Pay’N Play Casinos

Pay’N Play Casinos

One of the most time-consuming processes when opening an online casino account is filling out the lengthy forms and credit card information. And, when you want to make a withdrawal, you need to send documents for verification. Thankfully these time-consuming processes seem to be something of the past thanks to a new payment solution whereby players can bypass these processes by simply making a deposit from their bank account directly to their casino account.

Yes, Pay N Play is a new payment solution that was developed by the respected company Trustly. And, this elaborate system will undoubtedly revolutionise the casino industry. The service is a massive drawing point because of its convenience and security, and it won’t be long before other payment solutions come up with similar services to eliminate the nuances of the registration process when signing up at a new casino.

  • Fees: X: N/A to players
  • Deposit: Instant
  • Cash-out: Instant
  • Overall Rating: 9/10


What makes Pay N Play so great is the fact that they do the registration process on your behalf. When you want to make a deposit at an online casino, Trustly (who sits behind this brilliant invention) collects KYC data from your personal bank account and sends it directly to the operator which means that you are able to make a deposit instantly from your bank account to your online casino account.

There is no need to stress about security because operators need to stay KYC compliant without having to request any of your personal information. So, if you choose an online casino that offers Pay N Play as a payment solution, you will already be pre-checked, compliant and age verified which in turn enables you to make instant deposits so that you can enjoy all your favourite games within minutes.


  1. Minimum withdrawal amount depends on the online casino
  2. Withdrawals are instantly visible in your bank account
  3. No documents need to be sent and verified


We have already established that no boring admin is required when making use of Pay n Play as a payment method and we have also established that deposits and withdrawals are instant. But there is another massive reason why you should consider giving Pay N Play a go – it is free of charge. This is undoubtedly the most alluring aspects of this service. But where is the catch?

There is no catch. The operators are charged a small fee, but we are sure they don’t mind because this payment method is attracting more and more players to their sites on a daily basis. They also don’t charge conversion fees or inactivity fees, and your winnings are tax-free. So, if you are looking for a free payment solution that deposits your winnings before you can blink an eye, go for Pay N Play.


As mentioned before, Pay N Play is the brainchild of Trustly that, as the name implies, runs one of the most secure networks in the industry. The service is based on robust technology and operates on incredibly an airtight loop. Because of these technological advances, the personal information of all players is protected from leaks at all times. Only mandatory personal information is shared between operators and banks that make it even more secure.

Pay N Play also restricts their accounts to one per user which is a clear sign of their preserved integrity. The service also respects countries with IP restrictions by establishing your physical location, and because all your personal information is in one central system, transactions exchange hands flawlessly between service providers and customers. So, not only is this payment method insanely convenient, but it is also as secure as it can get.


The customer support for Pay N Play is unfortunately not the best we’ve seen so far. They offer players a contact form and a FAQ section, and while many customers were completely satisfied with their service, others were not. Some customers complained that the technical support team are unprofessional and that it takes too long for issues to be resolved. They also don’t offer a live chat option which is a massive con.

This is really unfortunate because when it comes to issues relating to your money, you obviously want help and answers in a timely manner. On the Trustly website, they clearly state that you should first contact the company where you made your payment before making contact with their support team because they are essentially responsible for their own customer support. In our opinion, this clearly states their lack of commitment towards customer service.


To fund your Pay N Play account is incredibly easy and convenient. First, you need to register by making a deposit (from your online bank) after which Trustly will pass on the KYC information to the operator. The operator will then create your account on your behalf in the background. The concept is really simple and easy to understand because essentially you still credit your casino account with your own money from your bank account.

Maybe it’s better to call the Pay N Play payment solution a middle man that does all the admin on your behalf while securing the safety and security of your funds and personal information. So, instead of registering your bank cards with several different online casinos, you simply register once and Pay N Play takes care of the rest. It doesn’t cost you any money and gives you the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawals instantly.


Gone are the days when you had to send through various identification forms to online casinos to withdraw your winnings. When using Pay N Play as a banking option, your withdrawals will be in your personal bank account before you’ve realized the extent of your luck. You also don’t have to worry about the security of your data and the best part of it all is that it is absolutely free. It is simply brilliant.