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With 30 years of experience in the iGaming industry, Synot Games are operational in over 20 countries worldwide and currently employs in excess of 3500 people. Their core business is gaming and supplying ground breaking technology, games, and iGaming solutions, representing a full product suite for both online and land-based entertainment. Amongst these core business focuses, Synnot cover various areas of non-profit activities and other business ventures, but we’re here to focus on their iGaming involvements. Read on to discover more about this technologically advanced gaming provider.



About SYNOT Games

SYNOT Gaming is a large part of the Synot group, which has business focal points in many different sectors. Their main focus is developing cutting-edge software for the iGaming industry however, with online slot machines being the linchpin on their product. That in mind, Synot has also developed software and gaming solutions for land-based casinos also. Who knows, if you have visited a physical casino, you may have played one of their titles in the flesh.

Founded in 1991  by a budding politician, turned philanthropist and entrepreneur from Czechoslovakia, you’ll find their headquarters now in Bratislava, Slovakia. By no means are they anchored to one location however, with operational duties spanning across 20 different countries, giving them true international status and branding. That said, Synot’s products are registered and certified in many countries, awarding them vast trustability in the iGaming realm, making them a game provider you can feel safe with. 

Why online casinos choose SYNOT


In the vast realms of the online casino space, there are quite a few online casinos that use SYNOTs iGaming software. Considering the lavish experience, history and technological advancements the company have made, particularly in recent years, the amount of Online casinos offering their games has grown tremendously, these include NetBet, betsson, and betsafe to name just a few.


Casinos choose SYNOT games not only because of their exciting and unique outlook on game creation, but the providers ability to integrate into any software without the need of customers having to do anything on their side, for example downloading a browser extension. Their technical support ensures that their products run seamlessly, allowing players the best experience possible. All of SYNOTs games are somewhat tailored towards every player’s needs, to suit their playing style. This can mean anything from screen resolution adjustments (qHD, FHD, HD) to currency support across multiple languages. Not to mention their ability to distribute all of their content across multiple platforms, be it mobile phones, desktops or tablets.


This level of functionality and player focus is definitely part of the reason why Online Casinos use Synot gaming’s software, not to mention their licencing and operational capacity in many different countries. This allows online casinos and their respective players the satisfaction and reassurance they need to focus on what’s most important; the play-ability of the games.

Available games by SYNOT

Synot currently offers around 65 casino games, vendored through various online casinos. There are new developments happening several times per year, with all of their software built with HTML 5 technology, allowing functional support for mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Despite releasing fewer games compared with larger game developers, you can rest assured knowing that Synot provides all of your firm casino favourites, including 6 different variations of roulette which is the perfect choice for those looking to play higher stakes. The most popular version of Roulette being their ‘Roulette Platinum’ offering which has seen some big wins since it’s launch. Not forgetting Synot’s particular flair when it comes to their many variations of fruit slots.


Unfortunately as far as table games go, Roulette is all they offer. There is nothing in terms of Blackjack, although it’s one of the most popular games in the online space, Synot have chosen to miss this one out. The same goes for baccarat, craps and poker also. This most certainly isn’t to be held against them though, we understand that Synot are trying to make more of an impact with their unique and well thought out collection of slots games and for the moment, can’t compete with bigger game providers in terms of table-game offering..


Popular games by SYNOT

We’ve tested out a few of these here at SuperLenny, and they’re all definitely unique within their own right.


With many different ways to win, the growing consensus at Lenny HQ Is that Reel Sheriff is the favourite. Slip your cowboy boots on and heel-tow your way back into the Wild Wild West with this interactive 5-reel slot game, where you’ll find sheriffs battling western outlaws in the streets. With 20 pay lines, they all pay both ways heightening your chances of success. Keep your eyes peeled for those mystery symbols also, they can lead to some jaw dropping prizes that are sure to blow the heels off your boots.


synot games


Next up, we tested out Book Of Secrets. Another enthralling theme as you time warp back to Ancient Egypt and into a Pharaoh’s tomb to see how much treasure you can find. The reason we love this one so much is because the game offers free spins that can lead to some amazing prizes, this is thanks to a symbol variation that you’ll find on the reels. If you have the chance, activate the symbols wherever possible for the biggest chance of winning. Book of secrets is pretty high volatility, so more suitable alongside higher wager amounts.


Our third choice, takes us around the world to the African mountain of Kilimanjaro in Hot Africa – On your journey you’ll come across many different animals, which is why we enjoyed our time playing it so much. The game is very generous when dishing out free spins and offers huge multipliers. One thing we loved about this game is that once you’ve won, there’s a gamble feature, for those willing to lay everything on the line.


On a separate note, it’s worth mentioning that all games (including table games) Can be played for free, allowing you to get a feel for the functionalities of each game before wagering.

Synot Game Bonuses

You will be sure to find that most online casinos offering games from this provider offer some form of bonus upon sign up. That could be in the shape of free spins, cashback bonus, registration prize, welcome spins and more. This is often down to the individual online casino so make sure that you read the terms and conditions and wager accordingly!

Lenny’s Last Word

Without a shadow of a doubt, Synot are one of the smaller gaming providers on offer, but with their selections of online slots and roulette games, their innovative and seamless approach to developing software makes up for this. Rather than grinding out 100’s of games a year, they’ve taken a particularly focused approach to developing their catalogue games with time and care, In-turn making for one of the most flawless, ironed out gaming experiences for online casinos and their players to enjoy.


Synot have seen steady growth in recent years with regards to the amount of online casinos offering their games. If they carry on the way they are, this will continue to grow towards them becoming one of the more mainstream game providers in the iGaming industry,