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The company also keeps the player in mind when they create their games, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting to be found in each of their releases. They also cover a wide range of different styles, although if we’re honest, one of the best parts is the rather generous jackpots that can be achieved during gameplay, these aren’t the only bonuses on offer – more on that later!


Pragmatic Play has been around for well over a decade now, having been established in 2007. Initially, the company began in South America, offering its games only to the United States. However, in recent years, the company has grown and expanded to cover a large part of the European market as well. Needless to say, this move has aided in its current continued success.

The company has grown from what was once a small group of passionate individuals, into a global team that now spans 78 different countries. Despite this growth, the underlying goals remain the same – to provide top quality games through hard work and dedication. Players and providers alike have responded well to this desire ensuring that Pragmatic Play games are on the rise in the gaming world.


Pragmatic Play has a strong focus on the mobile casino industry. This is perfectly in line with the current trends we see today and especially appeals to new online casinos who are making the transition to mobile platforms due to the ever-increasing demand. All of the games are created using HTML5 technology so they are fully compatible on a wide range of devices, perfect for an online provider to offer to their players.

Pragmatic Play is also always trying to do better with each release. Although they may not have many games, each is carefully crafted to bring the maximum entertainment. This attention to detail has earned Pragmatic Play a number of prestigious industry rewards, notably for Rising Star, which they managed to score back in 2017, and shows any vendor looking for new talent, exactly where they should be getting their games.


While many newer providers tend to stick to just one game genre (usually slots), Pragmatic Play has not gone down this route. Yes, the majority of their games are indeed slots, but they do have several other gaming choices available as well. These include some exciting live dealer games, particularly notable is an American Blackjack version as well as some alternatives.

Pragmatic Play has also developed an exciting bingo game and a variety of scratch cards, both of which have proven to be very successful. The latter, in particular, has been popular with over seven different scratch card types released and a top prize of £1 million to be won. No matter what the game, each is carefully created to ensure full enjoyment.



As we mentioned, Pragmatic Play is all about mobile gaming. In fact, all of their games are created with mobile devices in mind. Fortunately for players, this means that any device is compatible, be it an Android or an iPhone. All of the games are made using HTML5 software, so there’s no need to download anything either. Players simply need to get the game to load up to start playing.

The games are also fully scalable, fitting to a range of different screen sizes. As most of these games have been designed specifically for mobile use, the setup and animations are perfect. Unlike some games whose features don’t necessarily translate across to the smaller screen, there are no such issues here – players get to enjoy the full game experience even when out and about.


Pragmatic Play is all about providing the player with the best experience. From the way the game features are designed through to the fact that everything is created through HTML5 technology, there’s nothing this company doesn’t do to make it easy for their players. The fact that they also offer a selection of game genres also helps to increase their appeal across the board.

Excitingly, they’ve also been known to pay out some pretty decent sums of money, 7-figure payouts have occurred on more than one occasion. Another great thing about this company is that they have never let their quality slide. With every new game, the quality seems to increase keeping players always excited about what’s coming next. To round off, the games are audited too, so players know they’re fair.


Pragmatic Play games always come with that little something extra. There are always in-game bonuses that are triggered when landing specific combinations of symbols and can be any one of the following: extra spins bonuses, wilds and multipliers. The extra fun part is that their games have different bonus stages so that better rewards can be collected when players are successful in completing a specific stage.


Pragmatic Play may be a relatively small company at the moment, but thanks to its dedication and attention to detail, its popularity is growing. All the games they offer are fun, of high quality and offer an exciting range of in-game bonuses that can, if players are lucky, reward well. The fact that they’re designed specifically for mobile use is a major plus point.