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Graphics 4/5
Sound 4/5
Bonus Rounds 4/5
Entertainment 4/5
Supplier Play n GO
Launch Date 2014
Volatility Medium
Return to Player 96.83
Free spins No
Number Of Reels 7
Winning Lines 100
Bonus Rounds Yes


Gemix is a premium slot designed by Play ‘n Go, master craftsmen who have been making games for nearly fifteen years. The fantasy themed game is coupled with an intuitive structure based on a 7×7 grid. Your goal is to put the gemstones in order to win a big payday. The polished display and seamless gameplay ensures that your gaming experienced is visually exciting and actively engaging. This creative interface is clearly showcased in an in-depth world that will tantalise and reward all of your senses.

Gemix Features

This stunning slot also adds a soundtrack designed to appeal to every player. The game is played on a 7×7 grid which is full of colourful gemstones. The goal of the game is to arrange these diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other glistening stones in order. When the player gets at least five of these gems in a row, they will disappear and more will cascade down to fill their place. The more the player can eliminate, the more they can win, creating a competitive atmosphere.


Gemix is a game based on treasure. The heart and the star stones are the most valuable. They pay out 500 and 1,000 times your bet when you eliminate fifteen at once. If you can get rid of 20 stones, you can access one of four Crystal Charge’s. You can earn Nova Blast, Light Beam, Crystal Beam or Chain Lightning. These help you burn away gems giving you more earnings. If you can get rid of forty stones at once you can get a Super Charge that gives you a 3x multiplier to your winnings!

The slot is based on fantasy, which is a perfect match for the game and its visual dynamic. This focus on exploration and adventure helps guide the player as they travel through the worlds Gemix offers. The game includes classical characters like wizards, princesses, and miners. This helps the player settle into the atmosphere of the game and enjoy the vibe of classical fantasy. The characters in the game reflect the symbols on the grid, which helps unify the storytelling and pull the player further into the game.


Extra Features

Although there are no bonus spins, there are additional ways to boost your fun with Gemix. There are three worlds to play through and each has a slightly different reward system. There are various patterns that you can eliminate to get Wild Symbols. Even if you don’t win on a spin, you can earn ten Wild Symbols in the Miner’s World. The Princesses’ Wilds spread from one side of the grid to the other, and the Wizards eight Wilds can appear at random. All of these can help you win the multiplied bonuses.

Jackpot Features

Gemix doesn’t have a Jackpot option, but it does have other ways of rewarding its players. You can earn a Gold Star which pays £500 if you can get at least fifteen stones in line a single combination. By earning these Gold Stars, you can earn points towards a World Bonus prize. If you clear one of the three worlds available, you will be able to win the entire pot! Even though there is no jackpot there are still plenty of ways to magnify your gains and the entertainment factor.

Betting Lines

Gemix provides an exhaustive number of bets and options so that you are always in charge. You can bet as little as £.50 and up to £100 for every bet that you make. With over a 96% Return to Player percentage, the max payoff is a remarkable £602,500! This flexibility makes Gemix a perfect option for players that are trying to make serious cash or ones that are looking for more casual fun with great payout opportunities. Combine this with stunning visuals and a gorgeous universe to play in, and Gemix has something for everyone.

Return to Player

RTP is shorthand for Return to Player. Gemix is worthy of the time of its players, as it offers a generous of 96.75%, putting it right at the upper tier of slot games. This means that for every pound you spend, you can count on receiving close to £0.98 in return. This provides a low risk game that also can give out big paydays. Combine this with the generous benefits and the ability to be flexible with your gaming budget, and you’re looking at a seriously solid slot.


Slot volatility is very important to understand for gamers. If a slot is volatile, it might pay out large amounts, but only infrequently. Low volatility means that a game will pay out more frequently but a player has much less of a chance to strike it rich. Gemix is a medium volatility game. This is the best of both worlds. A player is able to win frequently and not be disappointed but still also have the chance to cash in big while still keeping their risk in check.


Gemix is a charming game with a lot going for it and few drawbacks. It doesn’t offer bonus spins or a traditional jackbox, but this is easily ignored. The slot is gorgeous, fun to play, and offers handsome rewards. Having such a flexible betting lines is a huge highlight so you can tailor your experience to your desire. The game’s environment is another huge advantage for the player. The game is eye-catching and fun, and you’re sure to have a great time gaming with Play n’ Go’s Gemix.