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TOp IGT Casinos in the UK

You might expect that with online gaming what it is today, IGT might have switched focus to this platform. However, the company continues to provide games for both. Their impressive game selection created for land-based use has largely been converted to the online platform, enabling players to still experience these games from the comfort of their own homes. Of course, new games are developed all the time, and these also take into consideration the mobile gaming platform. In short, IGT is a force to be reckoned with, providing quality games across all platforms.


As you might have gathered, IGT is one of the biggest names in the industry. The fact that their games already have a huge brick and mortar following has stood them in good stead when transitioning over to the online platform. Casinos love it too as these games already have a major fan base who are likely to follow them if the casino offers them. IGT’s success is also coupled with the fact that they’ve acquired a number of other gaming providers along the way including Barcrest, WagerWorks and Sodak.

Though they offer a wide variety of casino games, it’s their slot library that still has the biggest number of games. Be they land-based or online versions of the same game, they are all carefully crafted for the ultimate player experience. Each game has strong graphics, fun themes and great in-game features that keep players coming back time and again in the hopes of securing themselves that big win. Many of the games are also based on several big movies and TV shows garnering additional attention.


One of the biggest draws for online casinos when it comes to IGT games is the fact that many of these games already have a big fan base. These games have, for the most part, been around for a while and as such are already known in the industry. This gives casinos an edge as they know players will come to play. Another aspect of IGT’s favour is the fact that all the games are instant-play. This removes any unnecessary hassle of having to download games or offering this option by the casinos themselves.

Those aforementioned movie and TV games are also highly popular and of the best quality. These branded games can help casinos get noticed when they offer them. The quality is also great across all platforms and devices making it easy for players to enjoy. Casinos like to be able to offer top quality products, and IGT meets those needs on almost every level. In fact, with so much going for these IGT games, casinos would be missing out significantly if they were to not include these games in their online gaming catalogue.


IGT offers games across all genres including video slots, casino games, instant win options and of course their entire range of land-based video pokies. However, it’s their slot games that are the pride of the collection and the ones generally most sought after. There are hundreds of slot game titles available, and most of them are available across all the gaming platforms, which makes this provider an excellent option for any casino or player. They’re also constantly adding games, so players won’t ever find the collection stagnating.

As with most providers, IGT games can be played for free – if you’re in an online casino of course. Other games are only for playing with real money! If players are looking to test out the games online, however, clicking the demo mode button lets them play it for free. This is perfect for those who are trying to get a feel for the game and see if they like it. In some cases, players can even utilise free spins offered by the casino they’re signed up with to access the game.



If a provider can’t offer mobile optimised games in this day and age, there is going to be an issue with using their games. Thankfully, though totally expected, IGT games are all fully mobile compatible. The games that were originally in land-based form only have actually been transferred over beautifully so that they can work on any online platform. Nothing has been lost in terms of graphics and gameplay. In fact, in some instances, the graphics have been improved and updated making them even better to play.

These games are available across a range of mobile devices as the games are scalable fitting to any screen size. Additionally, the games are also compatible with a number of different operating systems. The usual iOS and Android compatibility are there but so too is Windows phone compatibility. This means that these games can reach a wide range of players, keeping as many people as possible happy. It really can’t get any better than that! Provided the player has a good WiFi connection, there’s no reason not to play on the go.


There is no doubt that IGT has the players’ interests at heart. As we have covered throughout this article, almost everything this company does is to enable players to have a great time. From the great graphics and excellent in-game features, players are always off to a good start. Their slots are also highly creative and offer intuitiveness that is not so commonly found in other video slot games of today. We should also mention that their games can be highly lucrative in their nature.

There are a number of incredibly attractive jackpot games available. These can reach some seriously big prizes especially as they can be pooled across casinos. Some of them are just local jackpots, available at just one venue or online site, but these can still mount up. Of course, some players will notice that the slots may seem a little old fashioned, but this is because the slots have been created many years ago. There is also the issue of the slow spins, which can mean the small wins take time to add up.


All of the latest IGT games are jam-packed full of the best technological features. These extra features include things such as having progressive ways to win. This can mean players are given as many as 7776 different pay lines, which naturally increases the chances of making a match and winning some big prizes. There are always a large number of wilds, scatters and bonus spins based in the game, and these also all contribute to some seriously generous winnings potentially heading towards the player. If they’re lucky, that is!


To this day, IGT is still one of the biggest names in the industry. Its decades-long run as a leader in game supplying has really helped them to continue producing such high-quality games. Due to their timely transition to the online platform (it might have been faster, but the US market is restrictive) IGT has been able to keep its excellent reputation for top quality games that are thoroughly entertaining. Of course, everyone has their preferences, but IGT games are definitely ones to check out.