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Similar to some of the other new providers out there, Push Gaming has a strong focus on being innovative and aims to provide players with completely unique playing experience. This is all in an effort to stand out from the rest. Based around the world, including in London, Malta and Ukraine, Push Gaming can utilise a range of minds, enabling them to move forward by creating exciting games. The result of this has been Push Gaming reaching many milestones in very quick succession.


One of the most important things to mention about this provider is the fact that they were the group to establish the first HTML5 integrated video slot. This enabled them to start creating further slots, all completely compatible across a range of mobile devices and thus setting the standard for what was to come. Now, all games that are found on mobile devices use the HTML5 software and, in fact, their new games are all mobile-focused so players can be sure that they will be compatible for on-the-go play.

On the rise in the industry, Push Gaming is still a relatively small company with a mere 40 or so staff members. These brilliant minds are the ones that create the games, organise the sales and marketing and push the company ever onward and upward. Push Gaming also collaborates with a number of other companies, and many of their employees have worked for these companies, giving them much-needed industry experience. This entire package helps to ensure that the players enjoy top quality gaming.


Interestingly, unlike some of the other providers, it is Push Gaming who selects which casinos can use their games. This does mean that there is an element of exclusivity to their work and does make them a little more sought-after in the online casino world. This does mean that not every casino will offer their games, so players wishing to enjoy them will have to search around to find a casino that does. For this level of exclusivity, casinos are eager to be able to offer these games by meeting Push Gaming’s standards.

Casinos also want to be able to offer Push Gaming slots simply because they are fully mobile optimised. Currently, everything is geared towards mobile use, even to the extent that Google is now penalising sites that actually don’t have mobile optimisation in place. Push Gaming slots are automatically guaranteed to work on mobile devices, so for a new casino, that hurdle is already jumped! Added to this, Push Gaming is fully licensed meaning that the games are fair and also secure, something the casino doesn’t have to worry about.


Part of the work done by Push Gaming is actually in converting land-based casino games into online and mobile compatible ones. However, the company does produce its own games too, though there aren’t very many of them, roughly forty at this time. These games are all video slots and follow the rather general 5-reel slot format offering up just 25 paylines on each game. However, the themes help them to stand out, often appearing more whimsical in nature and, then, of course, there are a number of surprising in-game features.

Most of their online games can also be played for free – provided you can find one of the few casinos that actually gets to use Push Gaming slot games. The demo mode option is there, and players can simply click that button before beginning to play. This does mean that players can check out the way the game works, get a feel for the theme and even figure out what those extra features entail, all without having to spend a penny. However, they won’t win anything either.



As we’ve mentioned a fair few times, this company is dedicated solely to offering slot games that are compatible with mobile devices. This is very important as more and more of us rely on these portable devices for anything. Many players, whilst they enjoy playing at home, also like to have the option to play when on the way to work, sitting at a coffee shop or just out for a walk. Because of this, it’s becoming essential for providers to be able to offer their games across the mobile platform too.

Push Gaming makes not only their own games fully optimised and scalable, but also old land-based games available on these devices too. iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone all come under this umbrella so no matter what mobile device you have, you’re going to be able to have few spins. Of course what the company can’t control is the Wifi players have access to, nor the battery run time of their device. For a fully great experience, players will need to sort this aspect out themselves!


Without doubt Push Gaming is one of the main companies totally focused on providing players with a top-notch experience. The fact that they only use certain casinos for their games is partially for the players’ benefit. In fact, they only pick casinos that are licensed and secure so that no funny business can ensue. To that end, all of the games produced by Push Gaming are also audited and certified as fair and create a safe environment in which to play. This ensures nothing but the best for their players!

Part of their mission is to make gaming available to every single player the world over. So, if that isn’t a policy strongly geared towards the gambler, we don’t know what is! They take the utmost care when designing their games too, ensuring that every aspect of the game receives the same attention to detail. Be it the RTP level, the way the game looks and feels, or simply the testing of the game, all of the games’ aspects are treated equally, all with the player in mind.


Whilst there are no specific push gaming bonuses, their games do offer some exciting extras. As we touched upon, there are some exciting in-game features that Push Gaming has to offer its players. In some cases, these extra features come in the simple fact that the game can be played in landscape mode – thus making it playable with one hand only! Perfect for the commuter. All their games offer seamless transfer across both desktop and mobile devices. Whilst others have true in-game features including a plethora of free spins and wilds, all sitting there ready to help drive up that win.


Push Gaming has definitely lived up to their dream of changing the way online games are played. They haven’t rested on their laurels though, but continue to push forward, upping the ante at every turn. They continually focus on offering quality games, with the needs of the players firmly at the forefront of any design. For stunning games and fun, yet fantastical themes, these slot games are some to look out for. It’s just a shame that not more casinos offer them, but then again, that exclusivity helps them to be even better.