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red tiger gaming logo


The games offered by Red Tiger are supplemented by a number of tools including engagement tools such as Smart Spins, Jackpots, and Tournaments to back-office solutions for both developers and clients. As technology becomes more data-driven, the ways and means to collect and analyse data is no longer a competitive advantage, but the way that business is done in every major industry. With gaming being far from the exception, having access to back-office tools is sure to increase both uptake and profitability to both operators and slot providers.


Red Tiger offers a ‘RED TIGER for developers’ back-office system that focuses on ease-of-use and smooth operations. Used for integrations to the Red Tiger RGS (Remote Gaming Servers) it allows developers to both integrate as well as test solutions before going live, using built-in tools to ease the process. Focusing on automation and efficiency, the Red Tiger for developers back-office solution includes all of the required tools to complete the undertaken processes with their integrations support team ready to help out should this be required.

Licencing can make or break providers, and with licences in multiple jurisdictions including Malta, United Kingdom, and Alderney, Red Tiger continues to show their commitment to regulated markets. By seeking to extend their licences to new jurisdictions, Red Tiger continues to aim for global expansion. As this continues to happen, one can expect to see their reach and proliferation continue to grow and prosper as more operators sign-up to the solutions on offer as they will be able to offer them to a wider audience.


Red Tiger has managed to partner up with some of the biggest names in the online casino industry and start-ups alike, showing a flexible business model which has helped them advance as quickly as they have. With slot and table offerings, Red Tiger has a growing portfolio of fun games with incredible graphics and effects that will surely keep players and operators engaged. The breadth of their offerings ensures enough diversity exists to include something for everyone even though their portfolio is not as extensive as more established providers.

While it has only been in business since 2014, Red Tiger has worked hard to grow both their portfolio and customer base. With different volatility and hit rates spread across the entire portfolio of in-house developed games, Red Tiger has managed to diversify their offerings enough to offer operators a diversified risk portfolio in their games. This will attract different players with varying degrees of appetite and experience, ensuring maximum attraction to their respective sites. This has helped Red Tiger games spread their talent to so many different operators.


Red Tiger games have outstanding creative graphics and original themes. The company is quite young, but it already has a wide variety of video slot games on offer. Themes vary from well-known fairy tales, like Snow White and Cinderella, to seasonal themes including Christmas and Halloween. Of course, pirates, fruit, ninja, gems, and treasure all make an appearance as other themes. All their slot games have exceptional visuals, and original features and all are available to play on any device, including mobile, desktop, and TV.

Whilst Red Tiger is proud of their video slot games; they also offer classical table casino games such as Deal or no Deal blackjack, blackjack, European roulette as well as baccarat. These games are all presented in High Definition and, like the slot games, can be played on desktop, tablet and smartphones alike. Red Tiger casino table games stand out with innovative features such as ‘The Book Says’ in blackjack and a wide variety of bets in European Roulette, all of which are aimed at innovating game-play.



Mobile gaming continues to be an important consideration for all stakeholders in the iGaming supply chain, more so for providers and operators who depend on user sign-ups and retention. As long as the proliferation of mobile gaming keeps trending upwards, providers need to ensure the overall experience on mobile devices matches, if not exceeds, that on more traditional devices such as desktop computers. All knowledge about integrations is well-documented making it easier for developers to integrate Red Tiger games with as little hassle as possible.

All games on offer by Red Tiger are tablet and smartphone compatible for both iOS and Android platforms. With platform compatibility listed independently for each game on offer, operators can integrate with confidence knowing compatibility is available for the devices used by their users. This ensures that those operators that include Red Tiger games in their portfolio continue to offer a seamless user experience, irrespective of the demographics and device of choice employed by the end-users. This helps to maximise retention and user satisfaction, thus driving up the profit.


Red Tiger puts a lot of resources into ensuring gamblers’ happiness and maximum player retention. They’ve built a considerable team of experts including game theorists, psychologists and mathematicians to ensure the best user experience possible and perfect something they call “the science of fun”. Red Tiger not only delivers the highest quality games that stand out with brilliant graphics and amusing sound effects, but they also claim to be experts in gambling psychology and that allows them to offer the best player oriented games on the industry.

Red Tiger games can be found on a number of online casinos across the world with new signups announced on a fairly regular basis. With little location restriction, it makes it easy for players to access their library of games irrespective of where they are located. Players have a wide range of games to choose from, depending on their individual preferences and likes. Red Tiger offers their gamblers everything from online slots to casino table games whilst working tirelessly to ensure maximum players satisfaction and great wins.


Red Tiger Gaming strives to be the best in everything they do, including bonuses and promotions. You can expect to get a default welcome package bonus, free spins with deposit, cash bonuses and more. Besides all this, Red Tiger Gaming also offers unique infinity free spins, hot daily jackpots, and an RTP that reaches 96-97 %. But the most important of all are customised bonuses with Red Tiger offering personalised campaigns based on each players experience. Red Tiger also organises tournaments for players that enjoy competing with each other and winning top prizes.

Daily Drop Jackpots Network 

Join Red Tiger Gaming’s daily drop jackpots network for daily guaranteed payouts on all of their slots.


⭐ Daily Drop – Huge cash prize must be payed out every day, without fail before 12:00am. The popularity of Red Tiger Games ensures that the jackpot grows to a healthy amount each day. To be in with a chance of winning, you must play the slot within the time frame of the jackpot drop which will be shown somewhere at the top of the screen depending on where you are playing.

⭐ Super Drop – With no specific time frame, this jackpot can grow to huge numbers. We’re talking tens, if not hundreds of thousands before it drops. With just one spin, this will be won just once or twice a month before resetting itself for the next lucky player.

⭐ Hourly Drop – Watch the ticker roll as the jackpot amount increases every second, every hour. Someone must win!


Red Tiger is a newcomer to the iGaming market, yet it brings a wealth of experience and fresh ideas. Their science of fun slogan shines throughout the games they offer, from slot games to casino games. Their back-end software offerings enhance the total solution offered by Red Tiger which has seen considerable uptake by industry leaders and start-ups alike. As they continue to expand their licences, one can expect to see more of Red Tiger games with their bright graphics and unique take on game-play.