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March 2021 sees several Canadians become Lotto Max multi millionaires

Lotto Max is one of the most popular lottery games with Canadians, and it’s no wonder with the main prize growing all the time. The latest lottery millionaire took her money home on April 1, but the prize was no joke as she bagged quite the windfall. Tammy Manning won a whopping CA$13 million thanks to a Lotto Max ticket she bought before the regular draw on March 19.

Just like many a lottery enthusiast, the British Columbian who resides in McBride had been purchasing lottery tickets for quite a while before becoming Canada’s latest multi-millionaire. Ms. Manning could not have possibly thought that she’d become a millionaire overnight when she walked in a Husky/Esso in her village, where she had purchased her ticket. Because of this, Husky/Esso will also receive a cool CA$13,000 since they were the point of sale.

The winning ticket was part of a CA$20 Lotto Max Quick Pick pack that Ms. Manning bought on a fateful day. When the draw was over, she went back to Husky/Esso to check her tickets with the self-checker. As soon as she scanned the winning ticket, Ms. Manning saw the CA$13,000,000 jackpot flash on the screen, but, needless to say, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She even had to call over the retailer working there to double-check. Tammy Manning quickly became the only Lotto Max player to match all 7 numbers needed for this draw.

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The numbers drawn on March 19 were 02, 07, 08, 26, 30, 43, and 48, with 25 drawn as the bonus number. With the windfall, Ms. Manning is planning on paying off her house, buying a sailboat, and even more excitedly, perhaps also purchasing a house in the Caribbean. This day will certainly be one that she will remember forever, both in memory and on her skin, as Ms. Manning decided to get the date of this fateful day inked on her skin.

Three days before that, Lotto Max also made a lucky couple from Ontario sudden multi-millionaires when they won a stunning CA$50 million. Chad and Christa Breyer from Tavistock nearly missed their call after having forgotten their ticket in a cup holder in their unlocked car for over a week.

Mr. Breyer said that neither he nor his wife could believe their luck when they saw CA$50,000,000 on the screen. The couple and their two kids are planning on buying a house and traveling when it is finally safe to do so. The Breyers are not the only ones who have won big thanks to Lotto Max. Keeping them company is a couple from Noelville who won a mammoth CA$70 million in the Lotto Max jackpot in the February 26 draw. The winners, Marc and Dorothy-Ann Meilleur are also frequent lottery players.

The Crown Corporation is reminding the public that there is a lucky winner from Edmonton who won the CA$15 million Lotto Max jackpot. The prize has not been claimed yet, but winners have up to 52 weeks to claim their prize. The corporation is urging people who bought a ticket for the draw to check their cars, pockets, and cupboards in case they have misplaced it.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is also trying to jog a fortunate individual’s memory on the March 24 Lotto 6/49 draw, as the guaranteed prize has been won but not claimed. All that is known about the winner is that he is a man from Sooke. If this man finds his ticket, he should contact the Crown agency to get his CA$1 million prizes. The number of the winning ticket is 14891179-01.

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