CASHLIB is a great money option for players who care about their privacy with secure transactions as standard. Read more on how to use CASHLIB at online casinos for deposits & withdrawals.

When can you use CASHlib?

CASHlib voucher codes stay valid for 12 months after the purchase date and can be used at any participating merchant on or offline. You can keep a check on the balance of your cards by entering their expiration date, serial number and PIN code on the CASHlib site. If your CASHlib card has a remaining balance, you can use it in conjunction with another card to make a purchase, or transfer the balance to another card. While you can combine vouchers, you cannot make more than one purchase with any given voucher, so it is better to use your CASHlib codes to their full value in one place.

The benefits of using CASHlib

  • CASHlib keeps your personal and financial details private when online
  • CASHlib  has a fast and easy set up processAre there any fees for using Cashlib?
  • In usual circumstances, users of the CASHlib system are not charged any type of fees by the company itself. If you purchase your CASHlib vouchers online or at a physical store and use them straight away to purchase goods and services online, you will incur no extra charges. However, as we noted above, CASHlib vouchers are only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you want to use your voucher code after 12 months have elapsed, then CASHlib will apply a £2 fee. Our recommendation is to use your CASHlib codes as soon as possible.

How do you withdraw money from CASHlib ?

CASHlib voucher codes can only be used by the person who purchased them. You cannot transfer or assign the voucher to another party or give it away as a gift. When presenting a CASHlib voucher code to purchase goods or services via a website, users must complete an online validation of their code before the purchase can go through. If your CASHlib voucher does not have enough credit on it for a transaction, you can use multiple vouchers simply by entering their respective PIN numbers. This allows users to spend any remaining balances on their vouchers while also keeping a close eye on their online spending.

How secure is Cashlib?

The business model surrounding CASHlib is based on security, discretion and flexibility. CASHlib’s parent company EMPCORP uses the highest standards of encryption software to provide top level security for their customers. The 16 digit PIN that comes with each prepaid card or voucher is totally unique to that particular item. The chances of anyone being able to duplicate or copy your PIN number without your knowledge are virtually nil. Users can transfer funds to their CASHlib vouchers and purchase goods and services in total confidence that their money and their identity are completely secure. CASHlib is popular with online casino gaming for this reason.

How fast are CASHlib transactions processed?

The CASHlib voucher system is generally used as an alternative to credit cards or other prepaid card systems like Paysafecard. When using your CASHlib code at a participating merchant either online or offline, any transaction is handled exactly as if you paid cash over the counter. Because you have already paid the balance of the voucher, all CASHlib transfers are credited immediately to the participating merchant’s account. The speed of CASHlib transactions are just one of the many reasons why people like to use CASHlib cards for things like buying gifts online or making deposits when playing games or placing bets at online casinos.

cashlib payment method

Why is CASHlib popular?

Privacy issues are a major concern for many internet users. By making payments with CASHlib, users can be assured that their personal details and financial details stay completely anonymous. CASHlib is also a very secure method of making payments online as users do not have to constantly input credit card or banking details into websites. Because CASHlib is a prepaid system, users can only spend up to the amount that any given voucher is credited for. This makes it easy to keep track of how much money you are spending. CASHlib can be used at a variety of participating merchants and can be bought online or at retail stores.


If you are looking for a secure and discreet way to buy goods and services on or offline, then CASHlib is certainly a great option. The high level of security around the vouchers and the anonymity they provide for users is a big plus for many people who do not want to risk having too many personal or financial details on the internet. CASHlib is also a fantastic way to limit the amount you spend, since cards have a finite balance. It should be noted that users can only make payments with their CASHlib cards, so winnings at online casinos cannot be transferred to your CASHlib card or account.