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Top Novomatic Casinos in the UK

Although Novomatic does have a few skill-based games to their name, slots are their predominant source of games and, thanks to the popularity of many of them; favoured titles are seeing an impressive upgrade. These deluxe game versions are not only available on desktop platforms, but can also be played on mobile devices ensuring that anyone at any time can get access to their impressive game arsenal.


Novomatic began life back in 1980 when Johann Graf began his work with pinball machines. Based in Austria, for years this company was a relative unknown until they started to spread across Europe, designing and manufacturing many of the pinball and slot machine games we still see in land-based casinos today. From such an inauspicious start, the company has grown into one with 20,000 employees and a turnover of billions.

During its time in operation, Novomatic has succeeded in getting ahead by acquiring other companies along the way. Astra Games, Stakelogic, Bluebeat Games; these are just a few of their current subsidiaries. All of this has helped the company to focus on what is important – the games – and get nothing but the very best in quality and technical detail out to the general playing public.


There are numerous reasons as to why online casinos opt to offer Novomatic games. An important feature is the style of the games; their games offer bright, bold and breezy designs and characters. To make things better, they’re also usually combined with decent payouts and a gamble feature – all aimed at giving the player ample chances at a win. This type of slot draws players in, perfect for the casinos.

Novomatic games are also audited regularly to ensure that they are fair – there is no bias to either side. As online casinos have to fulfil strict rules and regulations if they intend to remain in operation, this goes a long way to aiding them. Ensuring that the casino games are fair gives players peace of mind and, once again, results in players choosing that casino over others.


The predominant games for online casinos are the slot games. There are over a hundred of these games, each following a different theme and style of play – although they do all share those aforementioned colourful characteristics showing that they are Novomatic offerings. Although the slots are the biggest option, there are some skill-related games in the form of mahjong and baccarat to enjoy too.

Players can also get their hands on some rather entertaining e-sports games. These can all be easily downloaded to whichever device the player is using. A key point to all these games is that they are available for free. Players have the option of testing out any of these games in demo mode so they can get a feel for the rules and style before putting in real money.



As you might expect from a software provider of this calibre, Novomatic games are available across a wide range of platforms. Importantly this includes the mobile platform. All of Novomatic’s games have seen recent upgrades so that they are all accessible via this platform – perfect for the player on the go. The games can be played on a number of operating systems that include iOS and Android.

However, they’re not just compatible but optimised too. This means that the screens are scalable and the animations and features work across a range of devices no matter the screen shape or size. Many of these games look spectacular on the small screen – especially some of those older games where the graphics were somewhat lacking. Fundamentally, for Novomatic, this is a win-win!


Novomatic ensures that the player is always a priority. With that in mind, numerous bonuses and promotions come alongside these slots – all geared to ensure the player has a good time. The games have all been carefully designed, nothing but the best is released from the Novomatic stable, so we’re constantly treated to new and innovative themes and gameplay along with in-game bonuses.

Players can also reap the rewards given, in promotional form, from other popular online casinos that partner with Novomatic. These include cash back programmes, jackpot rewards and more. All of this simply for playing at a partner casino. The games are also gambler-orientated in the fact that they can be played across different platforms, ensuring that no one is pigeonholed into a single platform type on which to play.


Novomatic games hold a plethora of exciting in-game features. This include scatters, free spins and impressive multipliers. They offer almost anything you can think of – except for a progressive jackpot. Despite offering lucrative bonuses, this is the one area where their games are lacking. Given how strong the games are, and the high chances of a payout, this is a reward in itself so you won’t miss those progressives.


Novomatic stands out from the crowd partly from its longevity. Having stood the test of time in brick and mortar casinos, the company is fast proving its prowess on the online stage. Offering only the best in quality, Novomatic games are fun to play and, importantly, offer up big wins when the player strikes gold. Their collection is constantly growing, making them one of the most exciting companies around.