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Trading on the London Stock Exchange, Playtech has some 140 licences across the globe, allowing it to do business in pretty much any jurisdiction. With a strong focus on acquisitions and organic growth underlying their strategy, whilst increasing their portfolio and licences, Playtech remains synonymous with online gaming.


Playtech’s responsible gaming approach is as extensive as its products and service offerings. With data security, awareness of their environmental footprint, and integrity risk minimisation, they take their business seriously. Through a recent acquisition, they are also able to employ machine learning to identify players who are at risk whilst giving operators a cost-effective tool-set to take quick action whilst protecting regulatory commitments.

Playtech group revenues reached 1.2 billion Euros for the 2018 financial year. Their B2B and B2C markets generated equal amounts of revenue with the latter garnering just 1% more over the former at 47%. Their financial division, Tradetech, generated just 7% of total revenue at 92.9 million Euros providing an overall group adjusted EBITDA of 343 Euros and net profit of 256.2 million Euros.


Online casinos choose Playtech not only for their large and diverse portfolio, but also their great operational management, external and internal marketing, financial services, 24/7 customer support, and excellent fraud prevention. Playtech makes sure to customise their hosting services to each business whilst their payment advisory service takes care of payment methods. Playtech’s marketing services include affiliate marketing, Media Program management, Search Engine Optimisation, and CRM.

Playtech aims to deliver everything that any good online casino needs. They are proud to present their award-winning Information Management Solution (IMS), which enables Playtech products to work on all platforms whilst BIT – Business Intelligence Technology takes care of online casino’s growth. Playtech Portal is there for front-end solutions, and Playtech Open Platform or POP is the door to some of the most popular games in the industry.


Playtech has one of the most extensive portfolios of casino games available. With over 700 titles they have players of all tastes covered. Playtech is proud to bring well-known names to the online casino world, including The Matrix, Robocop, Gladiator, and Superman. With 9 global studios developing games under the Playtech name, they are sure to offer a wide variety of original and engaging content.

Playtech is also known for its Virtual Sports products, standing out with the latest 3D graphics and sophisticated motion capture technology. Their Sports Simulator includes horse racing, tennis, football, and basketball with Playtech’s other products including sports betting, Poker, Bingo, Lottery, and Retail. They also offer Live Casino in an authentic casino experience with classic casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Casino Hold’em available.


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Thanks to Playtech One, Playtech is able to offer over 600 games on any platform, device and channel, including mobile devices, through a single user account and wallet. This not only provides Playtech with a great offering due to their omnichannel technology, but it also gives users a unified experience regardless of device and channel. By implementing this technology, Playtech has effectively made their entire platform truly mobile.

As operators realise the importance of mobile gaming and embrace the opportunities it can bring, they become ever-more equipped to take advantage of the Playtech One platform. This allows them to access channels previously untapped due to the broken experience this might have offered to their customers. With BI marketing tools and a bonus engine baked into this technology, Playtech is able to offer something truly unique.


Playtech team works every day with gamblers in their hearts. They believe that player experience is everything. This is why they created Playtech One. This solution ensures that players have a unified and unforgettable experience playing any game on every device and platform, anywhere and anytime, using a single account and wallet. Playtech One is there to bridge the gap between retail, online and mobile.

All of their games stand out with cutting edge graphics and sounds, the newest technologies and innovations, large jackpots, generous bonuses, and exciting promotions – all to ensure their end customers have an amazing experience they will never forget. Playtech is also known for its portfolio, which was built to satisfy even the pickiest players’ needs and wants. They also have an extensive gambler safety programme to problem gambling.


Playtech offers game-specific bonuses and bonus spins on all of its games, allowing operators to customise their bonus structures for targeted promotions and acquisition campaigns on a game-by-game basis with options to also target game categories or platforms. This flexibility is much welcomed by many of their operators who are always looking at ways to engage customers whilst minimising monetary commitment to ensure a pleasurable experience.


Playtech has invested a lot in strategic acquisitions and organic growth, which has resulted in one of the biggest portfolios available for any provider in the world. Their commitment to offering some of the best products on the market whilst remaining popular with new online casinos have proved to be a winning formula as their yearly reports show. With core values to be applauded, Lenny applauds Playtech for their commitment and success.