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Top NYX Gaming Casinos in the UK

The company has grown quickly over the years, and this is partly due to its acquisition of a number of other companies – such as NextGen Gaming – along the way. Nowadays, you can find NYX games at a whole host of top vendors around the world, a clear testament to their prowess. The company also has a very clear work ethic in place with regards to their games and customers.


NYX Gaming was originally based in Stockholm, Sweden. Since its formation, the company has grown and expanded, and now has offices around the world in places like Las Vegas, London and Sydney. Their software options range includes the impressive NYX OGS (Open Gaming System), which enables players to access a huge range of games, not just those from NYX. It doesn’t end there though, NYX has more up its sleeve!

MOVE is their mobile software option that runs on all portable devices and, once again, is aimed at offering players the opportunity of getting access to a vast collection of casino games no matter where they are in the world. The company is also licensed with the UK Gambling Commission, thus ensuring that all of their games are safe and fair to play.


There are numerous reasons for online casinos to choose NYX as one of their suppliers. To start with, the company offers a range of games. They don’t just create slots but also offer table games, video poker and even scratch cards, providing online vendors with a great collection all in one place. There are added bonuses to NYX as their gaming platform is fully and easily integrated with other software.

And there’s more! NYX has also developed their own gaming solutions so that casinos can simply run off their software alone. For the icing on the cake, NYX Gaming has won numerous awards including ‘Best Casino Supplier‘, as well as garnering praise in several other areas. All this demonstrates their prowess in this corner of the market and shows why they are such a good choice.


NYX offers a wide range of options from simple 3-reel slots right through to the more complex 5-reel video slot options. In addition, there are a wide variety of table games on offer as well as scratch cards, various lottery games and even bingo. You might imagine that quality could be forfeit when there’s such a large number of games to choose from, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

NYX is well known for its very specific style when it comes to their games. Each of them offers high-quality graphics coupled with some stunning designs, sound effects and, of course, excellent bonuses and in-game features. The only area where they might be considered lacking is when it comes to their progressive jackpots, for although they have a few, they’re not quite as good as some of their competitors.



NYX offers a completely instant-play interface, which means that on the desktop sites they do utilise Flash for their games. However, in keeping with the current trends for being able to access games whilst out and about, the company has also ensured that its games are mobile compatible. All are developed using HTML5 technology so that devices using different software systems will still be compatible.

As a result, both Android and iOS devices can access these games if they are available on any mobile optimised casino sites. This enables players to get access on-the-go, so they don’t have to be at home to have some gaming fun. The stunning graphics and features of NYX games have simply been scaled down and offer the same experience on the smaller screen.


Emphatically NYX has its customers at the centre of all that they do. With the games so well designed and catering to players of all types, it’s already obvious that this is the case. However, NYX takes things a step further as they are anxious to help people who may have gambling addictions or problems whilst they play. To that end, they have developed specific software to help.

Their software is able to specifically set varying limits for bet amounts, losses and playing times, which can be set per day or even up to per month. This can help gamers keep track of what they are doing and help to prevent gambling addiction in the early stages. This has earned NYX high praise and recognition from top industry players throughout the iGaming world.


NYX games all have a number of different in-game features and bonuses to help players get ahead. These include the usual scatters, bonus spins and multipliers found in other games. UK Players can also be rewarded with specific UK casino bonuses , which can be used on NYX games, enabling them to test these games out and see if they like them.


NYX Gaming is one of those providers that just gets better the more you know about them. They offer a stellar selection of games that covers a range of genres. Their software can be fully integrated so that players can get access to games from other providers all from one spot. Their crowning glory, however, is that they take gambling addiction seriously and take major steps to help prevent it.