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Top UK Yggdrasil Casinos

With a focus on artsy animations, Yggdrasil is making their mark on the iGaming industry in their own unique way. Log on to their website, and you are greeted with a couple of CGI movies that welcome you to their world, featuring the smooth animations that you would find in a CGI blockbuster movie. Identity goes a long way in the iGaming industry, and Yggdrasil is playing their cards with a focus on smooth graphics and 3D renderings that are perhaps unmatched in the industry.


Yggdrasil posted healthy profits at the end of 2018, with total operating revenues increasing by 62% to 274.2 (169.1) million SEK. EBIT increased by 18% to 69.5 (58.8) million SEK for a total margin amounting to 25% (35%). 2018 also saw the introduction of YGS Masters where independent studios are selectively invited to develop and distribute gaming content on Yggdrasil’s platform. Collaborations are strong within the iGaming industry and allow providers to continue to innovate at an unprecedented rate whilst getting established titles on their platform.

Yggdrasil is a relatively new company in the iGaming industry, but they have already released some impressive video slots. They have unique concepts and extraordinary themes, which is proving to be a great recipe to differentiate themselves in a diverse and fast-growing market place. Yggdrasil has already signed agreements with many top online casinos, and the number is growing rapidly due to their innovative and contemporary developments that all ambitious operators continuously strive for as they seek new ways to bring more fun to their portfolio of games.


Yggdrasil offers a number of innovations by way of different technologies, aimed at increasing customer retention and satisfaction through better gameplay functionality. iSense 2.0+ allows Yggdrasil to switch to HTML5 from outdated Flash technology with the iSENSE 2.0 framework taking care of the client-side of things. This technology introduces such things as Advanced Particle Engine, better loading times and cross-platform functionality. iSense technology also prevents games from going into auto-sleep, whilst also allowing both BOOST and BRAG tools to be implemented into their games.

BOOST is a Yggdrasil tool that allows operators to run a different kind of bonuses and promotions from within the game client including in-game tournaments, cash races, and missions. BRAG forms part of BOOST and is available on a number of games. As a customer-focused technology, it allows replays of winning spins and shares them on social media accounts, giving players a way to exercise their bragging rights. With this innovative technology, Yggdrasil is sure to win the hearts and minds of many as operators continue to look for that operational advantage.


Yggdrasil offers a large variety of games including video slots, lottery, bingo, and table games. Their slot games stand out from their competitors, thanks to high-quality graphics, entertaining mechanics, and a wide range of great in-game functions. Yggdrasil was the first company to go full HTML5, and they have been awarded many times for their innovations and great games. Many of their slot games have achieved high notoriety among players including titles such as Golden Fish Tank, Vikings Go Wild, Cazino Zeppelin, and Vikings Go Berzerk.

Every one of Yggdrasil’s games offers something unique, from the Alchemist’s Scales feature to the Chef, Butler and Maid feature in Beauty and the Beast. All their games include amazing bonuses and features like wild cards, scatters, free spins, side bets, golden bets and more. The games are generally speaking very interactive, with slot games having many levels and different variations in rules. Whilst it might take some time to fully understand them at the beginning, it does get easier with time. One thing is for sure; you won’t get bored.



Yggdrasil achieves mobile gaming compliance through their iSense 2.0+ engine which uses HTML5 and cross-platform functionality. With this technology, Yggdrasil is able to use the same asset library across different platforms, thus ensuring a unique and cohesive experience irrespective of the device being used by the user. This allows games to scale automatically according to the screen size being used which can differ widely from one device to another as mobile devices continue to expand with different form factors being introduced on a regular basis.

iSense 2.0+ also introduces a host of other functions, including a particle engine that promises to make games smoother with unprecedented animations and effects. This is evident within their games, more so in 3D casinos where graphics take on a life of their own. As mobile gaming continues to proliferate the market, providers are starting to take note and adopting technologies that enable the user experience to evolve accordingly. Yggdrasil has certainly noticed, and their technologies are adapting to this new reality of gaming.


Yggdrasil has many video slot games with very high theme variance to match different players’ needs and likes. From big wins and big losses to very low-risk games, gamblers can choose according to their budget. All games have superb graphics and sound with Yggdrasil taking steps to revolutionise the table games experience. Using their new in-house technology REDUX, they combine the best of both RNG and live casino for a better gaming experience. This allows Yggdrasil to create a perfect platform where layers can engage in the 3D casino world.

Another innovation from Yggdrasil that all gamers already enjoy and appreciate is ‘BRAG function’ on their slot games. As discussed previously, this new feature enables gamers to save the video of their wins to watch it again or even share it directly to their linked social media accounts for their friends and followers to see. This is a really exciting new feature that gamblers love already and has great potential for those who want to join the strong streamer community. Yggdrasil makes this easy and available for everyone.


Yggdrasil offers a lot of great bonuses such as free spins, cashback bonus, deposit bonus, welcome packages, cash spins, no deposit real spins and much more. All of their games include default bonuses like free spins and wild symbols. Yggdrasil makes sure to arrange competitive tournaments, side bets and innovative extra features for different games. This gives the players great opportunities for more prizes and wins. The company also offers exciting progressive jackpot with its record winning of 7.8 million euro coming in 2018 on the game ‘Joker Millions’.


Yggdrasil is relatively new to the iGaming scene, but it is bringing with it new technology that is improving the overall landscape of the iGaming market. Their spirit of innovation and pursuit of superior graphics continues to drive the market forward with new technology and collaborations expanding Yggdrasil’s portfolio and what the market is able to offer. Even though its a relatively young company, Yggdrasil is bringing exciting technology to the market that operators and gamers enjoy, which is driving up profitability and enjoyment for all.