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GiG Games

With a strict focus on HTML5 for both game development as well as a front-end framework (which aims to speed up the release of new games), GiG Games is a new-comer to the iGaming market with clear-set goals. Backed by GiG, a prominent player in the industry, GiG Games, have already signed contracts with Jade Rabbit; a new outfit in the UK whose aim is to create high-end video slots. Collaborating with established artists is pushing GiG Games into the spotlight at a respectable rate.


As an offshoot of the well-established GiG, GiG Games takes on a very social and friendly approach to the way they do business. With well established social and environmental outreach, GiG, in general, is recognised as an influencer and contributor to a number of great causes in the environments they operate in. This has led to some of the most brilliant people joining the company, which ultimately has improved what the company has to offer by way of products and services.

With a focus on compliance and responsibility, GiG makes use of programmes and analytics to ensure strict adherence and technical compliance at all times. With their own compliance team audited by an independent board, responsible for responsible gambling efforts and anti-money laundering practices, GiG takes their responsibilities very seriously. This makes GiG Games a highly attractive provider to integrators and suppliers as they will lay down the foundations for what all parties hope to be a lasting and fruitful relationship for all involved.


With the extensive experience of GiG behind them, GiG Games promises to bring something that is both new and innovative to the market. As not much information is provided on GiG Games’ website, it leaves us to wonder whether this endeavour is tightly controlled by GiG or is something of a skunkworks project with little to no oversight. As GiG Games uses the same company registration as GiG, the gaming licences should cover both entities, making it easier for GiG Games to penetrate new markets.

A number of new casino sites have already taken up GiG Games’ offerings including games and content aggregators as well as platform providers. With a collaboration with Erik Segerstedt for their ‘Popstar’ game, GiG Games are certainly focusing their attention on creating a well-rounded user experience throughout their portfolio. Moreover, the technology employed by GiG Games in the development of their games offers wide compatibility, making integration smoother and easier to complete. This ensures that gaming is ultimately pain-free for the end users and a win-win for all.


GiG Games has 4 games in total at the moment, with more games earmarked for the future. With passion and love for video slots, all of the current games on offer are video slots that focus on innovative game-play and TV classics such as Idol and Indiana Jones. By infusing strategic elements in their games, GiG Gaming is taking fresh steps towards an exciting user-experience built on what users enjoy the most. While their current offerings are limited, one can still see the breadth of functionality GiG Games is going for.

From the roulette-inspired Fruit Slot to the disco-inspired Wild Reels, GiG Games offer a range of volatility in their current portfolio, seeking to attract different players and risk-takers. The user experience (UX) of the games is also very diverse, ranging from intricate details to more gameplay-focused offerings. Even within their limited portfolio, GiG Games have something for everyone, and we cannot help but wonder what the forthcoming releases will bring to the table. We are certain it will be well worth waiting for.



With full-focus on HTML5, Gig Gaming partners with existing providers to reach as many people as possible. Due to this, each provider is able to implement mobile offerings through their engine, thus achieving full or partial compatibility. Due to the usage of HTML5, providers should encounter no issues in implementing mobile gaming due to the very nature and wide-spread adaptation of this ubiquitous standard that is prevalent in most technologies today. This is perhaps why GiG Games have decided to make such extensive use of this technology.

Depending on whether games are played via a browser or through an app that makes use of an API, the user experience might vary from one platform to another. Whilst the experience should be breezy and fluent irrespective of the device; no full compliance-list is available on GiG Gaming’s website, so we will hold final judgement until this list is made available or we manage to come across a full implementation. Having said that, there should be no concerns or worries about this.


One thing that’s clearly evident is that GiG Games goes to great lengths and pains to make sure the user experience is as gambler-focused as it gets. Not only are they passionate about video slots as developers, but they are also self-proclaimed avid gamers, and this shows from the quality of the graphics and game-play, down to the music and overarching themes with their games. It all comes together to create a fun and laid-back experience that puts the player right in the middle of the spotlight.

All of their games are very diverse, including a colourful, glossy, loud, roulette-inspired Fruit Slot. It creates a very different experience from typical slot machines. Book Of Souls is filled with action; it takes you away from blinking surfaces to a mystical temple in the middle of a jungle. Wild Reels is a very classical five reel video game. It is very easy to play, has low risk and a lot of free spins, so it is a perfect match for beginners, who are getting used to playing video slots


All four games of GIG Games have an RTP of about 96.9% and also include a number of bonuses, such as snake spins, bonus symbols, free-spin granting scatters, wilds, exclusive welcome bonuses and mobile casino offers. In the game Popstar, players can collect “Golden Tickets” which are judge points. Every time a player collects six of them, he will be rewarded with two free spins. In the game Wild Reels you will come across an incredible feature – Wild Reels; a random reel covered with wilds every time you spin!


GiG Games is a newcomer with a lot of promise and an equal amount of potential. Their collaborative demeanour is certainly managing to thrust them into the spotlight, and their current portfolio plays right into the image GiG Games are so eager to project. With so many offerings on the market, GiG Gaming is looking to be a breath of fresh air with their focus of fair and fun which we perhaps have lost sight of in the quest for flashier and higher-stakes gaming.