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Home - Skillz: Competitive Mobile Games Platform & Software


Skillz is the world’s premier tournament platform where mobile gamers can use their skills to compete for cash and prizes. It’s groundbreaking mobile gaming and eSports platform that, through open source software connects players around the world for fun, fair and skills-based competition. The Skillz marketplace supports ambitious developers who have the ability to build multi-million pound franchises by building all of  their games with social compatibility.


With its patented technology, Skillz hosts billions of casual esports tournaments for 30 million mobile players globally and distributes millions of pounds in in prizes each month. As it’s name suggests Skillz does not entail games of chance, with all winnings are based on your ability and skill-level. While every players skill level and profitability will differ, upon entering the game, everyone has a fair and equal chance of winning. Skillz uses algorithms to determine that the winners of Skillz games are determined by ability and not chance.


Headquartered in San Francisco, Skillz gaming is backed by venture capitalists, media companies, and a few franchsies. With this corporate backing, the company has earned recognition as one of the fastest growing growing companies in the USA.

Why Casinos Choose Skillz Gaming


Given their open-source platform, there are a lot of game options with Skillz gaming. You can play for real money or use a virtual “fun-money currency.” You can also join leaderboard contests or set up your own  private tournaments for you and your friends.


The list of games all have a familiar feel, with many having names that are similar to existing app titles. Some are card games and others involve lining up gems or shooting bubbles. The difference between these and the games they have drawn inspiration from is that you can play these games in a tournament format. The platform matches you with others at similar skill levels which is a great feature because it ensures that players have a decent chance of winning. 


You can also play knockout games, which sees players eliminated down to a single winner. The great thing about this, is that you win money regardless of whether you win or not. With your tournament progress dictating how much you pocket. 


While we’ve been researching this company it became apparent that Skillz.com is continually referred to as an eSports platform, but we found this a little confusing, because it doesn’t fit the mould of eSports as we know it. In other words, you won’t find first-person shooters and and FIFA on Skillz. 


That said developers from all genres can become part of the network, which means there are literally thousands of games to choose from.

Is Skillz Gaming a player Focused Software Provider?

With its open source technology, Skillz offers an unbelieveable amount of games, casting a wide net when it comes to capturing players attention. We can comfortably say that all Skillz games are are highly gambler focused. They have an air of quality to match their quantity with a consistently expanding portfolio. Given that as their name suggest, the games re skills based, each player has a chance of winning based on how good they are at the game. The in platform algorithm will also ensure that you’re matched with players of similar skill and experience as you. All of their games have different original features, in line with the theme story.

They go the extra mile to engage their players and ensure that everyone is treated safely and fairly, with anti-cheating technology, 24/7 customer support and a wide range of available games so that players can choose games that suit their natural aptitude. 

Lenny's Last Word

Online gaming is growing in popularity, with esports and social gaming has facilitated the recent spike in popularity through the 2020 global pandemic. We spent alot of time getting to grips with Skillz Gaming. The whole concept is completely unique in terms of gameplay, platform, games on offer and winning strategy, and we love it! 


The Skillz gaming platform takes popular formats for smartphone games and allows you to enjoy them for real money. Technically, and the reason this one took some getting used to for us, is that Skillz games aren’t considered gambling, as your ability and the algorithm determines the win/loss outcome. Skillz titles include gems, bubble-busters and card-based games, plus all the classics like pool and bowling. You can deposit via your credit card or PayPal, and if you win, withdraw real money to your bank account.


Skillz.com is a network like no other. Taking the best bits of esports, mobile gaming, and the casino industry and fusing them into one, the team at Skillz HQ have created something truly unique. Naturally, when you do something different, things can get confusing. That was certainly the case when we put together this Skillz review. With new titles coming out weekly, you’ll never know when your favourite games will be available  to play for real money.