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Each of their games can be considered a work of art, and this attention to detail has amply paid off. With just 28 slot games to their name in the six years they have been active, these are all individual gems. It’s not just the smooth playing interface, but also the innovative features integrated within each slot that helps to make them stand out as a casino game provider.

About Elk Studios

Elk Studios was originally based out of Stockholm. They have made, and continue to make, a name for themselves in terms of the levels of trust, transparency and quality that each of their games possesses. Over the years the company has won several accolades, most notably the Best Casino Website in 2016 and 2017, reflecting the passion and joy which the team infuses into their games.

Combining this design passion with maths and complex algorithms, the designers and software developers at Elk Studios have managed to create a top-quality game for every single release. Additionally, they are invested in the current technological revolution and ensure that each of their games provides the optimal casino experience by ensuring they’re all mobile compatible – in fact, they have a mobile-first policy.

Why online casinos choose Elk Studios

Elk Studios only offers games of the highest quality. These games can integrate seamlessly with games from other providers, making them perfect for casinos who are wishing to expand their game collection. Added to this, as we mentioned, the company has a mobile-first outlook, which is also ideal for online casinos intending to reach an ever-growing mobile audience – it’s the perfect partnership.

Elk Studios’ games all feature smooth graphics, fast-paced gameplay and non-intrusive music and soundtracks. This helps them to stand out from the crowd, making them popular with players – and offering these games can see new casinos business grow. The fact that they release only sporadically means that there is also a sense of anticipation when a new game drops and casinos want to offer it when it does.

Available games by Elk Studios

Currently, there are 28 Elk Studios games on offer. Each one has been lovingly crafted and offers players a whole range of betting options, although it’s important to note that most of their games tend to be in the mid to high variance range. This means players should not expect regular payouts, but when they do strike it lucky, it will be a big one.

The games also tend to follow the same style of design in that they have a distinctly cartoonish feel to them. However, don’t think for a moment that this means that they’re childish. Far from it, in fact. These games are all superbly detailed, featuring cool graphics alongside a number of innovative in-game features that are all there to help the player have a great time.

Some of the most popular games by Elk Studios

Mobile gaming

Elk Studios offers players the chance to get their hands on some fantastic slot games, all of which are perfect for playing on mobile devices. Regardless of whether the player accesses the game via an Android, iOS or even a Windows device, the games all work perfectly, offering players the chance to test these games out on-the-go thanks to the use of HTML5 programming.

Importantly, none of the graphics, gameplay or in-game features is lost on the small screen. All these features, such as smooth gameplay and cute cartoony graphics, might even be better in this smaller format as they are all specifically developed with the mobile device in mind. After all, this is a mobile-first company, and with the way the industry is heading, this is no bad thing.

Is Elk Studios a gambler-focused software provider?

If it wasn’t already obvious by now, Elk Studios wants to look after its players. As well as offering a range of features within the games, the company also ensures that these games are accessible to a wide audience. Each of their games is available in different currencies and languages, enabling players from around the world to enjoy them.

The games are also carefully tested in-house to ensure that they are all operating fairly. Elk Studios is known for gaming fairness, which makes them popular among gamers and operators alike. The company is fully licensed with various jurisdictions and also has third-party auditing to ensure that fairness is maintained through all random number generators, ensuring high-quality play for all.

Elk Studios Bonuses

Elk Studios does not appear to offer any specific promotions or bonuses with their games. However, they do have a series of in-game bonus options such as the Betting Strategy menu where players can try out various betting strategies with the hope of gaining an edge over the game. There’s a Game On feature too that triggers a loyalty reward, which occurs automatically after 25 consecutive spins.


Elk Studios offers an outstanding, albeit still small, selection of stunningly designed slot games. Each game is of high quality and replete with various in-game features. All tested as fair and secure, the only real downside we can see is that, at the moment, all of the games currently offered are slots. Lenny wants more games because they’re all good.