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Entropay Casinos

Best Entropay Casinos

Best Entropay Casinos


Following this, Entropay was created and launched in 2003. Initially, it saw major success in the Asian region before spreading out to other corners of the world. Since its inception, the company has grown and now offers a number of other options to its users including plastic cards, ATM access and even local bank transfers. It has also branched out to include 40 different countries that are able to use its services.


In order to make any transactions, you need to create an Entropay account and then add some funds to it in whatever manner is best suited to you. Once this has been completed, the account is set up, and you will have a virtual Visa card issued to you from Entropay the moment your account is activated. Now you can head over to an online casino to make a deposit.

Once at the online casino, you select the Entropay option and use your virtual Entropay visa card in the exact same manner you would if it were a physical Visa card. Simply select the required deposit value, input the card number, CVV and expiry date before then selecting okay. The deposit happens instantly. It’s a simple case of the reverse process when it comes to making a withdrawal from the casino.


  1. A 1.95% fee is incurred for withdrawing money from an online casino to Entropay
  2. Withdrawals function in the same way that a regular debit card works


Unfortunately, there are a number of fees associated with Entropay when it comes to using it at an online casino. Whilst opening and creating an Entropay account is free, there are fees incurred when it comes to actually putting money into the account for the virtual debit card. Transferring money from your bank account onto the debit card carries a fee of 4.95% of the transaction, and the fees don’t stop there.

When you select to receive money from a third party, in this case, the online casino, there is an additional fee. This one is much smaller, but it is still there and is 1.95%. This will be factored into the amount that is withdrawn from your casino account. If you want to put your winnings back into your real bank account, you’re looking at a flat rate of $6.


Whenever we use something that transfers money online, we always want to know that it is safe. Entropay definitely meets this in numerous ways. It is part of the Ixaris Systems brand and as such strives to ensure that it offers high levels of security and eliminates the possibility of fraud. Any private and personal data given to Entropay is protected by a 128-bit SSL encryption preventing third parties from gaining access.

Additionally, playing at an online casino sees your identity protected as your private banking details will not be passed on to the casino. To make it even better, by using your virtual Visa card to pay for things, transactions will only appear as Entropay in bank statements, thus further protecting your online anonymity. No details are passed on to any other company, and even Entropay does not know the passwords used for the account.


If there is ever any issue with your Entropay account, there are always staff on hand to help. To get aid, simply log into your Entropay account and head over to the support section of the site. It is important that you are logged in when you attempt to reach out for help as this protects your identity even further and you’ll only need to provide your Entropay username.

This is an added layer of security as the staff will not ask for any banking or card details from you at all. Whilst the live chat is the best method, for those that might prefer talking with someone directly, there is, unfortunately, no phone line available. However, those online are fast and prompt, usually fixing any issues quickly as the service is available every day of the week, around the clock.


It is an easy process to fund an Entropay account. After you’ve created an account and gone through the verification process, you will be assigned the virtual debit card complete with the usual 16 numbers found on plastic cards. You can simply add funds to this virtual card through using your plastic debit or credit card and making a payment to it. You can also choose to make a local bank transfer.

You will only need to set this up once, although it is possible to have more than one funding source registered on your Entropay account. Any time that you make a transaction using your plastic cards to load up your Entropay card, the balance will update instantly so you can get paying or playing right away. However, if you choose to use bank transfers, this can take up to a week to process. You may also check out iDEAL for another payment option.


Overall, Entropay offers a neat and easy little option to get playing online. There are some fees attached, but these are relatively small. Deposits into your online casino account occur instantly with withdrawals taking slightly longer due to the processing times involved. This will, therefore, vary depending on the casino. In terms of anonymity, this is one of the best methods you can get as no details are passed on to the casino.