intellectual property, covering concepts and ideas, project management and all critical elements of their products.

The Company also boasts its own remote gaming server (RGS) which handles its current and upcoming catalogue of games and provides operational stability at the same time as executing the marketing of it’s games.

Green Jade Games


Green Jade’s games are second to none when it comes to playability. Carefully developed with a theme and a story, the creative input is unique, detailed and truly entertaining. We spent some time playing a selection of their recent releases. We’ve chosen our favourite 3.

Gladius K.O

  • 6 reels always in play
  • RTP: 95.16%
  • Slot bet max multiplier is 4500x
  • Bet automatically divided over 60 lines

Probably one of our favourite slots ever. Not just your average 6×4 slot, but one inspired by the mighty roman empire. You can accumulate some massive wins, with over 50 winning lines and high paying coins up for  grabs.

While playing, you’ll uncover a glimmering loot chest, filled with more trophies and bonus rounds that heighten your chances of increasing your earnings.

Use the knockouts feature to turn bad lines into winning lines and mine what other may not have the skill to do. This is more than just a game of chance.  We would highly recommend jumping on a free version of the game to get your head around all of the winning options Gladiator KO has to offer – There are loads.

Hammer of Fortune

  • Skill Game
  • RTP 94.99%
  • Free Spins

A 6 reel, 4 row slot machine with an element of skill and uniqueness. Use the mighty hammer to clear out unwanted symbols, to turn a bad line into a winning line, while not forgetting to unlock valuable loot chest prizes! The Hammer is the key in the story and its energy level is worth watching, because that affects your ability to clear out those win-disrupting symbols.

There an element of story with Hammer of Fortune on the left side of the screen where you can follow a story of good vs evil. There are 3 central characters, following a progress map where each location represents a new chapter, with which comes new characters.

With transparency at heart, you have access to a pay table in the top left corner and as well as a bunch of other user requirements, such as graphics and sound adjustments and general information about the game.

Candy Wall

  • Bonus Games
  • RTP: 92.98%
  • Skill Based
  • Minimum Bet: £1
  • Language Support


Put Candy Crush, Tetris, and Beehive Bedlam into a juicer, and blend them up to create this incredible skills based arcade game. We can’t stop playing this one here at SuperLenny UK. Use your candy cannon to blow your sweets and candy hearts into smithereens. The rules are simple, shoot all the candy that crosses your path. While the rules are simple, the strategy takes a turn, as some pieces fire back and damage your cannon. The candy wall is always moving towards you and beware of obstacles along the way as crashing into them will decrease your health.


Candy Wall is definitely one you’ll want to practice first, especially as some of the prizes on offer are pretty sweet.


You’ll feel the difference between this and another games, with multiple elements of skill being combined in each and every game. Candy Wall combines a perfect concoction of skill and chance right from the minute you play.


Mobile Gaming

Each Green Jade release features a dual release for both desktop and mobile ensuring a great experience regardless of device. As with most software providers there is a heavy amount of focus on multi-functional compatibility throughout their collection of games.


As mobile gaming continues to advance and become the focal point of the market Green Jade have made sure that their products provide one of the best overall mobile experiences, ensuring that where possible they capture a decent portion of market share. With such dedication towards gearing their games towards multiple platforms, Green Jade can look forward to their investments yielding fruit (or candy) in the future.

Green Jade Games Bonuses


Green Jade’s collection of games offers an attractive selection of bonuses to choose from. Given that they only have a handful of releases at this time, their bonuses are easy to keep track of. As with any bonus offer, SuperLenny would recommend familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of each of these bonuses before committing to a wager.

Lenny's Last Word


We cannot not playing Green Jade’s Demos! With in depth concepts, story lines as well as a mixture of skill-based and chance we’ll happily fly the flag for this iGaming software provider. They rock.