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Editorial Principles

SuperLenny provides top quality and accurate information for our readers and players. In order to make sure that we adhere to our values, we ensure a set of editorial principles are satisfied before we publish any information.

SuperLenny Editorial Principles

Lenny’s editorial team is made up of industry experts. With the content their publish they keep players in the know and give them a great understanding of the inner workings of the online casino industry. By following these principles, our team makes sure readers have all the information they need, wherever they choose to play.


In short, the SuperLenny Team worked together to create the principles together , based on:


The below factors ensure that we provide the highest standard of content:



At it’s heart, SuperLenny is an affiliate site, but that doesn’t mean that we dont priotise our players safety. If we ever see a casino acting unfairly=, or outside of our principles, we will immediately remove all affiliation with it. This means players can rest assured that every casino on SuperLenny has been approved in line with Lenny’s principles. We provide up to date and accurate information and are in no ay influenced to write any casino, in any specific way. All information is factual, transparent and unbiased


We ensure that we stay ontop of the casinos on our website with regards to the information we list about them. This could be in terms of a casino’#s bonus offering or terms and conditions.  We stay in constant touch with the brands we represent. Updates are straight from the deer’s mouth and we waste no time implementing changes.


Sometimes, errors may occur. However, we have a team constantly checking that the information on our website is accurate and correct. We also invite our readers and players to contact us if they see something that doesn’t sit right with them.


Lenny is always keen to hear from his visitor! We encourage our readers to provide feedback on the content that we provide, along with their own experience, whether with us, or an online casino that we represent. This helps us paint more of an accurate picture of how our affiliates are treating their players and adds intrinsic value to our website, while helping the wider online casino community.

At the bottom of our pages, including reviews you can find our who the author of the page is, so feel free to reach out and contact them personally. You can find out more about the authors here on our editorial page.

For more information on SuperLenny, read our about us page!