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They’re so popular now that you can find their games almost anywhere. There are now over 1000 online casino sites offering their games, which is an immense number to have. The company itself used to be standalone, but part of its growth is due to the fact that it has merged with other companies – specifically with the NYX platform, and they have recently been renamed to SG Digital.


It will soon become apparent that this company focuses a lot of its attention on slots. Although there are numerous other game types out there, players always gravitate to these fun and easy-to-play games, which is why NextGen Gaming focuses on this area so specifically. However, they manage to not only make a great range of slots but exciting ones too, ensuring that their games stand out from the crowd.

The company is also popular for the fact that it is “platform-independent”, which means that all its games can be played on a variety of different platforms. In fact, they are the first company to achieve this, which, again, is a huge strong point and something very definitely in their favour. Thanks to this, they also rank highly in the area of consultations too.


As is evident by the sheer number of vendors offering NextGen Gaming slots, their games are hugely popular with online casinos. One of the biggest selling points is the fact that they offer high-quality gameplay alongside an easily recognisable look and style. The fact that they’re popular with players is reason enough for many casinos to stock them; after all, they want those customers too.

Part of the reason for their success and popularity is in the fact that the games undergo intense quality control. As each slot is created, the full team shares and collaborates on that creation and comes together to find innovative new features. This is carefully balanced with the fundamentals of gameplay, such as the algorithms that operate the games, ensuring everything is running smoothly and fairly.


NextGen Gaming only offers slots. This may seem disappointing, but there is so much scope within the slot game genre that the opportunities are endless – besides, players all flock to slots more than any other game type. Currently, there are more than 350 different slots offered up by NextGen, each with a unique theme and a variety of different features and in-game bonuses.

One of the best parts about these games is that players have the opportunity to test out these slots before actually placing any real money on them. Heading to NextGen’s own site can give players a chance to try them out, but most online casinos will also offer a demo mode option as well, which makes it perfect for new and old players alike.



As you might expect with a software provider so up-to-date with current trends, all of the games that NextGen Gaming provide are mobile compatible. The software used is the HTML5 technology, which enables these games to be played on phones with no downloading required. Because of this, players can access the full range of these games via portable devices whilst out and about.

These games aren’t just specific to one type of mobile device; they are fully compatible with Android, iOS and even Windows devices. The games fit to the smaller screens well – although you may have to turn your phone horizontal for the full effect! Nothing is lost in this transition between platforms; in fact, some would argue the slots look even better when smaller!


NextGen does everything they can to tailor the experience to the customer. Part of their research and testing involves ensuring that their games are adaptable, allowing players to access their games on any platform – there’s even the chance to get access via social media sites. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding player movements so that they can design games that are competitive and innovative, matching player needs.

Better still, they aren’t just focused on one small niche group of players. Instead, this company takes the time to branch out to their international audience as well, ensuring that they understand a wide range of gaming markets. This strong desire to please all players has given them a very competitive edge over the majority of their competition and demonstrates why their games are so popular with players.


NextGen games come with a whole host of extra features and in-game bonuses, all designed to help the player get ahead. Some of these exciting features include Slide a Wild, Dynareel and Up Wilds. Including these innovative features means that players are interested in testing the games out to see what they can win. This type of innovation has won NextGen Gaming a series of industry awards.


NextGen Gaming offers a large, and growing, range of highly innovative and feature-filled slot games. Their popularity among both casinos and players is due to their attention to detail and the unique themes that each game possesses. The ability to test out the games before playing and the high-quality graphics, which translate across all platforms, is just the icing on an exciting slot filled cake!